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    The day, itself was a very hot day in the middle of May. It probably was hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk and make them scrambled...if there were sidewalks on this road where our story begins. The long road was like a frying pan, stretched across miles with no end in sight. On both sides were fields of grass and sunflowers that stretched onward towards the horizon. No cars were in sight at all, nor were there any bikes...but, instead, there was a boy and a girl walking on the side of the road.

    The boy, Tamashi Kuro, looked like he would pass out any minute. As he walked alongside the girl, he wore a black backpack and pulled a big suitcase with his left hand. In his right was a bottle of water, half empty, that he was trying to save so that he didn't go without water on his way through this hotbed. He wore a hat, trying to cover his face from the sun with the visor, but he could feel his head under the hat baking him alive.

    "It's...so hot!" He said to the girl, looking at the ground as he rethought his decision to not buy a bike in an attempt to save money. Needless to say, it wasn't worth saving 3000 yen.
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    Well, the term "hot" is relative depending on who's speaking. For example, someone from the North Pole complaining that the day is hot doesn't mean that someone living on the Ecuator line will agree with that person. However, for the sake of the story, I will leave aside the theory of relativity and agree that it was indeed a hot May day... I need more of those.

    The girl, Hajime Saki, didn't seem that affected by the hot weather, in contrast of her friend walking by her side. Yes, it was hot, but not that hot! Like her companion, she was pulling a brown suitcase after her on the ground using her right hand while the other was rummaging through the bag hanging on her shoulder while she was walking and humming a song she was listening to in one of her earphones. What she was listening to, only God knows. While Kuro's biggest concern was that he was running out of water, Saki's was that for some reason she can't seem to find something as she kept looking through her bag, a focused look on her face.

    "Ah, there it was!" she said happily as she found what she was looking for. Unfortunately, if her friend expected a water bottle or something, the girl pulled out from her bag a piece of candy in a plastic wrapper.

    As she had to pull her luggage after her she had to try to unwrap it with only one hand, and not her dominant one. She seemed to have succeeded at first, holding the unwrapped candy in her hand as she smiled, but before she could bring it up to her mouth it slipped from her fingers like soap and it fell on the ground with a light sound as it collided with the gravel.

    "Dammit, and I tought I did it..." she tought as she pouted lightly, looking down at the fallen candy as she walked by before she turned her attention back to her friend that seemed like he would dry out like a raisin anytime soon.

    "It's not my fault the people doing the weathercast are bakas. Last week they said it won't be this hot outside." she told her friend in reply, completely missing the key word she dropped in there as she was rummaging her bag for another piece of candy: she said "last week".
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  3. As Kuro continue to drag himself down the road with Saki, he couldn't help but notice that she was searching in her bag. Once she screamed that she found it, his hopes skyrocketed. It must be water...it had to be water or even ice cream, since she liked sweets so much...but, when he saw it was candy, he almost rage quit and collapsed right there.

    Yeah, serves you right. He thought as he saw the candy fall from her hand. Then, she looked at him, which made him blush. To him, she kept him going...but, he didn't know how long he'd last.

    Then, he heard something that raised alarms in his head. "Last week...?" He asked with an irritated expression.
  4. While she continued her search for the golden candy, given earlier she accidentally ripped open the bag and the contents spilled around in her bag, she had heard Kuro say something. Stopping the hum she resumed a moment earlier, she looked at Kuro with a curious face, confused a little bit by his irritated expression.

    "I must have messed up somehow again, didn't I?" she tought in a completely different tone than her last line of reasoning. However, her expression did not change. To Kuro, she might seem like just an oblivious kid.

    "W-well they said it was gonna be a normal spring day, with normal temperature 'nd stuff. I didn't think it will change given how the weather was untill now, so I didn't check twice." she replied to Kuro as she averted her gaze, even if she was still smiling.
  5. "But, it's the fact that...they were wrong. What bastards!" Kuro said, shifting his blame onto the news. Even though he got frustrated at her obliviousness, he couldn't bring himself to outright yell or be mean towards her. She was like one of those people who act in such a way that you have to try the best you can to protect her...like a playful kitten. To him, she was even as cute as a kitten as well, but that was besides the point. He just grinned as he just admired the time they were spending together without interruption or people standing in their way.

    That's why they left everything behind...

    "There it is!" He said, his expression changing to joy when he saw the house they will be staying at.


    "There's our new life right there. Isn't it great? A whole house to ourselves!" He said as he tried running inside, getting away from the sun, but as he was turning around to tell Saki something, he collided with the door and fell backwards onto the ground.
  6. At first Saki looked at Kuro in slight confusion, easily picking up his sudden change of heart in his speech, but she just eventually smiled brightly, letting out a "Mhm" as she nodded happily. Yes, she did know she screwed up in there, but she can joke around with Kuro... right? Hopefully he doesn't think it was weird... Of course he doesn't!

