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  1. She maybe a little hard to love but that doesn't stop one guy from trying. He sees right through her outside image she has worked so hard on, and sees her for who she truly is. Will he be able to win her heart???
    -My Quick Character Info!-
    Name: Bridget Marie Corey (Bridge for short/ nickname)

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'5''

    Personality: Tough, Mysterious, Bad ass. A little hard on the outside but on the inside she is different. Is nice to you if you are nice to her, but if you arent you better watch out! She is pretty outgoing but is short-tempered. She is actually very quit loving, caring and is definatly protective over the ones she cares about. She is an amazing fighter! If you are her friend she will always have your back! She is also stubborn andnever allows herself to cry.

    Look: (Also look at the pic below) Long beautiful natural red hair, high cheek bones,, full lips, and beautiful emerald green eyes. Wear only a very small amount of make up because she is already naturally beautiful. Perfect slim body as well. While she is in detention she wear black skinny jean that had some holes in them (it was made that way) and it has a small chain attached to two of the belt loops, a green t-shirt, green converses, and green gloves that were fingerless. (Pic Below :3)
    Bridge groaned a quietly as the sun shined through her window, the sunlight hitting her directly in the face. She quickly turned her head and put a pillow over it. Who was she kidding? Now she wont be able to go back to sleep... she lifted the pillow up slightly from her head and looked at the time on her alarm clock.... 7:30 AM, she has an hour until school starts. Dont worry Bridge, she thought to herself and she dragged herself out of bed and got ready. Putting on her black skinny jeans with a chain tied to two belt loops, green t-shirt that did show off a little bit of clevage and her slim figure. Only two months left... then you are finished with high school. She put on her green fingerless gloves then finally her green converses. She didnt need to do much to herself to get ready for school... or to go anywhere just brushed her long beautiful red hair, put on a very small amount of make up and she was ready to go. She took one last look at herself in the mirror, looking directly into those emerald green eyes of hers, grabbed her backpack and was ready to head out the door. As she gripped the metal doorknob she took one last look around the house. Yep, certainly hasnt changed, still beer cans and whiskey around everywhere, he father still a drunk, and her mom is still a bitch... whatever, she didnt need anybody. Just as she opened the door her dad yelled in a slurry voice, "Bridge! Is that you?" He ask stumbling his way to her. Bridge rolled her eyes. Great... "Yeah dad its me.." she said in a flat tone, "I'm leaving."
    "Without giving your dad a kiss?"
    Perv... disgusting fucking perv. He has been trying to
    do some nasty crap ever since she hit puberty . Luckily he was too drunk so all she would have to do is push him away and he falls on his ass and winds up sleeping on the floor.
    Of course Bridge continued to give him the cold shoulder, "Hell no old man..." she quickly slammed the door and headed to her bus stop... life has never been easy for Bridge, not even as a child. She has seen many horrible things and has been through so much. It has caused her to become become a little rough around the edges, all though deep down she was so sweet, kind, and caring. But she wasnt going to let her guard down for anybody. Once she got to the bus stop she waited for it. She crossed her arms and leaned her back against the tree waiting for the stupid bus with her head held high looking as confident as usual.
    (If you wanna join this RP Dont hesitate to message me and ask :P)

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  2. Quick Character Info:

    Name: Niko Wilson

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male (obviously)

    Appearance; Though he has been told to be rather good looking, Niko just figures that he has average looks, what ever that means. He is fair skinned, though does have a bit of color to him since he has a tendency to spend mass amounts of time outside in the sun, and he stands five feet, nine inches from the ground. He has an athletic build to his body since he is athletic himself (he's played tennis or the majority of his life), and with that comes a relatively sharp jaw line. His eyes are dark brown, the same color as his hair, which he usually keeps in a Faux (if that' show you spell it) cut, which is just basically him having more hair on the top of his head, somewhat spiked, with less hair on the sides though it's not shaven in the least bit.

    Personality: Generally a quiet type of guy, he knows when to be serious and generally is for the most part. He has a tendency to be a very lazy person, especially with school, but if he becomes focused on something it'll take a lot to get his mind off of it. He likes to make snide and smart remarks here and there towards certain people, generally mumbling them, and this make him come off as a bit sarcastic in a lot of situations. But, be that as it may, he's generally a loner, or at least doesn't like to be swept up with a crowd too much. He figures that it's just too bothersome to have way to many people around you.


