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  1. This is an interest check for a rp I'm currently developing which takes place a full 18 years after the events of Deathly Hallows. Just to note this is fully canon (That welcomes all OC's you don't have to be canon), but I will explore deeper and "darker" aspects of the magic and wizarding world far beyond that of Harry Potter and the old gang. In fact, the characters will exist in the universe but only a few may ever be encountered. This was inspired to be a dark, thrilling, but hopeful feeling. That will be the exact tone of this rp if it ever takes off and people are interested.

    The Antagonist has already been created and the entire plot of the story as well. It's extremely gripping and will guarantee any HP fan a mindfreak.

    The setting of the Rp will take place at Hogwarts 18 years after the Dark War. The age of light and magic are at it's most prominent. Dark Wizards are more like myths of the old days more than present threats now. Aurors have become rockstars, mainly because of The Boy Who Lived. Hogwarts is the #1 magic academy on the entire planet, and the Ministry of Magic sits strong as the White House to the muggle world. And all the magic and 18 years worth of harmony couldn't prepare the magic community for what would happen. A sinister figure named "Omni" emerges from the abyss of the magic realm, and no longer is the magic community at stake...for he so declares to oppress the planet forever more in order to reset the balance of the universe. With the old Dumbledore's Army missing or living in isolation, a new generation of students arise to face the threat at hand....with the help from the old generation.

    Hope it sounds good! If anyone is down for this feel free to respond and reply! :)
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  2. I love it ^^ It sounds very cool and dark! I tend to love plot twists too.
  3. I look forward to you starting it. I will make an OC as I don't know much past Order of the Phoenix.
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  4. Thanks @AnastiaCrest01 ! And @CrimsonHorizons you could always research the rest but since its 18 years after the Dark War you can start an OC with his own history.
  5. I already have one in mind. He will be a kid from germany with a very interesting family history involving World War 1
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  6. I know I want to make an OC, but I'm not sure what kind yet XD But this does sound very exciting.
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  7. I'm making my CS now along with the template.
  8. Name: Igna Aura Nott aka "Igg"
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Year: 6th
    House: Gryffindor
    Blood: Pure
    Blood Type: O+
    Zodiac: Leo
    Race/Species: Human -- English

    Quote/Character dialogue: "Your destiny is only as important as you make it. I don't know any of you, but if you really mean to do what you say, then prove it."

    Appearance: (Real or Realistic, Or explicit detail)
    wendi4.jpg Wendi5.jpg

    Personality Traits(5): Strong-Willed/Intelligent/Honest/Loyal/Adaptable
    Personality Flaws(5):Melodramatic/Aloof/Stubborn/Domineering/Wary
    Sexuality: Straight

    Relations - Theodore Nott (Adoptive Father)

    Fears: Not fulfilling her full potential/destiny
    Wand: 12" Ironwood finish, Pure Crystal core.

    Bio: Igna was born two years after the Dark War at Hogwarts between the followers of Voldemort and the restored Dumbledore's Army. Igna was given up for adoption as soon as she was born, becoming an orphan for the early stages of her infancy. She doesn't know her real parents, but was raised her entire life by her adoptive father, Theo Nott. She was raised in isolation and semi-solitude, making her very detached from the outside world even for the magic community. She was taught to hone the Dark Arts at a young age by her former Slytherin parent and to also rely on her own wits. Igna displayed great discipline and focus since her youth and grew into a strong and savy young woman. Socially she can be a bit distant, but those who do know her recognize her as an "old soul" , keeping to herself and being honest and loyal to those she befriends. Her father can be a bit too strict on her at times, but it only makes her tougher. She has no siblings, and is under the house of The Sacred Twenty-Eight, the 28 families of pure bloods in the magic community. She's known throughout Hogwarts as the quiet one that exceeds all expectations in the classroom and demonstrations. She also plays Quidditch for house Gryffindor. When she was sorted into Gryffindor, her father was displeased as he wanted Slytherin. Her reputation is a huge mix of both good and bad, impressing classmates and friends in her spirit and wits, but also having being the daughter of a former accused Death Eater, no matter if the rumors were true or not. Igg is now in her 6th year at Hogwarts and continues to build an important impression upon the school, with aspirations to work in the Ministry of Magic in the Dept. of Mysteries. A much bigger role in her life will soon come to her and all of Hogwarts. All of the magic community.

