Hardwood floors, carpet or tile..?

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Which do you like?

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We're going to be in a HOUSE soon and there's very specific things we want. >:D

WHO CARES ABOUT THE FLOORS... well let me tell you. D: I have to SIT on that floor while I'm on the compy, so it matters.

Now, I like wood floors. >:3 I can always throw down a nice rug. And it's soooo much easier to clean than carpets. We're a messy-spilly bunch. >>;
Wood floors + neat rug= awesomeness

Plus you can get a huge comfy pillow to sit on for your bootay!
Wood floors, totally. It's cheaper to sweep than to vacuum, and mopping is also easy. Also, carpets get all grody and can catch fire.... (and I'm allergic to carpet dust, so I have a personal vandetta against installed carpetting) So, hardwood floors! And you can just put carpeting on top, so it's the best of both worlds.
My pragmatism yells to me TILES! FUCK'N TILES. Water won't do bad shit to it, and doesn't burn like wood. There's also good variety too.

But wait, this is YOUR house we're talking about? YOU DON'T NEED MY OPINION. YOU NEED NOTHING!
Hardwood or laminate is my initial suggestion. It's easier to maintain than carpet. Also, tile gets VERY cold in the winter months, so unless you plan to have a floor heater installed I say stay away from that. Hardwood and laminate are also easier to install yourself if you wanted to go that route. And another thing, DO NOT "MOP" like Moon suggested. Water is the enemy of ALL floors. You want to buy a cleaner (or mix your own) and use a spray bottle to administer a light mist across the floor and DRY MOP it up. Use as LITTLE water as possible. The best method is sweeping your everyday mess, and following my previous instructions for spills and sticky messes.

In closing, I DO flooring so feel free to ask me anything!
If you're changing the flooring, if you want 'hard wood' look at bamboo, and pergo. If the wood is already there, congrats!
Imma have to sit on the floor too so I can do homework at the coffee table. xD My grammy made us some nice, soft, cushy pillows made for sitting on the floor comfortably. So some awesome pillows are something to consider whether or not you have wood floors. :3
Tile is nice & cool in the summer. But is also even colder in the winter. But given where I live that's not really a huge issue.
I'm so immature, so I'm just going to giggle like this "Teehee, wood"

But seriously I prefer hardwood flooring for pretty much all the reasons everyone has stated and like Ocha said bamboo is good. Tiling is hard to deal with in the winter cause it gets cold but I don't think you'll have that kind of problem living as far south as you do...

If you want to go the pretentious route you could always go for faux-marble or granite XD
I would go with wood floors for sure, I just put some in for a friend recently and they look great.

Also if your doing it yourself, Tile is a messy, hassle to install...not worth the time or headache, or money for that matter, especially if you want nice tile.
The mr is a floorist. I would LOVE to have a tile floor. You could toss big fluffy throw rugs on itand have a fireplace... like... viking style...


My sister's house just got a laminate (I think?) floor that LOOKS like wood though. It's pretty dang nice. All the pretties of a wood floor plus the easy cleaning of laminate.
I like hard wood, but one or two rooms with a thin carpet is cool two. Just not the whole house, so I guess I'll go with zee wood!
Ah, I hate wood floors because after a couple of years they'll creak like a haunted house. I like tiled. It's easy to mop and clean and it feels cool to the touch and smooth. I always like staring at people's tiled floors because the patterns are pretty =D

Also, I like carpeted areas, too, but sometimes wall-to-wall carpeting is annoying because once the carpet stains or gets old you have to get rid of the whole thing and that's difficult.

We have wood tiling in our rooms and big rugs/non-attached carpets and it's awesome. The living room is eww because the wall-to-wall carpet is getting old and the color faded x/ It was this pretty teal green and now it's like pastel bluegreen and weird :3

I hate vacumming, but moping and brooming are fun =] So for me, carpets that CANT be broomed (like the one in our living room) are a pain xD

Good luck! =D