    Eventually they reached their house, for a second Saki not believing it was their house to begin with. While Kuro announced their arrival, Saki just stared at the house with her eyes wide open, them sparkling in excitement, and she would have stayed there all day in the sun while daydreaming, but eventually she was saved by the bell. Or more like a voice, to be honest. Waking up from her she had heard what Kuro said before he basically rammed head first in the door. At first Saki blinked a couple of times in confusion, then she clasped her hands together like praying and closed her eyes.

    "Dear Bill Gates and all-mighty Steve Jobs up in the sky, I pray for your success in inventing stuff as I now wish for a way to upload my memory of this epic-fail on Youtube. Amen..." she said quietly... before she started laughing out loud. After she managed to calm down a bit she eventually walked over to Kuro, leaning down over him as she extended her hand to help him up.

    "There's something called a doorknob. Need a dictionary to look that up?" she asked Kuro, still snickering lightly
  7. As he now looked up towards the sky, hearing Saki laugh in the background, he just facepalmed himself for doing that...to, of course, lure Saki towards him. Seeing how she now held her hand out to his, he found his opportunity to pull off what he wanted to do for a while.

    He grabbed her hand and made it look like he was gonna get up, but he pretended to accidentally slip and fall on his back again, pulling Saki onto him. Oh! My bad. I have no idea whatsoever how I accidentally slipped and brought you down with me. He said, but he couldn't help but smile.
  8. When Kuro grabbed her hand she smiled, attempting to pull him up on his feet, but she was not aware of his evil masterplan. As soon as she started pulling him up he only pretended to play along before he slipped and fell down. Unfortunately, force of gravity+Kuro's weight+Saki's grip=... ummmm, people can picture that, right?

    Anyway, as soon as Kuro "slipped" and fell, pulling Saki after him, she meeped lightly as she lost her footing and fell over Kuro, closing her eyes before impact. Ok, she actually expected to magically fall next to him, not on him, so when she landed on him she took a a moment she get back to her senses and heard Kuro speak. Even his words and emphasis of a certain one made her question what happened, but she had to check to make sure. Opening her eyes, she slightly lifted her head to be able to see Kuro... only blushing when she saw his smile.

    "He... planned this, didn't he?" she tought as she looked at his smug smile, then she half lifted her hand in a wave as she was still blushing.

    "Y-yo..." she said, trying to sound casual
  9. She was bad at hiding it.

    Her attempt at sounding nonchalant fell flat. Kuro heard her slight stutter with that one, simple word.

    A grin stretched across his face.

    You're blushing quite a bit, aren't ya? His words making him sound like a seductive villain, ready to strike the hero once her defenses were down. Will she lower it?

    His hand moved to her cheek. Slight caressing it, he was ready to bring her face closer to his...if she let him.
  10. Kuro's grin only confirmed Saki's thoughts as she blushed even brighter, creating an interesting contrast with her golden locks. He had planned this all along, and now it was too late to do anything: he got her in his trap...

    When Kuro put his hand on her face he could feel that her face was hot, maybe from the sun or the blush. Feeling his hand caressing her cheek her mind went blank, having no idea what is she supposed to do or what does Kuro want to do... Well, she did like him, but she was just...

    "... rebooting, rebooting..."

    ... too shy...

    "... Fuck it!"

    Without any ado or extra thought, she didn't even wait for Kuro to pull her face close. She instead went in by herself, kissing Kuro softly as she had her eyes close.
  11. He felt her cheek burning hot with embarrassment, knowing that she was starting to realize the situation she was in. Kuro wanted to bring her in and finish his plot of claiming the first kiss of their romance.

    But, she took it first.

    Her lips met his, Kuro's eyes widening as he didn't expect her to be so willing...but, he just let it happen as his eyes rolled back in his head before he closed them. Hell yeah..., He thought as he pulled her closer.

    However, he knew the kiss couldn't go on forever (and I know I can't go any further), so he cupped her cheek in his hand and pushed her face away from his gently, a line of spit stretching between their lips before it broke off into nothingness.

    Our first kiss. He happily smiled, making sure that he would not forget this moment.
  12. At the moment her kips met Kuro's Saki's mind no longer tought about the sun, the surroundings, the house, the past and future. Now it was set on the present and what was in front of her: Kuro, and only that. He means the world to her, and she wished this moment, their moment, could last forever...

