Hardcore Werewolf Romance and Violence. Mmmhmm.

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  1. I am going to be INSANELY PICKY when selecting partners for these roleplays. I need the perfect partners to pull this off. I'm not settling for something I won't enjoy. I want to froth at the mouth for this roleplay, mmk? Total rabies. When I say I'm looking for advanced partners, I mean this:
    • Advanced Content Required! (open)
      Advanced Content Required! (open)

      • Your character is believable. No godmoding, no knowing what is going on in my characters head, etc. Your character has reasons for what they do, reasons for why they act like they act, reasons for why they like what they like, etc. I require well thought out characters. I do not like reading about characters with constantly evolving personalities.
      • You post 3-5 paragraphs. I don't need novels, but I do enjoy them. Quality over quantity. I like description too - the more, the better. Paint me like your french ladies. I mean, paint a picture in my head. If I can't get drawn into the story through your post, I will lose interest.
      • Most of these plots have purpose and direction, but don't be a wallflower. Guide the plot too - things don't have to go my way!
      • You enjoy plot BEFORE porn. I love porn, don't get me wrong, but this isn't a smut marathon. It has its time and place and I'm more interested in it having a purpose.

    Well now, think you're a damn good writer and aren't scared off? Let me explain my idea of werewolves. I'm going for a much darker, visceral, instinct driven sort of creature.

    Two more things I need to make clear: This is MEDIEVAL FANTASY. There will also be no sex written while characters are in werewolf forms. That will be a short sentence or two summaries.

    Werewolves! (open)

    There are different grades of werewolves, depending on what generation they are. Freshly bitten werewolves are very anthropomorphic, stand on hind legs, are covered in fur, have clawed human hands, wolf tails, and wolf heads. Their transformations are very, very painful. Pureblood werewolves, as in werewolves who have several generations of werewolf parents (they were born a werewolf, not bitten) are like big dire wolves. They look essentially the same as a giant wolf, and have easy, nearly painless transformations. There would be a natural haughtiness to born werewolves over bitten ones. In this world, the full moon lasts for three nights a month. A werewolf, regardless of breeding, is forced to change during the moon. They have the ability to gain control over their other form. Newly bitten werewolves will have difficulty, and are the most dangerous because they aren't in control. Born werewolves will have the natural ability to be conscious in their wolf form.

    For the rest of the month, a werewolf looks like a normal person. Woo. But they have many natural quirks: they are very passionate, in all things they do. They fly into rage easier than a human, and their tempers can be explosive and dangerous. They are more prone to violence than humans. They love more fiercely and more passionately than humans. They are quick to defend a loved one to the death. Affection is a strong part of their life and they are driven by the need to constantly touch and be with their pack mates (if they have a pack). They rely on heightened senses, like smell, sight, and hearing. They can smell emotions; if someone is growing frightened, they sense that. If someone is growing aroused, they sense that. They have a strong need for big families (packs) and single ones are driven by the urge to find a mate and start their own pack. They're very aggressive in bed, but not in such a way that they intend to hurt their loved one in a bad way. It's good pain, and they like to leave marks like bruises or hickies as 'love marks' on their mates to signal that they're taken. They are drawn to mates like magnets, and it is nearly impossible to ignore the urges of their bodies or instincts when they find someone attractive.

    Other than that, they look human and are as prone to various personalities as normal people. Some like humans, others think they are superior. Some are willing to trust and fall in love with humans, some aren't. Some are loners, some rely on packs, etc. To the normal population, werewolves are legends and stories. Their population is low enough that few people know that these 'monsters' are real.

    Don't be super intimidated by my plan for a werewolf. There is some wiggle room - these aren't cardboard cut outs.

    So...you're still a good writer, and you are interested in werewolves? Here are my pairings. I can play either role, either gender, and either species. I'm flexible like that:

    1. Male human hunter/trapper in the wilderness X female loner werewolf who stumbles into his trap

    Details (open)
    A human male lives alone in the wilderness. He hunts and traps for food, and sells furs in the local town for money. One day, he stumbles upon one of his bear traps that has caught the ankle of an utterly naked woman. We will see where things go from there...

    2. Werewolf male in pack living in the country x human female caught in a storm, stops to stay

    Details (open)
    A werewolf male and his pack live in the countryside, to stay away from civilization and society. One fall, there is a bad winter storm that blows in and a lone female human who is traveling on the road stops on their farm for shelter from the storm. The werewolf male scents her and instantly knows she had to be his mate. He is very aggressive in pursing her, but won't go so far as to make her hate him.

    3. Loner werewolf male x freshly bitten werewolf female

    Details (open)
    A werewolf male lives in solitude out in nature, avoiding his own kind and humans. His reasons are for whomever plays him to come up with. One full moon he scents another werewolf in his territory; he goes to investigate and finds a female werewolf who has turned for the very first time. She's all instinct, and lost. It's up to him to guide her...but this means he won't be alone anymore.

