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Harry Potter - Ilvermorny

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by StellaAutumn01, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. So anyone up for a Harry Potter RP? I thought it might be cool if we have it take place in Ilvermorny, the North American school of witchcraft located in either the US or Canada. It's similar to Hogwarts, from what I can find. Just in a different location. Students are separated by House (those houses are not stated), classes would be the same (as would spells, being as they are already established and it'll be a lot of work to create new classes and spells), etc. I'm not too sure of a plot line, like the books/movies followed the theme of Harry Potter and Volemort, but I think it would be a cool concept to create a story from a different school in which not much was established. It could become our own.


    How about the school is located in Alaska? Not many people, and an interesting location. Also, I've been thinking of a plot. What if Muggles are getting awfully close to discovering the Wizarding World? The muggles keep building houses and pushing their ways through, imposing on the Wizarding World. Or maybe something like a dark Wizarding organization formed in North America, or something. What do you guys think?
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