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    • June sat there on the train with her sister, April, across from her. Currently April was reading while June sat upside down on her seat. She was getting irritated with the silence, so she decided to start up a conversation. "Hey April what house do you think you'll be sorted into?" June asks hoping she doesn't get ignored.

      "Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff," April answers her voice just above a whisper.

      "Yea I thought so, I'm defiantly going to be sorted in to Griffindor or Ravenclaw," She stated proudly. If you didn't know June's also really smart.

      "Well you better get reading or you'll look like an idiot in class," April said slightly annoyed.

      "Okay, okay," June said waving April off. Pulling out her History of Magic book she began to read.

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  1. Sigmund sat alone in the booth that he managed to secure. He didn't want to have to deal with any new people during the ride to Hogwarts, it wasn't that he didn't want to he just felt it would be a quieter ride by himself. Sigmund passed the time by reading through some of his text books determined to get the edge on others in his year. He let out a sigh as time seemed to pass so slow and he started to think he should have let some of the others kidss in to join him. He set his spell book down and looked out the window as the tress rushed in and out of his sight.
  2. "Aprilll I'm booored!" June shouted looking at her sister slightly annoyed with all the silence.

    "What do you want me to do about it, we can't walk around." April stated looking at June from over her book.

    "Be intertaining! Duh!" June said as if it was obveous.

    "Sorry reading is boring," She responded getting annoyed.

    "Ugh readings not boring. Silence is boring! Lets find a compartment with people in it!" June shouted.

    "Fine," April said not wanting to argue. The gathered there things and left to find a new compartment but, no one wanted them or the compartment was already full. They keep searching though, they ended up at a compartment with only one person in it. June being herself banged on the glass shouting, "Can we sit with you?!"
  3. All was quiet in his own little world as he started to drift to sleep out of pure boredom. Then he heard a loud banging on his glass windo followed by an even louder voice asking to join him. Sigmund first thoughts were to ignore them and pretend to sleep, but he thought about how he was wrong not to interact with the other children his age so he figured that he would let them join him.

    "I would be glad to have your company," Sigmund responded in a quiet tone as his shyness started to creep over him. As soon as he made his decision he regretted it. He let out a sigh as it was now tool late to retract his wordsso he quickly composed himself and put on a smile to greet his new guests.
  4. June's face lit up as she heard her okay, swinging the door open she dragged her sister in. Quickly putting there stuff away she plopped on the seat opposite the stranger as her sister hid behind her.

    "I'm June Filton and this is my sister April. Nice to meet you!" June half shouted extending her hand. "What's your name?"
  5. Sigmund reached out to the extended hand and grasped it firmly in a handshake. These two seemed like quit the pair as He saw one Hide behind the other while the girl named june was as loud as a megaphone.

    " Its a pleasure to meet you. I am Sigmund Dragheart," Sigmund said with an even tone as he shook her hand three times before letting go. He had wanted some company, but now he wasn't sure what to talk about at all. It was bad enough that he wasn't good with talking with other kids his age but now he had two girls sitting across from him making him feel slightly nervous.

    "Are you two excited to see Hogwarts?" He finally managed to say trying to make a conversation.
  6. June noted how Sigmund look slightly nervous so to lighten the mood she tried to stay cheery and not get annoyed.

    "Yea I can't wait to see what house I'm in and to start classes. Transfiguration seems amazing! Though I think Potions will be very eventful. April what are you excited about?" June asks her twin in hope of calming Aprils nervousness.

    "Umm...I guess History of Magic." April responds her voice just above a whisper. "Wh-What about you Sigmund?"
  7. To his surprise to the two girls were smarter then he first gave them credit for. He felt a bit of shame as he judged them slightly before even talking them. June was bright and cheery while April seemed to mirror some of his shyness that he felt at the moment.

    " I want to study both defense against the dark arts and potion making," Sigmund grew quiet for a shout second before continuing on, "Despite how I seem I want to be an Auror" He said with growing confidence. "I know its a little early to be thinking of the future, but it is my goal." Sigmund began to relax as his posture became less stiif and he smiled a little more naturally.
  8. "There's no worries we have goals too. I want to be a Potion master and April wants to be a medic." June said her face glowing in kindness and happiness. She noticed Sigmund had calmed down a bit and was actually smiling. Ya know hes kinda cute.

    "Umm...Whats your blood status? We're muggle-born." April whispered causing June to look at her in shock and confusion. Why would April ask that?
  9. The question came as no surprise to Sigmund. Though the wizard world been through a lot a lot if wizards were still discriminated against muggle born witches and wizards. He was not raised as such. His parents taught him,love and acceptance of all wizard or smuggle.

    "I am a pure blood. My family has been around for a while" he said as ye adjusted his glasses. He wasn't proud of heritage at all. His family had a history of great wrong doing. Only his parents we're the first to see the light and change.

    " It doesn't matter to me whether your smuggle born pure blood if,that's what you wanted to know." he said in a calm tone.
  10. "Well yea I guess that's what we wanted to know cause we ran in to a couple of people that started calling us mudbloods. That caused April to cry and me to repeatedly beat them." June replied with a smug smile as the event replayed in her head. "Thankfully this group of good people stepped in before I was cursed or something." June continued the smug smile never leaving her face.
  11. Sigmund was very impressed with June's bravery. Not sure if he would have had the courage to do the same.

    " Wow that was incredibly brave of you. I am glad you two managed to not get hurt." Sigmund was sure that retaliation was soon to come and that to have a safer time at Hogwarts he would need to avoid June and April he thought as he stared at the smile of a brave girl and her timid sister.

    " Once again it's great to meet you and I hope we will be great friends." he said as the train screeched to a stop signaling the end of the long journey with a loud whistle.
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