Hardest games you ever played

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  1. What are some of the most difficult games you've ever played? It doesn't matter whether you completed them or not ^^

    Here are some of my picks:


    Bayonetta 1. God this game was hard as hell to beat! Not as hard as Devil May Cry but for the love of God! Sometimes the game was a bit unfair because if you wanted the highest grade, you couldn't use items or die at all. Easier said than done! The sequel is much easier mainly because the gameplay is more fluid and you're not longer penalized for using items (Thank God!).


    Devil May Cry 3: Definitely the hardest game in this already difficult franchise! Whether it's the original or Special Edition, this game will rape you, slit your throat, and prevent you from calling 9-1-1! I own the Special Edition and I still haven't fully completed this game yet -_- Lord have mercy! Capcom you're a dick!


    Zelda II: I hate this fucking game!! I had it on GBA when I was a kid and I gave up on Death Mountain which is one of the most despicable difficulty spikes ever! I can see why a lot of Zelda fans hate this game and I'm one of them! Fuck this shit!
  2. Ninja Gaiden on NES. That was a pile of stupidity. Even to this day I get pissed thinking about it.
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  3. Hope you didn't play the remake on Xbox -_- Actually that game was awesome.
  4. No I haven't. My days of NG ended when I fell in a pit for the numerous time.
  5. Damn XD I recommend playing the remake and the sequels if you have the necessary consoles. They're hard but they're not downright cheap like the original NG was
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    Seriously though. Pretty much every game in my NES collection. Red orchestra 2 is one of the most difficult multiplayer shooters. The first Quake is pretty hard. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R games are pretty tough but they're also glitchy as fuck.

    sieges in Mount and Blade was a bitch too
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  7. ^
  8. Dark Souls if I'm going by legitimate challenge and not just being punishing.

    Also, the spacebar game! :3


  9. A literal bag of unfair "fuck" that highlights every death with a reverberating "you."
  10. ...Undertale
  11. "Oh, you think Dark Souls is hard, do you? That's cute."
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  12. It felt so good beating that game.

    Then watching my friend beat it using each weapon exclusively. What's that? You got the new sword but we're running through with the tonfas? Accidentally hit someone with it?

    Run ruined. Restart. Eight hours gone.
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