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  1. ♛ Harems ♛
    Ever had a harem before?
    A harem of boys.

    Wonderful, sexy little beasts for one master.

    Two pets, one master and raging hormones.

    ♛ Introduction ♛

    So, this is a little idea I had in mind I'd love to play out with another partner.

    ♛ What I'm Looking For ♛
    • A partner who wouldn't mind playing two characters.
    • A minimum of three paragraphs per post.
    • Decent grammar and spelling
    • A partner who is able to move along the story and occasionally pop in plot twists
    • A partner who is flexible in the nature of their characters
    • A partner who is flexible in the position of their characters--meaning, they must be switches.
    • If interested, please PM me.
    ♛ What to Include in Your PM ♛
    • Your interest in this RP.
    • A sample of your writing. If you have none to give me, I will look at your past writing to see if we are compatible or not.
    • Uhhh. The words, "Please fuck me" to ensure that you've read this and the above. <3

    ♛ Plot ♛

    MC : My Character (Master)
    YC1 & YC2 : Your Character (Slaves 1 & 2)

    MC is the master of a large estate, and numerous businesses. Despite all this overwhelming wealth, MC is an introverted man. He hardly puts his face out in public, and hardly leaves his estate.

    So one day, his only worried close friend decides to get him two pets! Yay!

    But this friend worked in the underworld, dealing with black markets and illegal auctions.

    When YC1 and YC2 arrive at MC's estate, they're surprised to see that their new master is such closed-in man. They easily take advantage of him, delving in sweet, sweet lust. And for days, this is how it was. Sex. Sex in the living room, in the bathroom, in the garden, wherever the two slaves could seduce their master. They never knew they could have so much fun being a slave.

    It hardly takes long before the slaves slip up. They stomp all over MC's precious garden, believing their master wouldn't punish them. They were very wrong. Bondage, toys-- MC is certainly an interesting man.

    ♛ ♛ ♛
    • This plot will have heavy sexual tension and sexual themes.
    • All characters are switches.
    • The plot is very flexible and can be changed to your liking.

    ♛ Kinks ♛
    • Spanking
    • Toys
    • BDSM
    • Bondage
    • Degradation
    • Dirty talk
    • Feel free to suggest your own ideas.

    ♛ No. ♛
    • Scat
    • Bathroom-play
    • Extreme abuse
    • Gore
    • Mutilation
    • M-preg

    ♛ My Writing Samples ♛

    NSFW (open)
    NSFW (open)

    In this RP, Jax is the prince, and Vincent a dragon-shifting knight. At the moment, Jax has used his magical powers to pin Vincent against a tree as he teases the dragon-shifter.

    In just the short time Jax had teased with Vincent, he was pleased to see that the man was already pushing back against him and desperately reaching out for his touch. "That's it, dog," Jax praised lowly, "Good boy." He leaned forward and parted his lips, allowing just enough room for the dragon's tongue to slip past his lips. The blonde's eyes fluttered shut as a guttural moan escaped his throat and his hips move more feverishly against him. When he pulled back, drool dribbled past his chin, and Jax gave a hazed, lustful smile. "You've been a good boy," he leaned back, allowing the tree to stretch out and catch him. With the elongated branches holding Jax up in front of Vincent, he raised his leg and pressed his foot against the man's chest. "Time for your reward."

    The tree shifted the prince closer to the bound male as he spread his legs, revealing a puckering pink hole, and a dripping cock. Jax reached down and grasped Vincent's cock, and teasingly traced the tip against his entrance. "You want it, boy?" he teased, he pushed forward, allowing only the tip to slip inside.

    Oddly enough, after some time playing around with his powers, Jax had discovered he could make his hole somewhat wet. A perfect way to have sex anywhere without the use of lube. As odd as it was, Jax didn't care. It was one less thing to worry about.

    "The top is usually a position for royalty, but..." Jax teasingly pushed himself further down on Vincent's throbbing cock before drawing away, "Humping your hips so desperately is a position only suitable for a dog, don't you think?" Slowly, the chains that held Vincent at bay loosened- but only enough to give the man more room to move his hips. Jax lulled his head back and peered up at Vincent through thick lashes, and half-lidded eyes, "Go on. Entertain me, mongrel bitch." The corner of his mouth lifted into a mocking smirk, and his hips slowly pushed himself down on Vincent, his hole greedily swallowing up the large girth.

    Jax trembled in pleasure and moaned as he arched his back and reached up to suck on a finger. His tongue swirled around his digit, and he peered up at Vincent, silently commanding him to fuck him into oblivion. Rolling his hips down on Vincent, his insides clamped down on the intrusion tightly and quivered. The finger he had been sucking on moved down to toy with his nipple as his free hand reached down to slowly pump his leaking cock to aid some relief.

    SFW (open)
    The pack was a hierarchy. At the top was the Alpha, then the Beta, then just about everybody else, and then there was Carthena, the omega.