    Extras?: Feels as if she's Slytherin in nature, multilingual, knows just about every spell by heart, a soft nerd interior under a tough exterior, favorite color is Green, she's very adventurous and sometimes wanders off school grounds to be alone, she hates injustice or anything that she would deem as wrong, loves to exercise, she is really outgoing in nature but is afraid to open up to people, a loving person deep down inside.
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  9. Thomas Wulfherz (open)

    Name: Thomas Wulfherz
    Also Known As: Krieg
    Titles: The Stone Wall (
    Age: 16
    Birthday: April 18th
    Nationality: Austrian
    Species: Human
    Blood Status: Mostly-Pure Blood (Family kept Bloodline going but had to intermarry to keep from inbreeding. Married into other Wizarding families.)
    Blood Type: O+
    Astrological Sign: Aries
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight-Hetero

    Thomas grew up in the first part of his life in the Austria country side. With both his parents being Pure Blood as well he was quickly introduced into the magical world. Growing up he knew that his life would be different from all the others as many things for him happened without any real reason to. Sometimes things would explode and sometimes when people punched him during a fight they wouldn't be able to move him.

    Moving to the united states he was told of his families extensive magical history reaching well back into the middle ages. His family having been the cause for some of the witch scares of the Holy Roman empire. Luckily for him.. his family was never caught. With this in mind he began to get the thought that he was at times better than some of the others he was around. This though was quickly beat out of him when his father learned of his feelings towards other lesser wizarding families.

    From that day forward and stretching into his teenage years he always looked at everyone as equals which to his knowledge was rare to many as most pure blooded families would rather it stay that way. Though his parents encouraged him dating another pure blood he had no issue intermingling with other lesser blood lines with the blessings of his parents.

    About Him/Her

    Thomas holds loyalty to others he holds dear above near all else. His upbringing in a Germanic house hold of ancient blood taught him hard work conquers all. This aspect has driven his entire life as he strove not to be better than others but to become stronger than others to help them when they needed his assistance and to the point where he needed nothing in return. This led him to gaining the title the 'Stone Wall' as he in unwavering when he is called to help someone even if they aren't his friend.

    No matter who or what you are you can find friendship and comedy alongside Thomas. He has the ability to look past peoples personality Quirks and leaves him able to talk to anyone on a neutral basis until betrayed or hurt by such a person. Even with that happening to him he will not approach them and act any differently than before. He will just remember like an elephant for the day you need him more than you need him.

    His core personality is that of the quiet one. He wont say much to others unless he has meaning to but once being talked to he will open up immediately and begin talking like something you have never scene before. Completely honest with anything being asked as he was instilled by his father as a kid. Though this can be a down fall he is a person who can be trust as if you ask anything of him he will not lie unless he was told to keep something secret and it does not conflict with anyone's health.

    -The cold
    -Animals or any kind
    -Keeping Busy

    -Personal Conversations
    -Loud Noises
    -Belligerent individuals
    -Being Blown off
    -Over Confidence
    -People being hurt.

    Whittling- Can be found whittling pieces of wood and shaping them into different figures.
    Wood Working
    Crafting random things.
    Studying maps or writing down thoughts.

    Not being to help someone.
    Being Rejected
    Being lit on fire.

    His Physical strength is just one of his more apparent strengths about him. Just because he looks big doesn't mean he is stupid. That is very far from the truth. His true strength lies in his ability to problem solve and learn from situations much like a computer running a program over and over again. His ability to put his mind into action in real time makes his strategic mind something to be feared. His ability to comprehend material when working on something or even just reading. His skill with his hands when crafting or shaping something out of any material is a extreme strength.

    His ability to survive on his own is something that is his biggest strength. His father taught him at a young age to look at the world as his playground and how to live in it without disrupting the natural harmony of nature. He is very gifted at tracking and moving in the woods or any kind of open area. He was taught how to determine the time of day and the direction he is facing just by using what he sees around him. He can tell if a track is now or old and what kind of animal it is if he has seen that animal track before. This being said he does not need others social interactions to survive.

    His trust in others is his biggest weakness by far. He puts himself fully into others and devotes a large part of his mind to figuring out how to go about better helping those who he believes are in need of his time. With this in mind he is open to being mislead and abused to do things that go against his own Morales.

    He has a extreme fear of being lit on fire or drowning due to a traumatic experience when he was longer when something happened at a nearby village that got him caught in a fire. His fear of drowning was due to falling into a frozen lake as a kid and only just being rescued by his father which led his father to teaching him about how to survive in near all environments expect the extremes.