    However, it couldn't, as Kuro eventually pulled back, and she understood. She didn't want him to push himself too hard for her desires, but her wish still remained, maybe for next time. So for now they stood inches appart, looking into each other's eyes before Kuro finally spoke, pointing out the obvious with a happy smile.

    "Saki will remember that" she tought, then she smiled happily as she blushed.

    "Our first kiss indeed, after all this time..." she said in a gentle tone as she looked into Kuro's eyes.
  13. His smile faded as he stared into Saki's eyes. He wanted to go back to trying to get into the house, but he wanted more time with her, alone in this moment. He leaned back towards her, his lips coming very close...

    ...but the honking of the moving truck completely shattered the moment and brought him back to reality.

    He quickly slid from under Saki and waved to the driver. "Oi. We're right here. We just...fell." He lied as he ran over and met up with the driver.
  14. Looks like Kuro was ready for round 2, and so was she. Slowly, he came closer and closer, ready to seal the deal with another kiss and pull Saki back in her dreams... If it wasnt for those meddling childr-erm, I mean honk. Yeah, the honk of the moving truck. Thats what happened.

    The suddeness of the sound and Kuro sliding from under her in the same second surprised Saki, causing her to fall to the side on her back, standing there a bit like a flipped over turtle before she got in a sitting position. Looking towards the pathway, she saw the truck in front of the house and Kuro running towards it, giving the driver a blatant lie as he waved. At this Saki couldn't help but pout lightly, then she stood up while mumbling something, dusting off her clothes before she just leaned against a wall under the shadow of the house as she folded her arms. She was more of the lazy type, so for now she was just gonna watch the real men get to work.

    "Hmph, couldn't they have waited 3 more minutes? Party poopers... " she couldnt help but comment in her mind
  15. Hot Sun + Heavy Lifting = Bad Time

    I'm not Sans, but I knew I was gonna have a bad time with this. As soon as the back of the truck opened up, looking inside to see a lot of stuff in boxes, he just looked in horror as the sound of a crow was heard from a few distances away.

    He started off small, carrying in stuff that were easy to handle. Even Saki could carry these, if she wasn't being lazy in the shade... He thought as he carried it in.

    Then, it got harder.

    Dressers, Desks, and other stuff that he needed help with carrying inside. Luckily, there was no bed to carry, since they didn't have enough time to bring their beds. Once he was carrying the last thing, the driver drove off as Kuro moved the last box to the door. "Let's go inside." He told Saki as he went in.
  16. While Kuro had a bad time, she just had a good time as she just played Crossy Road on her phone out of boredom. She just had to defeat her record of 451, or else her life won't be complete!... Erm, just kidding, of course.

    Eventually she heard Kuro tell her to get inside, making her lift her eyes from her phone and see the mountain of boxes at the door. As she stared at the pile she widened her eyes, thinking about how are they gonna get them in... Correction: how is Kuro gonna get them in, as she will be like "nope" when it's time for that.

    "Ok, lemme just finish the-... Nevermind." she said before she put her phone back in her pocket, walking inside the house with her hands behind her back.

    Once inside, Saki couldn't help but whistle in admiration as she looked around at her "New Home". It looked so much bigger on the inside than on the outside and it seemed so nice. It would be even more interesting if there was some sort of underground passage though, but Saki can dream... Or build one
  17. As soon as they were both in the house, Kuro placing the last box near the pile of them in the spare bedroom, he walked back into the main hallway and looked around in the empty living room, kitchen, and a few other rooms before walking back to Saki.

    The house had that sent that made you instantly know that it was freshly built, there were no scratches on the walls, the doors seem like they were being opened for the first time, and there was no sign of dust. Needless to say, it was pretty new.

    Well, this is it...is there anything you wanna say? This is our first step in our new lives together. He asked Saki, wanting to hear what she had to say about this.
  18. As Kuro was moving around boxes before he walked a bit around the house Saki remained near the entrance in the main hallway, looking around with a smile. She did as well notice the state of the house, seemingly like just taken out of the box. She did not expect it to look like that, and it was a genuine pleasant surprise.

    While waiting for her companion to return, she took a few steps down the hallway, her finger tracing curves and patterns on the wall as she muttered softly with a smile. She was already picturing it all. How will it look, what will she do, everything. White walls... New beginning, eh?

    Eventually Kuro had returned, asking her if she had something to say about this... Actually, Saki did have something to say, and something serious at that...

    "You handle the Ikea." she said simply with a straight face, even if she was kidding. She had something else to say, but she wanted to mess around with him a bit
  19. When he waited for Saki to say something good, she instead...just said something that made him irritated. Hey, Saki...that's not what I mean when I say that. I'm sure you have something else...right? He said, averting his eyes as he was visibly irritated.
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