Harry Potter: A Different Story

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    Genre: Adventure, teen romance
    Rated: T-M

    Another year, Xavier's last year of being a student at Hogwarts. The last year of having to worry about house points, and getting in trouble for his actions. Being a Slytherin student, he was known to be that bastard that people strayed away from especially with his high status among the wizarding world. His father worked in the Ministry, and his mother was a high class witch. Both of them were in the Slytherin house, both expecting him to be great. It was his status that made him so stuck up, rude even. People say that he was another Draco Malfoy, but he was far from that. He was almost worst than the blond because Xavier was obsessed with his status.

    Every year he built up good grades in all of his classes, to much of everyone's surprise. He dressed in nice suits, not caring for the Slytherin robes that he was supposed to wear. The dashing young man deemed himself the next Slytherin prince, and he seemed to be going well for it. He hated everything that had to do with mudbloods, those filthy muggleborns. Everyone of them had no place in his circle. He held his friends, only the select few who chose to stay with him throughout the years. All of them holding a high status in the wizarding world, and he would hold no lesser value of the people he associated himself with.
    Then came Spinx, the pureblood Ravenclaw. She was proud to be in the house, even if she was supposed to be in Slytherin. Though she had genuine traits of being a Ravenclaw, her whole family had been in the Slytherin house, which made it strange that she was sorted into the Ravenclaw family. Her parents weren't disappointed, they were actually glad that someone broke out of that cycle. Since her family was well known Slytherin's they belonged in that inner circle of people. Spinx was almost the outcast, but she was welcomed with almost open arms. She didn't mind it, of course.

    During her first year, when Xavier was a second year, she had bumped into him in the train. They knew of each other, but never really spoken to each other. The two of them became friends for an unknown reason to the both of them, especially when Spinx hated how high Xavier thought of himself. The two stuck together though, making an abnormal friendship.

    Now together they sat in a compartment of the train that was on the way to Hogwarts. Xavier's inner circle had joined them, and they were talking about things that mattered to the seventh year students while Spinx just listened since she was only in her sixth year.
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    Karabela, or Kare as her family so often called her, was the oldest of ten siblings, if only by five minutes. And it certianly showed as she played the part of 'mother goose' over her siblings and even her father who was loaded down with the youngest four in their flock, keeping them together within their group, if just barely. She, like her siblings, were direct decendents of Rowena Ravenclaw herself on her mothers side and so were a well to do family though they rarely flaunted it. In truth Kare was happy she was almost done with all the social drama that came with being stuck in the same old worn down castle with a few hundred other teenagers and all their hormones. She just had to make it through this year.

    Sure, the girl had friends but they were all other Ravenclaws like herself, whenever they hungout they all ended up studying..... as great as studying is, Kare just wanted to have some fun. She already knew everything she needed to to pass this new year on account of aquiring a timeturner last year so she really had nothing to lose if say she decided to go against the status que and skip a few classes.... except for the fact that Kai was sure to rat on her to their father.

    Malakai, or Kai as his sister insisted on calling him, is Karabela's faternal twin brother. This year he has been deemed Head Boy for Ravenclaw, something he is very much proud of. He's so proud in fact that he hasnt stopped talking about it since he receved the letter that told him so depsite the death threats Kare threw his way. Even now he was chatting with his father about how this was a great oppertunity. Soon enough though he had to shut up and say his goodbyes to his father and youngest four siblings as they werent old enough to join them at school and slowly boarded the train with everyone else.

    Zephyr boarded directly behind his older twin siblings listening to them bicker as they looked for an empty compartment as they would need all the room they could get, there being six of them heading off for school this year. eventually one was found and they all climbed in. last year Zephyr was selected to be a prefect so he was again this year and the next until he lest school amd moved on with his life. the only down fall this year that he could see so far was that he would be taking orders from his brother, Malakai, him being Head Boy and incharge of the Prefects. he sat silently amongst his family and watched out the window as the train pulled away from the station.

    (ill introduce the other three next post)
  3. "Will you hush, Xavier?" Spinx started to complain, the Slytherin boy was talking about taking over the school and how everyone would stay out of his way this year. She couldn't tolerate his words, his actions. Why did she even bother to stay around with him? The status quo, that was what it was. If she didn't hang around him, then she would risk losing respect from a lot of people. Rumors even stated that they were arranged to be married, which was not true, even if her family would enjoy that. Having Xavier be part of the family would bring them some interesting spotlight.

    Xavier gave a smug smirk, his arm going around her shoulders. "Don't pretend that you don't like my plan, little bird," he commented, running his fingers gently down the side of her face and placed a chaste kiss to her cheek. Of course he was only teasing her. That is how rumors spread about them because he was always so flirtatious with her in public eye. It made most of the girls in the Slytherin house jealous since he was "the perfect man" to be with.