    Thomas is a great tactician and a great worker with his hands. His ability to visualize anything from a plan to a sculpture and then put it into practice is something that he is beyond good at.

    He can think quickly on the spot and adapt to survive in places or situations that would make people call him crazy. But this also leaves him open to getting hurt.

    Skin Tone: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Description:
    - Color:
    Dirty Blonde
    - Highlights: None
    - Length: Short
    - Style: Natural 'Cow lick' making it flow to one side
    - Worn: Natural as it never can keep a shape
    - Scars:
    Burn scars running up front of chest forming a large arc.
    - Piercings: None
    - Tattoos: None
    - Facial Features: None
    - Scent: Evergreen Trees
    - Other:

    Alfonse Wulfherze (German Army Colonel)
    Mother: Monica Wulfherze (Scientist)
    Siblings: None
    Relatives: All back in Austria and Germany
    Family Line of Work: Father is a Colonel is the German Army. Mother is a Scientist for the research and development of experimental drugs.
    Family Background:
    Thomas's family background goes far back in time to the middle ages. His family was a cause of many of the witch issues plagueing the Holy Roman Empire in the time of its creation. With that time past his family began to move into the Hierarchy of the Austria-Hungarian empire and rising up in the Germanic states during their formation. His families prestigious military careers have earned his family the nickname among the wizarding community and the world as the family of the Crimson Steel. This title relating back to their involvement in World War 1 in which his Great Great Grand Father assisted Vladimir Lenin back into Russia using some of his Magical prowess to lead the Bolshevik Revolution.
    Best Friends: None Currently
    Friends: None Currently
    Love Interest: None Currently
    Enemies: None Currently

    Best Core Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Worst Core Class: Charms
    Elective: Alchemy
    Quidditch: Yes, Captain/Beater
    Extra-Curricular: Ghoul Studies

    - Length: 11"

    - Flexibility: Rigid
    - Wood: BlackThorn
    - Core: Dragon Heartstring
    Pets: (None currently.)
    Boggart: A long dead friend.
    Animagus: Is Not
    Patronus: Kodiak Bear

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  10. Accepted!
  11. I'll edit this as time goes by...

    Name: Jack Halberd
    Also known as: Professor Halberd, Swordsmith Wizard
    Titles: The Swordsmith Wizard, leading expert on Defense against the Dark Arts.
    Age: 27
    Birthday: May 27.
    Species: Human.
    Blood Status: Half-Blood.
    Blood Type: O-
    Star Sign: Gemini.
    Gender: Male.
    Orientation: Bisexual.
    Bio: Jack became legendary for his subduing of the North American branch of the Death Eaters, lead by a certain Jonathan Weaver. Shortly after his success, he graduated from Dragonspire University, and became the leading expert on Defense Against the Dark Arts. Recently, his fiancé
    vanished. Poof, gone, not unlike Ron Weasly had. When he'd been called off to Europe for his expertise, he gladly packed up and left, hoping to find answers.

    Jack has, in becoming the leading expert on DADA, mastered multiple styles of magical and non-magical combat. Fighting "like the Fogged, err, you guys call them Muggles here...anyway, fighting like they do," is something he maintains is an important skill.

    Personality: Jack is an impressive example of how to cope with tragedy. He's skipped past mourning, and gone straight to hunting down who took his fiancé. He tries not to let people see that side of him though. For students and teachers, he's the kind of person who would shop at Weasly's Wizard Wheezes. (Which totally isn't his favorite place in Diagon Alley.) He's got a punfortunate habit of making terrible puns, though aside from that, he's reasonably funny. He may also have a bad habit of making penis jokes, and isn't exactly school appropriate at all times.
    Likes: Chocolate, teaching, books, and magic sparring.
    Dislikes: Mysteries, people who don't have a sense of humor, the color white, and people who are mean to his students.
    Hobbies: Drawing, making practical jokes, and playing with his cat.
    Fears: Never finding where his wife went, Dementors, heights, and old age.
    Strengths: Jack possesses incredible innovative skills and a good set of instincts.
    Weaknesses: Jack isn't a serious guy, even when fighting. His urge to joke and taunt even in battle has lead to him getting hurt numerous times. He's also surprisingly dense, and not very perceptive of social situations.
    Talents: Obviously, Defense Against the Dark Arts, but he's also a talented metalworker, and an impressively bad singer. He's also an Artificer, one who imbues items with magic.

