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    Remus Lupin x Sirius Black.

    Era- Marauders.

    Who I play- Sirius Black.

    Position I play- Bottom/Submissive.


    Okay! So I really like this pairing, and I've always wanted to do it in the Marauders Era!

    So I am looking for someone who will play Remus Lupin, the dominant. I just wanted to say, it's alright if you can't play him exactly how he is! I completely understand! ^.^ I just really want to do this rp! :)

    I would like 1-3 paragraphs. No one liners! Also this is in third person.

    This will take place in a thread! Not pm's!

    You can comment below or pm me if interested! :)
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Still looking! :)
  4. I know we're doing an Rp already, but I'm interested x
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  5. Really! Yay!!!! PM me!!! :D
  6. Ok :)
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