    The Ravenclaw pushed him away, hitting him in his chest harshly. A groan came from his lips, rubbing his chest where she slapped him. "You are so full of it, I am leaving," she spoke, not looking back at him. She grabbed her bag, and slung it over her shoulder as she walked out of the compartment. There were snickers coming from the other Slytherins, and Xavier had to harshly tell them to shut up. Spinx just made her way out down the hall until she could find another compartment to sit in.

    As she walked, she came across the compartment that held the huge Ravenclaw family. She recognized them since they were in the same house. "Do you mind if you sit with you all? I would rather not associate myself with Xavier right now," she said with a sigh.
  4. "sure hun, Cyrus come squeeze over here and give here some room.... its Spinx, right?" asked Karabela of the girl as Cyrus switched seats "who's Xavier?" Cyrus the youngest of the group asked. he is a first year and hasnt yet been assigned to his house although the whole family was sure hed be put into ravenclaw with everyone else. "He's a sssssnake." answered Octavius, one of the leftover kids answered and his twin Tiberius continued his line of thought "and you know what sssnakes do? they eat little ravens like you for breakfast!" he said and the twins burst out laughing and picking at the young boy while Cyrus cowered into his sisters side leaving his spot next to Zephyr, who was doing absoutly nothing to protect him, open for the new girl to sit. "i dont like snakes..." cyrus pouted

    jhvjj.jpg Cyrus fyitgu.png Octavius kghcvkh.jpg Tiberius
  5. Spinx let out a soft laugh at the comment. At least the Slytherin house and the Ravenclaw house actually got along somewhat, since they had nothing to rival against. It was the Gryffindors that that Slytherins mostly hated, for some unknown reason. She never really got into it because she didn't really want to hate anyone. Hating people for no certain reason was stupid to her, so she treated everyone with kindness. "Xavier is the so-called new prince of Slytherin, he gave himself that title," she mentioned, shaking her head. "I, unfortunately, hang out with that bloke on a normal basis because I have nothing better to do. My name is Spinx. if no one knows that already." It would be a matter of time that Xavier would come looking for her.
  6. "You dont sound like you like him all that much. and theres always something better to do if you dont like what your're doing now. arent you two dating or something anyways?" Zephyr asked of Spinx being very bold in his asking by looking her in the eye. His boldness got him a warning 'hmmmm' from his two older siblings but he paid them no mind. he did however drop the eye contact so as not to provoke an angry slap upside the head but he was still curious. he busied his hands with pulling at a loose string from his robes that were laying across his lap
  7. Spinx was taken back by his question. Of course, everyone assumed that she was dating Xavier, since the two of them were awfully close to one another. Xavier just had no shame when it came to flirting with her, which is why the rumors had spread. They were inseparable since they first started to hang out with each other. "No, I am not dating him," she told him, running her fingers through her hair. "He just makes it seem like we are."

    Sometimes she hated the attention, but at the same time, she didn't mind it. Xavier wasn't that bad when they were in private, but when he was in the public eye, he was more of a bastard to show how tough he was. "I don't think I will ever be with him in that sense."
  8. "sometimes the heart sees what is invisable to the eye....but it looks like your eyes can see pretty well" zephyr said with a slight smile, in his own way admitting he never liked the guy to begin with. Malakai who had finally shut up upon boarding the train gave Zephyr a curious look. this girl's relationships were none of his business and Zephyr knew that but he couldnt help it... besides she was beautiful and sitting right next to him, how could he not talk to her. and it was spinx that brought up this topic not him when she mentioned the snake and their affilations
  9. Spinx honestly didn't know what to say to that statement. This was the first time she actually held a conversation with the lot of them, and she didn't expect this much. Of course she has seen them around the common room, but she never really expanded her friends. She was about to say something, but there was a tap at the window of the compartment that made her look up to see that it was Xavier who was lingering. Surprisingly he was alone, and he gave her a curious gaze.

    "Be right back," she told them, giving a smile before she stood up and headed out of the compartment to meet with the Slytherin boy that was waiting for her. When she went into the hall, Xavier gently grabbed her by the arm and directed her away from the compartment. "What are you doing?"

    "You were supposed to sit by me, Spinx," Xavier said, looking at her. "What did I do to upset you?"

    Spinx rolled her eyes. "Xavier, you know what you said was wrong," she said with a sigh, crossing her arms over her chest. "So, I am sitting with them because they are in my house. They are nice too."
  10. Karabela paid no mind to the dark haired boy as he and spinx talked, she was too busy threatening Ty and Tavvy who were again picking on poor little Cyrus about what the self proclamed prince would do to him should they cross paths without the protection of Kare or Kai. poor cyrus was nearly brought to tears before the two finnally shut their traps, and it didnt help that the prince himself was on the otherside of their door so close they could touch if the wall wasnt there.

    Kare took it upon herself to set things stright and took Cyrus by the hand and opened the door "sorry to interupt... your magisty" kare added very sarcasticly with a mock curtsy to match "but can you tell my brother you're not going to eat him?"
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