    Panting as he continued running down the street, the early morning sun just now beginning to rise, Niko continued to look down at the ground, his mouth open slightly, sweat dripping down his face and arms. Early in the morning, like he always did, he was running down the streets of his neighborhood before he would return home to get ready for school. It would be a lie to say that he did this for fun, or even if he did this just to clear his mind. No, he had to be in top shape for tennis, probably the most important thing to him beside his mom and her well being. Besides, his coach was always prodding on him to be in top shape, to make sure that he kept up to his standards so that he wouldn't slack off, despite the fact that he had already gotten and accepted a scholarship to a college that he would be attending in the fall, something that he dreaded, yet was somewhat excited about. To leave home, to go on and play bigger matches... But at what cost? To leave his mom, and everything behind.

    'Not like I have much,' he thought, shaking his head as he turned up the drive to his house, slowing his run into a jog as he headed into the garage and opened the door. His mother stood in the kitchen, sipping on a bit of coffee as she looked over a few files she held in her hand, no doubt it was something from her work. "Niko..." She sounded as he walked into the door, a sound of worry escaping from the woman's lips.

    "I know, I know, you don't like it when I run before school. I'm fine though; keeps me more focused anyway." He waved his hand dismissively at her, but when he felt the light touch of her lips on his forehead he smiled a little. "You worry too much." A hint of laughter came from him.

    His mom left shortly after that, reminding him to lock the door before he headed to school, and to actually go to school. "Yeah, yeah I got it." When he looked at the time to see that he only had an hour to get ready, he quickly ran up the stairs to his room, heading into the bathroom so that he could take a quick shower. And once all of that was said and done, after getting ready completely with him ending up wearing just a white t-shirt with a black button up one over it, a pair of light grey blue jeans to compliment the outfit, he grabbed his backpack, headed out the door, and left for the bus stop.

    He needed a car, bad, but still found himself unable to get the money for it. Yet anyway. Didn't matter really though, given how everything in this town was in relative walking distance, so it didn't bother him much. Besides, walking was better.

    When he made it to the bus stop, only to see one other person there, he raised his brows at the girl who leaned against the tree. Ahh, he had seen her around at school before. 'Can't miss that red hair,' he thought, smirking. He ignored her though, or at least just walked passed her and stood by the sign that sat next to them, sighing as he waited for the bus.
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  3. Bridge was use to people trying to avoid her. In fact she always wanted people to do just that. Not bug her. But that smirk Niko did give actually did catch her attention. She looked at him for a moment then looked straight ahead ignore him . She has seen him in school before, he was always rather quiet but she just assumed he was shy. Suddenly Bridge heard a crash coming from her house which was only a few houses down. Her dad tumbled outside and landed in the garbage. She scowled. What a moron. She was actually embarrassed because someone did see him do this in the act... and the person was sitting not to far from her. Of course she acted like she wasnt at
    all embarrassed. Her father clumsily got back up and slurred his words "Bridge.... where are you?" He looks around.
    She rolls her eyes, not saying anything
    He spins around then looks directly at her and storms up to her (well tries) "Dont sass me young lady..."
    Bridge arched an eyebrow, ok... maybe he was more drunk than she though. She didnt even say anything this time.
    He then noticed Niko, "Is this you boyfriend?! Are you whoring
    around?!" Then he looks right at her and she glares.
    "Fuck no! Now go home old man I dont enjoy your company." She glances at Niko with her emerald green eye then quickly looks back at her father her looks angry.
    "Don't... talk-" suddenly he fell to the ground and was out. Dead asleep. Thank god... As if on cue the bus came. She quickly grabbed Niko by the arm, "Come on, hurry up... you dont wanna be around when he wakes up." She was actually rather strong. It surprised everyone because of how strong she is. But she manage to pull Niko's body weight and make him stand completly up without a problem. As she stepped into the bus she glances over her shoulder at him, "Oh... and what you just saw... never happened," she said low enough so only he could hear. Once she was on the bus she did pick the seat in the back, of course no oje else was in it. Once she sat down she pulled out her phone and texted her mother telling her that her father was passed out by the bus stop. This showed she did worry a little about her father and wanted someone to attend to him.
  4. When the crash came about, Niko flinched before he leaned over on the bench a little, trying to get a better view of what ever it was that made that noise. He frowned, however, as he watched a man stagger out of a garage, obviously having a point of emerging from the house, yet it was also obvious that he was drunk. This early in the morning? He snorted at the thought. "Alcoholic," he muttered under his breath, finding himself wanting to ignore the situation. Honestly, with drunk people came trouble, and he did not want to get involved with anything.

