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Hello, I am craving a Harry Potter Universe RP. Though, I am also open to go with Salem Institute, Beaubaxtons, and Durmstrang.

Basic Style
Okay, so, I suppose I will let you know a little about my writing style. I only write in third person, and depending on my muse, I will write four-eight sentences to even two paragraphs. My muse comes and goes... However, I try to match your length... That being said... I do not do one-liners. I refuse to do one liners. Also, I wouldn't call myself 'picky' but if I am spoken to (even outside of RP) like this: i dont know wat you doin .....I most likely won't reply. I have a thing for capitalization and punctuation marks... Also, no text talk.

I usually play submissive females, in both FxF and MxF.
I usually play submissive males in MxF.
I usually play both dominant and submissive males in MxM

Basic Rules
››Must be able to paragraph, though it will not always happen. I am a busy person, as are you, so short replies will happen but I would love for them to be five or more lines.
››No OOC drama, don't have the time for it.
››Do not treat me like shit, nor treat my character like shit. If its the personality there will be a line you should not cross.
››Plot with me first before you send me a starter.
››I am willing to do crossovers, but speak to me first.
››No text talking.
››Sex allowed 18+, but, plot driven. I refuse to smut-plot with minors.
››Be willing for OOC conversations.

Libertine Rules
What's Fine:

Light Pain: Scratching and biting, just don't draw blood.
Light Bondage: Tied to a bed by hands and feet or handcuffs. Oh,blindfolding is also okay.
Cuddling: Depending on my character, it may be mandatory.
Toys: A vibrator or dildo only.
Three Sums: Either with two males or two females, no gang bangs.
Incest: In RP I don't mind as long as its siblings, cousins, or step-siblings. No parents and children.
Oral Sex: Giving and recieving is fine, but, no gagging or forcing.
Fingering/Handjob/Titjob: Do not cum on the face and no fingering the ass.
Choking: This is fine, as long as its not to the point of gagging, gasping for air, or harming my character.
Food Play: Ice, chocolate, whip cream.. Perfectly okay.
Pregnancy: As long as its not done by incest and the child is not aborted.
Spanking: As long as its with just the hand or a belt on the ass.
Anal Sex: As long as its not with a strap on (giving or recieving) its okay.
Hair Pulling: Depending on the character.
Rape: Allowed to an extent.

What's Not Okay:
Messy Cum: Back or face... No. Also, if by oral and handjob please warn my character.
Heavy Bondage: If my character is helpless than no.
Toys: Nipple clamps, anal beads.. If not placed in 'it's fine' than no.
Gang Bangs: Sorry, no.
Name Calling: You call my character a slut, whore, etc. you will turn me off completely. Also, don't expect my character to call you 'Daddy' but 'Master' is okay in a slave RP.
Fisting: Just no.
Harsh Pain: If my character would bleed or start crying or something than no.
Gagging: Tape over the mouth is fine, though.
Tenticals: Just no... Or multiple penis'.
Futas: Be a girl or guy, not both.
Beastiality: If your character is an animal, than no.
Torture: Um, no! There is a difference between teasing and torture don't cross it.

Little Things:
Bibliophilia: My book worm characters will be playing with themselves using books.
Footphobia: I REFUSE to play with feet.
Being Caught: I love when my characters get caught playing with themselves.
Feeding: Probably the only time I will allow blood is if one characater is a Vampire and feeding while they have sex.
Moaning: Most of my characters will love to moan or make sexual noises.
Doggy Style: Like eighty percent of my character's favorite position is being bent over and taken from behind.

Plots are not limited to.
indicates cravings.
Italicized indicates the characters I wish to be.

George Weasley x
Female OC: George Weasley let Sirius' daughter Lilac work with him while the Golden Trio went back to finish their Seventh Year. In the midst of the working together and learning to grieve together they fall in love.
[Young] Sirius Black x [Young] Remus Lupin
[Young] Sirius/Remus x OC
Teddy Lupin x Victore Weasley
Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley
Scorpius Malfoy x OC
Scorpius Malfoy x Albus Potter
Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy x Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter x Hermione Granger

James S. Potter x Male OC
James S. Potter x Teddy Lupin

A Disney/Dreamworks/Harry Potter Cross-Over would be amazing.

...No Frozen...
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Hey! I'd be interested in Rp with you! All of your Golden Trio pairings sound good to me (although I will let you know, I'm willing to play any character for one that you are playing, but I'm probably best at playing Draco). Are you willing to double though? I'm always looking for someone to play Neville for my OC haha ^^
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