    Let me know in a private message which idea you like. And if you have ideas for your own pairings, let me know! I'm happy to play either gender or species, like I said earlier. I won't take more than two roleplays though, so it's first accepted, first served.

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  2. I'm interested in this idea, particularly in the third plot option, and I think I have an idea for why the male werewolf is a loner. I know that in certain groups of animals, including wolves, there is a tendency for some males to fight for dominance. Perhaps this was an alpha who lost his pack in a fight against another werewolf, and rather than accept a lower position to an enemy (maybe he cheated?) he leaves.

    I like the idea of the male offering the fresh-bitten female his experience with lycanthropy, telling her what to expect and how to best adjust to the changes.

    As for it being medieval, while it's not exactly my greatest strength, I've done fantasy with that kind of era before. I only ask for more specifics on the specific area of this medieval world. Is there a lord and his serfs nearby? Do knights get involved at some point? Are we talking about them being in the middle of the Dark Ages, or a more fantasy type of medieval?

    I mostly want to do this because it sounds like a challenge I can get behind. I love almost any form of transformation, and can play either the male or female character.
  3. That would be a perfectly good reason as to why he's alone. I left the plots sort of vague so that there is plenty of room for my partners and I to come up with all the juicy details.

    I guess I should be more specific when I say medieval fantasy. I think technically it's more high fantasy with less species running around, hahaha. It's not our world, it's another world, so we have free reign to make up the countries, languages, gods, cultures, races, geography, politics, etc. It's a totally blank drawing board to play with. There can be Kings, Dukes, Lord, city-states, huge kingdoms, etc. It's whatever we want, and can be as detailed or simple as needed. Clothing and technology is simply medieval-esque. Swords, armor, knights and archers, castles and lots and lots of sheep. :P

    Who would you prefer to play, in that third plot?
  4. Tricky thing is, I kind of want to play the male werewolf, but you know more about the rules for the werewolves than I do, so I think you'd be better suited for it. I could use the ignorance of the female character regarding your particular breed of lycanthropes to ask my own questions about them, which would make the writing a little easier. Being new to this, she'd have a lot of questions, perhaps more than I do. And this way I feel a little more free reign with the fantasy of the world, since the werewolf's been cut off from everyone, and the woman's been fairly recently removed.

    I even wonder about switching the genders of the two. I want to play ignorance so I can ask the right questions, but I'm not sure about playing female. It just feels like I've been doing it a lot lately, and want a little more balance.

    I'm sorry. This probably doesn't help.
  5. No no, it's totally fine and logical!! I'm used to playing the male so I love the chance to be female, so switching genders is great. And I think you're right, being the new male will give you plenty of opportunity to learn this particular species, but I don't want you to think it's set it stone.

    But if you're still up for number three, and playing a fresh male and me the experienced female, sounds great to me :)
  6. Would have to change the story slightly to top female being kicked out, but it's still an alpha scenario. Sweet! :)
  7. I'll come up with a good reason as to why she's a loner, but that's no problem. :D Any more questions, or anything else we need to figure out?
  8. I don't think so. Aside from characters, which we can describe in our posts, it sounds like we can more or less make this world up as we go, provided we keep track of what we're doing.

    Oh! I suppose I should ask how my character gets bitten. That maker werewolf may come in in the future.
  9. Yup, the world is ours to make. :) I like the freedom of it.

    As for your werewolf's story, I can help come up with it or it's totally up to you. I don't' want to limit your creativity too much, because I know my werewolf rules might be a bit strict. If you want to incorporate his maker, we can totally do that though!
  10. I do want to do that eventually, though I'm not sure how.

    If most of the werewolves tend to live outside of the kingdoms, in the wilderness like yours, then how does my character meet yours? I'd almost have to be a farmer or a hunter or something. I just know I don't want to be a knight. They're too proper.
  11. It's up to you. They would meet during the full moon; he will lose much of his mind and control when he turns. He could be traveling to see family, or a healer because his attack wounds have festered, or he might be heading back from a market. For whatever reason, he's out far enough between towns when the transformation strikes him at dusk. He'll be driven to want to run or hunt in the forest, and that's how they will meet. I will mention that they can't actually talk when wolves, they use mental communication, growls, etc.

    Does that work?
  12. If I'm understanding all that correctly, yes I think that'll work fine.
  13. I'll get started on a starter soon. I'll link it in here and link this OOC to the thread.
  14. Okay. I've got plenty else to do so take your time.
  15. Tried replying with the direction you were going. Hope it's okay.
  16. Don't worry about direction. Let it go...and don't get that song stuck in your head.