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  1. Okay, so I recently read a story and thought it'd be fun to do an rp among the lines of harem.

    For those who don't know what that is, it's basically having multiple girls vying for the attention of a single guy or girl. Usually relationship.

    My idea is of play a boy who goes to college. You'd play two girls who are roommates. My character ends up falling in love with them both. Due to this, it creates a love triangle.

    May have some sexual themes. Nothing too mature for this section.

    Anyone interested? I'll explain the full details later.
  2. I'm in!
    I'll play the girls!
  3. Really? Awesome!
  4. So the idea is they're in college. I'd imagine it starst with my character bumping into one or both of them. Sound good?
  5. Yeah perfect!
    Would you start first?
    I'm sorry I ask you to start both I just don't know how to work this site yet I'm new lol
  6. I don't mind starting at all, I usually start stuff. Lol. Okay, so I'm setting up the scene. If I seem to control your characters, sorry.
  7. Okay no prob
    I don't mind that as long you let me know
  8. I'm willing to play #2
  9. @April
    This is already filled, unless you would play both females.
  10. Oops >.< sorry! Thanks!
  11. @April Is that a yes or no?
  12. No, sorry
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.