    Height: 6'3"
    Cup size: None, because he lacks breasts.
    Skin tone: Pale, incredibly so.
    Eye color: Icy blue orbs peer out from behind thin, black rimmed glasses.
    Color: Black
    Highlight: He had a blue streak when he was a teenager, but no longer.
    Length: Just long enough to get in his ears and drive him nuts. No longer.
    Style: Kept up and out of his eyes with magic in the front. Worn down everywhere else.

    Extra: Has a stubbly black beard.

    Relations: Carol and Thomas Halberd. His parents are famously skilled artificers--people who imbue items magic--who managed to pass some of their craft down to their son, though his sister, Maria Halberd, is far the superior artificer to Jack.

    House: Former member of the Titanguard house, which isn't too different from Gryffindor.
    Best core class: DADA, obviously.
    Worst core class: Potionmaking, that stuff's hard.
    Elective: Took an Artifactery elective in school.

    Wand: An eight inch long Ebony wand with a giant bone core. "That's not the only thing that's right inches..."
    Pets: Quills, his black and grey tabby cat.
    Patronus: A flock of doves.
    Bogart: An enormous pit, because of his fear of heights.
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  12. Accepted! :]
  13. I'll get my CS up soon. I was grounded for a few days. Just checking in right now because I don't like my alerts getting out of hand.
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  14. Gotcha
  15. Interested! Will post a CS asap
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  16. Ok cool!

  17. Name: Dove Harlan Thomas
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Year: 7th
    House: Slytherin
    Blood: Half-blood (mother pure, father half)
    Blood Type: O-
    Zodiac: Scorpio
    Race/Species: Human – English
    Quote: “Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.”
    Personality Traits –
    Positive (5):
    Ambitious, Strong leader, Weighs all possible outcomes before acting, Clever, Genuinely tries to be a good and nice person
    Negative (5): Disregard for rules, Deep seeded need to prove herself, Thinks of other as stupid many times a day, Doesn’t listen well, Gossiper
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Daphne Greengrass – Mother
    Dean Thomas – Father
    (Parents are divorced – lives with her mother)
    Dakota Thomas – Half sibling (lives with her father)
    Draco & Astoria Malfoy – Uncle & Aunt
    Scorpius Malfoy – Cousin
    Fears: Deep dark water, the dark, spiders (Boggart is a giant dark wave)
    Wand: 11 inches ~ Elm ~ Unicorn Hair core ~ Bendy
    Bio: Dove was born a year after the defeat of Voldemort. Her father, a well liked Gryffindor, and her mother, a Slytherin having been known for being a Pansy Parkinson groupie. Her mother, Daphne, however, never really saw eye to eye with some of her Slytherin friends, not really despising those not of pure blood. In fact she'd had a crush on Dean Thomas for a while, and decided to do something about after they were all almost killed. Luckily, Dove's father was, while not a laidback guy, open minded. The two conceived Dove and married quickly. It was doomed to fail as love could not overcome their inability to get along, and they divorced when Dove was 3 years old. Dean remarried a year later and had Dakota 2 years later, Dove's half brother, whom she gets along with well despite him being in Gryffindor.
    Dove's childhood with her mother was rocky. It seemed all of Daphne's relationships were to be that way. She was exceptionally hard on Dove to excel in what she deemed important. She bought all her school supplies she would need for magical learning at a very young age and made her practice and read. She also was very strong in her beliefs about certain things, like muggles being stupid or extra curriculars like frog choir and quidditch being pointless, filling Dove's head with them
    Upon entering Hogwarts at 11, Dove had a certain air of superiority about her. She made friends within her house, but they just followed the power they felt coming off her or just wanted to use her to help them cheat on tests and what not. She began to get ridiculed by some students in other houses, but instead of making her hate them, it made her think twice about why they wouldn't like her. Wasn't she perfect? She withdrew about her 3rd year and lost several friends who didn't see her as competent anymore.
    4th year, she almost drowned in the Black Lake (where her fear of deep dark water comes from) and she was rescued by a couple Gryffindors. She befriended them afterwards, and stood up for them against a few Slytherins as well. Slowly but surely, she's gained friends in every house in Hogwarts, while keeping her grades high. She has also changed her opinion on several things her mother tried to force in her head growing up, but she still plays the part in front of her mum.
    Extras: Excels in Charms, Potions, & DADA. Not so much in Herbology, Astronomy, or History of Magic. Average in Transfiguration. Hopes to become a spell inventor & obliviator (erases muggles memories when they see signs of the wizarding world)
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  18. Making the IC thread later today.
  19. Am I accepted?
  20. Of course :]
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