Harry Potter Based Rp?

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  1. Of course this will be set in the HP universe. But the rp would be centered around a different school of course. But every thing that applies to HP would still apply to this rp as well. Our characters would both be first year students at this school, which will be called Arcandur Academy. And your character could be pure blood, muggle born or half blood. Once someone is interested I shall dishout the plot idea as well as info like on the school and house names and other things.
  2. Yay! I was hoping that someone would reply to this. Do you care if this will be 1x1?
  3. Makes it easier on me !
  4. Alrighty then, are you going to be playing as a male or female? I will be playing as a male.
  5. Alright. Well I was thinking that maybe it could just be through the eyes of the students on a day to day bases as well as shenanigans that they get into too.
  6. Alrighty, so do you want to just dive into the rp, or do you want me to make a OOC?
  7. OOC would be helpful
  8. ok I shall have that up in a jiffy. Since this is in the HP universe, if you want your character can be related to a Cannon character.
  9. Riley Weasley. Daughter of Ron and Hermione
    Looks: long wavy ginger hair. Freckles and light brown eyes with long eyelashes. Fairly short. Quite thin.
    Personality: dorky but puts on a fascade that shes just like her mother.
  10. Name: Graham Blackstryfe
    Age: 12
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Very very shy and tends to keep to himself.
  11. Alright well since we got our characters...I shall be on my way to create the first post!
  12. Oh and I forgot here are the house names as well as the colors for the houses as well as other information:

    Gorgonfang: Green and Blue (Think of something sort of like slytherin)
    Phoenixtail: Red and Yellow (Think of something sort of like Gryffindor)
    Badgerclaw: Black and white (Think of something sort of like Ravenclaw)
    Wyverncry: Purple and Grey (Think of something like Hufflepuff)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.