Harry Potter AU [Hermione/Tom]



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This concept is one I'm recycling from another site - it died there do to my partner not being able to keep up. I absolutely adored the concept and way it was unfolding however, and am looking forwards to getting it revved up again with an equally capable, but more active partner, as this pairing and storyline is dear to my heart.

I intend to play Hermione.

Basically, on a vague, secret mission from Dumbledore, Hermione uses a specially made time-turner [made by Dumbeldore himself] at the end of her Sixth Year to travel back to 1944, during Tom Riddles' Seventh Year at Hogwarts. She is to pose as Dumbledore's niece, the daughter of his estranged brother, Aberforth. Hermione has to somehow manage to not only keep her cover while she figures out what she's supposed to do exactly - and avoid Tom Riddle as much as she possibly can without garnering suspicion.

But what happens if, in fact, he does get suspicious? What happens when he gets a little more involved with her personal affairs than she'd prefer or he intended? Natural enemies, it's not a surprise that they don't get on well - in fact, it's pretty much a given that he thinks she's useless, and she thinks he's a larval version of the monster he becomes in the future. So, their rivalry in classes, their barbed remarks, their heated glares from across the classroom and even their stony silences and avoidance of one another - this is all to be expected.

But when a series of events, seemingly hand made to effect such natural opposition begin to take hold, and their minds are opened to new points of view, what happens then?

Can Hermione really affect the future in a positive way and not have to alter the past too horribly?

Or will she somehow have to find the strength and do what many a more experienced witch and wizard before has tried to do countless times and failed...

Basic Rundown of Facts:
*The 'rating' of this thread, preferably, will be anywhere from R to NC-17, seeing as it will deal with elements of Death, Torture, Violence, and possibly, sexual content. Because we all know Tom is a sexy beast - he just hasn't discovered girls yet....
*Starts at the end of Hermione's Sixth Year; and obviously, is AU.
*This is meant to be a rather lengthy thread; in-character time, roughly one year will have passed by the end of the story, so please only sign up if you're willing to work with the time frame and do time-skips and what-not accordingly.
*This, in the end, is meant to be a sort of romance, yes. It's mainly about character growth, duality, and second chances. The end is not yet determined, and will be up to us as we go along. It won't be all sunshine and kittens, but it's not going to be all death and darkness, either.
*Tom will have been Head Boy at this time; he also would have created two Horcruxes - his ring, and the diary. He will also have already committed the murders of his father and Grandparents. His Knights of Walpurgis have already been formed.
*Hermione will be a Seventh Year, and also will be appointed as Head Girl, for plot purposes.
*Grindelwald and Hitler will be in power at this time, making the atmosphere doubly dangerous and desperate.
*Eventually, yes, Tom will find out who Hermione is - it is up in the air, how, however.
*Tom is a practiced, but not Master, Legimens and Occlumens at this time.

And just to tickle your Muse, here's a video that pretty much explains it all! xD

I would really like to do this with you, if your still looking that is.
Yes, I am! I'll send you a PM with more details!