Hardest Part of Making a Character

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  2. "Melissa told us what was going to happen after she left heaven, there wasn't any time." Victoria manage to grab her tail, making Anjuu stop and lay down, letting Evelyn and Victoria play with her. "Uh.. little tied up right now." Anjuu chuckle as she nuzzle Evelyn, "They are growing so fast..."

    Mars smile as she walk up and sweep Victoria in her arms, "Hey. You are so distracted with Anjuu, don't you love me anymore?"

    Victoria laugh gleefully, "I always love you Mars."
  3. The hardest part for me in creating a character is trying to acurately describe their past, but within a small blurb. I tend to be unable to condense what I'm trying to describe at times.

    I used to have trouble with personality but I formed a way to decipher it:

    "WWTDI" (What would they do if), basically situations that could give key insight into what the character is like.

    "What would they do if"......Their best friend was beaten up by space aliens...

    "What would they do if" ..... they won a million dollars....
  4. My hardest part is thinking up the name of a character, maybe sometimes what he or she looks like but not all of the time
  5. *finishes digging for the old info to see who played Ward before* That was hell.... literal hell to find. I mostly wanted to know if I planned to play in the future if there was anything that would interfere with that. Looks like a no as long as I go AU or I guess cannon since that Ward was AU.

    Things I learned from that:

    1) Finding old character sheets based on names without remembering control f is torture.

    2) That the member who played him last is an Iwaku ghost.

    3) I hate researching.
  6. I always have problems with the Personality. My character sometimes ends up different than what I intended so, I'm pretty vague with my personalities.

    Powers are a problem for me too. I started RPing at a Harry Potter site, so the most powers I had to deal with was parseltounge or Animagi. lol
  7. Personality... The way the way my characters always acted tended to be different than what I wrote. Simplely because I was getting a feel for how I wanted to play them.

    Other than that, strengths and weaknesses. I usually underpowered my characters compared to the others in the plot.