    The term omega seemed fitting for Carty. He was weak, just barely able to hold his own fight, and pathetically small. There was nothing particularly exciting about Carty. He was a mere five foot and five inches, with skinny limbs that looked like they would break under any sort of pressure. His wolf form was hardly impressive, either. Unusually small compared to that of his other pack mates, Carty was hardly one fit for hard labor. But despite his lack of an impressive stature both human and wolf, Carty made up for it all with his pretty hazel eyes, heart-shaped face, and sweet disposition. The kids liked him better, though.

    In a pack like Pack North, ruled by a strict Alpha, people just seemed to inherently looked down on weakness. And for Pack North, that weakness was Carty. Poor Carty never stood a chance against his stronger packmates. He was always pushed around, bullied, and always got the rough end of the stick. And it wasn't just because he was the omega, either. It hardly helped that Carty's pretty looks would get him mistaken for a female. Often times, one of the males would hit on Carty only to discover that Carty was a man, and in turn, Carty would get another rough beating. There was never a day that Carty's face would be free of bruises.

    Still, Carty tried his best to keep an optimistic outlook on his days as omega. Even with his hefty schedule of constantly trying to meet his packmembers' needs, Carty always managed to find a little bit of time to draw or enjoy a leisurely hobby. Then came the day- the age that Carty would finally find his mate.

    Carty knew he had the same birthday as the Alpha. But no one cared. They only wanted to celebrate the Alpha's birthday. After all, who'd want to throw this girly omega wolf a birthday party? But Carty didn't mind so much nor did he think too much on having the same birthday as the Alpha. He was just too happy he'd finally find someone to call his own. Carty hoped she'd be nice--or sweet--or funny--or anything! As long as she liked him just as much as he already did.

    Carty peered out into the rain, disappointed that it would rain on such a special day. Still, he knew that this whole mate finding process might take some time-- a few days, maybe. So, Carty fantasized all he'd do with his new mate to cheer himself up.

    As he did, Carty slipped on his jacket and tugged the hood over his rain, and stepped out. Carty looked delighted to see a hint of the sun peeking out from behind the dark clouds. Maybe today will be a good day, after all. He began heading down the street, in high hopes of finding his mate in this large city- a one in a million chance.


    Carty stumbled back and hit the ground, groaning quietly.

    "Should we take her? Looks like his type."

    "We could give it a try."

    Carty peeked up to find two large men looming over him-- high ranking wolves, he recognized. He slowly stood up, rubbing his bum, and curiously peered at the two men.

    "If he doesn't like her, there are others he could choose from."

    "True. We've already got some moms asking us to take their daughters, too."

    Finally, one of the men looked at Carty and motioned him over.

    "You, girl," a thick hand grabbed Carty's skinny shoulder, "You're coming with us."

    Carty opened his mouth to politely object-- to correct the man's mistake. He wasn't a girl. But it was hardly any surprise that the higher ranked wolves wouldn't even recognize their own omega. They were too absorbed in their own ego's and serving the Alpha to bother with omega's. But the man gave Carty a sharp look, making him quickly shut his mouth and submissively lower his head.

    Carty didn't know it at first, but as they got closer, he began to realize where they were going. The Alpha's tower. Peering up at the massive tower as they walked closer, Carty was fascinated. Huge! Usually seen roaming about in the marketplace, Carty had never truly been near the Alpha's tower- or even inside it.

    The interior was just as Carty had imagined it to be. Sleek and modern- just like the exterior. Looking down at his raggedy second-hand skinny jeans and jacket, Carty felt out of place in this new, shiny, white and black environment. They went up, and up in an elevator until they reached what Carty assumed to be the top floor, where they passed by a large line of girls and down a long hallway. Just before they walked passed through those large silver doors, the two men paused to speak with another man.

    "We found this girl. She's just a test to get Ajani warmed up before we start sending in the other girls."

    Carty hardly heard. He was too focused on the butterflies in his stomach. When they walked past that door, Carty was first to see the utterly handsome man standing at the window. Oh dear. Carty took a tentative step forward, and a few more, and some more, until he finally reached the handsome man. Carty knew who this was. The Alpha. Alpha Ajani.

    Slowly, he reached out and brushed his fingers against Ajani's shirt and gave him a hesitant, loving smile. "...mate," he finally murmured happily. Carty hardly cared that his mate was a man or the alpha. It wasn't rare that same sex mates were chosen--perhaps it was unusual for an alpha and omega to be paired, but Carty was delighted nonetheless. He'd found his mate. Surely, Ajani liked him too. Even if Ajani recognized him as the omega, he wouldn't care, right? Carty was just sure of it. They were mates after all.

    Jesus, fucking christ. I give up. This fucking sldfjalsdjflasdjfl.
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    ♛ So. ♛

    So, that's it. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

    I know how tempting it is to reply to this thread, but like I said, PM me. If you reply to this thread, I more than likely won't see it. So don't.