Harmonies, Main vocals, and weaving melodies!

What do you do when you listen to a song?

  • Sing along with the song! LOUDLY. Or softly! It's fun!

    Votes: 8 66.7%

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pick a part of the song that you don't usually hear people sing to, like the alto or melody. IT's fu

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • I LISTEN TO IT. Cuz I'm badass. Let the artist sing.

    Votes: 3 25.0%

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We've all been there, I think.

At some point, you listen to a song, and you'll join in!

My question is, if you do, what's your preference?

For me, I'll switch around as the song plays. Since I'm actually an Alto, it's easier for me to do the lower parts, or to sing the vocals a couple tones below the actual song, creating a lower harmony. Other times, I'll sing and weave a harmony, sometimes going higher than the artist, sometimes lower. Sometimes, I'll just sing along with it.

My favorite though is when there's three or four vocal parts going on at the same time.

Like in the song Chauffeur, by Sleepthief and Kirsty Hawkshaw, at 4:17, there are three parts:

1. "Si---ng blue silver, si---ng blue silver" high range, wispy sounding.
2. "Sing, Sing, sing blue silver, sing, sing, sing blue silver" Which is lower, more in the range for someone like me. If you don't pay attention, you might actually miss low parts like this.
3. "With your beating heart" Going back to the chorus a little, this part's like a stairway. Starts off low and ends high.

I like singing part two, but anyone can tell you in situations like that, I'll jump around. So if you can't hear the music, it'll sometimes make me look insane when I'm singing this.

So what do you do?
I listen. Sometimes I will quietly sing along, but it rarely is audible. (I can't sing well)
While I understand the impulse and sometimes yield to it, I tend to analyse the music, and try to determine what was done. I also, I admit, critique the artist.
I sing along and dun care how bad i sound doing it. D:
I sometimes think I was born without any musical talent, so, no i don't sing along, only exception is when I'm drunk and its party music thats loud enough that nobody can hear it anyway.
Oh my gosh, I love when people drunkly sing! IT MAKES ME HAPPY!
Oh forgot one other exception, while in a stadium(soccer) joining in to the fan-chorus is something I do.
I listen try to identify the cords played on the guitar and the drumbeats.... and get the meaning behind the lyrics. Its rare that I listen to songs without a deeper meaning.... looking at you pop/hiphop >=(
I sing. We Filipinos love karaoke, which increases exponentially if Frank Sinatra is the song playing. So I sing.
I like this. I'm learning new things about Iwakuians every day =D
I'll sing along with any song I damn please. XD There are songs where I don't sing the vocals, though... I'll sing with the instruments, instead. Either simple "lalala doodoodoo whateverwhatever" or I'll make random shit up because it makes people laugh.

You should hear it when I sing with the instrument solos for Paradise City... I laugh at mahself for it.