hardcore master/slave play

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  1. Looking for some non-con slave/master play or just good old fashioned kidnap. Let me know your ideas. Mxf. I play f
  2. If your looking for non-con im your girl. I find that stuff so intense and hot. Im definately interested, i do like hot story lines. Like a doctor taking advantage of a patient. You know what i mean? Message me if your up for it.
  3. I'd be up for discussing a plot ^^
  4. Ya. What do you havein mind
  5. To bad I prefer to play females I would love a good non-con rp. But bump for you post.
  6. Well I don't do MxF pairings often so I will be a bit rusty just a heads up. >< also I can't post as often as I would like because of school and work but I try to get atleast one post in every day or two. I completely understand if you don't want to rp with me because of that, you prob want someone who is more active, but just in case you are still up for it...
    uhm I don't really have anything like set in mind plot wise but uh I guess a good start would be some pairing ideas
    we could do the classic
    Master x Slave (though that gets boring)
    Angel x Demon
    Vampire x Nephilim
    Werewolf x Human
    Demon x Human
    Homeless girl x Seemingly kind rich man
    Obsessed fan x Famous person.
  7. Posts dont bother me. Im not much better. And as long as you dont go into newbie rp then rusty i can handle and def since im new to the whole non human rps but love the opportunity to try them out.

    I have actually been exploring the elf world lately but the problem i have with them is most people rush right into capturing me and rush the whole thing. I wouldnt mind trying the whole fighting back thing. If im going to be a non human then it should be more work to get me.

    I havent done any demon, angel or any other type pairing but if you gave me a run down i could figure it out.