Hardest Part of Making a Character

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So like the title suggests and the description asks I am wondering what the hardest part for people is when creating a character? Not necessarily when your thinking him up, but it can also be when your putting him down on paper.

For me I'd say its filling out a character sheet completely that asks for a description of personality. I like the character to speak for himself, to ask for a description of his (or in rare cases "her") personality is what stalls me up the most. Its always complicated and therefore I put a lot of thought into it, but always have trouble expressing it.
Huh? Appearance that matches the name and personality. That usually gets me like no other. However, I have found my way around that. Simply all I need to do is find a picture first then develop a character around that.

Other than that, giving the character history that coexists with the plot that was established, I like doing it but it is hard to do.
The hardest part for me in creating a character is trying to acurately describe their past, but within a small blurb. I tend to be unable to condense what I'm trying to describe at times.

I used to have trouble with personality but I formed a way to decipher it:

"WWTDI" (What would they do if), basically situations that could give key insight into what the character is like.

"What would they do if"......Their best friend was beaten up by space aliens...

"What would they do if" ..... they won a million dollars....
My hardest part is thinking up the name of a character, maybe sometimes what he or she looks like but not all of the time
It always ends up being different for me, depending on the character. c__c Sometimes, I'll know their life history but trying to express it in the personality is hard. Or I might know exactly how the character is supposed to behave, but I don't know what went on in the history to make them that way.

As a whole, though, I think the one thing that consistently hangs me up is the "finer details" area. Things like fears, talents, inabilities, strengths, weaknesses. I want to try and think of things clever and unique (without being a dumbass) and that's not always so easy!
I always have problems with the Personality. My character sometimes ends up different than what I intended so, I'm pretty vague with my personalities.

Powers are a problem for me too. I started RPing at a Harry Potter site, so the most powers I had to deal with was parseltounge or Animagi. lol
Personality... The way the way my characters always acted tended to be different than what I wrote. Simplely because I was getting a feel for how I wanted to play them.

Other than that, strengths and weaknesses. I usually underpowered my characters compared to the others in the plot.