Hargonstein Asylum

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    Ah yes... almost forgot

    Name: Doctor Leonard Hargonstein


    Conviction: He is the Director of the Asylum...

    Personality: A severe and flawless academic, who never makes mistakes and never shows emotion. His intelligence is beyond the comprehension of most inmates, and the Doctor demands impeccable manners from any he meets.

    Privileges: He is lord and master of the asylum, his authority unquestioned.

    Background: Unknown...

    Reputation: Surprisingly, there is very little hostility towards Doctor Hargonstein, and those who voice hatred towards him never last very long in the asylum. Instead he is treated with a mixture of fear and respect. Some guards and inmates avoid him altogether, while others see him as the saviour of their mind and soul.
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  7. rather reminds me of The Extacy of Gold from The Good The Bad andn the Ugly.
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    edit:Musical intro. I love musical posts.
  9. me too, though i usuallyt post what im listening to at the time to get into the 'mood' of the character im playin.
  10. As I said to Shadey yesterday, don't try to "follow" what I did or label the RP according to my post. Just go with something equally subversive and unconventional.

    My post was simply an ending at the beginning, a musical opening instead of a prose opening, then a man being crucified and not really minding. So the whole post was just three inversions which symbolize Benedict's warped mind and the upside-down world of the Asylum.

    Shadey is gonna do a post where he builds his character sheet in the IC, or something like that.

    Just experiment with stuff and don't put anything in a box.
  11. tried some stream of conciousness...doesnt read too well, but praps i can fix that in subsequent posts.

    imagine the text in brackets as chatter in Mach's head.
  12. Patient/Guard Number: 111209

    Name: Daniel

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Conviction: The violent murder of his wife.

    Personality: Daniel suffers from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Although he seems essentially normal on first impression, Daniel has trouble remembering much of anything that has happened since before the murder of his wife. Daniel also seems to "invent" new memories to make up for the loss of his real memories, which has given him a reputation for being a liar. Despite the brutal murder of his wife, Daniel seems to be a friendly and reasonable person, with the exception of his obvious mental limitations. He can become quite impatient with others, but is almost always respectful, especially to authority figures, and Doctor Hargonstein in particular.

    Privileges: Although Daniel has been essentially harmless since his entry into the asylum, the circumstances of his crime mean he isn't given complete autonomy. He has enough freedom to do as he pleases, but he isn't allowed to use anything that might be used as a weapon (no sharp objects, essentially).

    Background: Not much is known about Daniel from before his initiation into the asylum. He was a heavy drinker, at one point, but since entering the asylum he hasn't touched a drop. He mostly keeps to himself inside the asylum. It should also be noted that Daniel's also has poor sight and coordination, a physical side-effect of his syndrome.

    Reputation: Daniel's respect for the authority of the asylum has kept him in the good graces of the guards and of Doctor Hargonstein. Although other patients can become frustrated with his tendency to "lie" and his often atrocious memory, they otherwise get along rather well with the man.
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  16. Character finished, let me know what ya think!
  17. Short. Kinda Lame. My post, not Glaze's character. But I don't like to hijack. So...uh...tag?
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