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  1. Hello :)

    First of all, I do yaoi. If you ask for anything else I'm going to smack you.

    I'm looking specifically for someone to play Harry to my Draco, but I think I could possibly be talked in to playing Harry.

    Here are my Harry/Draco ideas:

    1. A few years after the war, they meet again at a bar. Some strange urge they have never felt before causes them to pull each other into a bathroom stall and have sex right there. Then they part ways without even talking about what just happened. For the next few years, it happens over and over. They meet. Fuck. Then go their separate ways. Every time they do it, they are desperate for more. Then it all comes to a breaking point the night before Draco's (Or Harry's...) wedding when they realize that they wanted nothing more than to be with each other all along.

    2. In their "Eighth Year" at Hogwarts, Draco and Harry have a short, perfect secret love affair. After they graduate, Harry knows that he has to be with Ginny or risk losing all of his friends and family. Draco knows that he has to marry a pure blood witch to continue the Malfoy line. So sadly, they break apart, without having told a soul about their heartbreaking romance.

    [Roleplay starts here --->] When they are dropping their kids off on platform nine-and-three-quarters they see each other again for the first time in years. They decide to go for a drink and talk about how they are both miserable in their marriages and that they made a huge mistake by not staying together all those years ago. Thus, they pick up where they left off so many years ago. But this time it's different. This time, they know that they can't keep it a secret anymore. They have to tell everyone.

    3. [Kind of a Drarry version of The Time Traveler's Wife] In his mid twenties, Draco becomes unstuck in time. He comes across Harry at different points in his life, and they have a relationship that Harry has to keep secret from present day Draco. Eventually, future Draco stops visiting, and Harry has the torturous task of waiting for time to catch up to the point where Draco remembers being with him.

    I would also love to hear anyone else's Drarry plots or develop a new one if none of these look particularly interesting to you.

    Other non Harry Potter roleplays I would be interested in doing:

    • Pokemon - original characters only
    • Mutants (possibly running from the government)
    • Strangers meeting and having sex before they have ever said a word to each other.
    • Sex in public places/almost getting caught
    • Brother/Brother (possibly twins)

    Things I'm not so into:

    • Non-con (A little dub-con is ok)
    • Demons and angels and vampires and what-not
    • Stuff with no plot
    • Super violent gorey bloody yuck
    • Historical crap

    Things I want in a partner:

    • Someone who can write at least two paragraphs per post. I want to know what your character is doing, thinking, feeling and saying.
    • Doesn't get annoyed if I post something a bit lengthy. Usually I hover at 300-400 words, but I have been known to go well over 1000 words on occasion.
    • Replies on a somewhat regular basis. Every day would be nice, but every other day is fine too.
    • Likes to develop the plot through PM conversations. I always have tons of ideas to play off of.
    • Has a basic grasp on grammar, spelling and sentence structure. I'm not looking for the next Dickens. I just want commas and periods and capital letters.

    Feel free to look through some of my current/past roleplays to see how I write. And if you are already playing with me or have played with me in the past, feel free to ask for another plot. I have no problem doing multiple roleplays with one person.

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