    Besides, it wasn't his problem, but as the man came closer to them, his attention obviously on the girl, he couldn't help but keep his eyes on the scene. And a sense of concern and anger only seemed to start to rise in his system as he watched, his brows furrowing as he thought about standing up, wondering just who this guy was. Did he really just accuse him of being this girl's boyfriend? He didn't even know her! He pushed that thought away though; that wasn't what concerned him.

    What concerned him, a little anyway, was how calm the girl seemed to be about this situation, as if she had seen this before. That made him wonder... He quickly snapped from his thoughts as the man fell to the ground, passed out completely, but he was taken by surprise when he was suddenly pulled up from the bench and pulled onto the bus.

    Blinking, Niko gave a bit of a dumb look to the girl as she spoke, his brows soon furrowing as he watched her take a seat. What the hell just happened? He stood there, trying to figure it out, but as the bus jolted to a start he figured that it would be best to sit down. So, against his better judgement, he sat next to the girl, continuing to look ahead, and not at her. "Mind telling me what just happened back there?"
  5. She was a bit surprised that he was actually sitting by her butyet she understood that he wanted answers. Still everyone seemed surprise that he was sitting with her. They looked at at him as if he was crazy. Of course she didnt give a crap. She looked at him for a moment then whispered, "Eh you inow how drunks can get... stupid. They dont know what the hell they are doing."
  6. As he noticed the stares his way, Niko merely ignored them, though he had did turn his head to sneer a little at a few of them. What, was sitting with this girl so bad? Albeit he had never talked to her, much less even noticed her, before today, but what could be so bad? Sure, now that he thought about it he remembered a few rumors that had sparked about this girl floating around school, and even through his team, but that was pointless information. Besides, rumors were just rumors. Half of them were completely wrong anyway.

    He finally turned to look at her, his brows raised as she listened to him. "Yeah, I heard drunks can get like that. But he seemed pretty adamant about finding you," he spoke, his voice low to match her. This was weird, very weird. "Happens a lot, I'm guessing?"
  7. She gave him a shrug then looked straight ahead, "I guess you can say that." Why is he asking her all these damn questions? Why does he care. " Why do you wanna know?" She looks back at him eyeing him suspiciously.
  8. That... Didn't sound right. Niko frowned as he leaned against the back of the seat, hearing the little bouts of chattering forming here and there from some of the kids on the bus, but the noises didn't bother him. What bothered him was what happened before at the stop. That man, her dragging him away...

    "Well I'm sorry to say, but when a random girl pulls be onto a bus after watching a drunk pass out on the sidewalk after he accused me of being your boyfriend and not seeming too happy about it make me wonder what the hell just happened." His voice was no longer a whisper at this point, just his normal speaking voice, but as he looked to see the suspicious look the girl was giving him, his frown couldn't help but deepen.
  9. As the bus pulls to a stop in front of the school she shoots his a deathly glare, "Didnt I just say to pretend that never happened?!" Everyone filed out of the bus at this point except for them, "Just mind your own damn buisness!" She jumped over the seat in front of her to get out because well... he was blocking her way. She got out of the bus and surprising she looked at him one more time before entering the school. Her emerald green eyes were momentarly not shielded by the tough image she has forced them to create. They showed her sweet, and gentle side. But he only caught a glimspe of it before she turned her head away from him and entered the school.
  10. "Yeah, because pretending that happened is just so easy to do." He narrowed his eyes, sarcasm dripping from his tone as he stared at her, wondering what he had done to make her so angry. If anything she had no right! He should be the one angry and confused. Well, he actually was confused, but that was besides the point. What was wrong with this girl?

    He opened his mouth to say something after she yelled at him, telling him to mind his own business, but when she had jumped over the seat, effectively getting away from him, he knew he had lost his chance. He was not about to chase after the girl, especially not with that attitude. Besides, that would more than likely bring unwanted attention his way, something that he did not want to happen, especially not with a matter such as this. But when she turned to look at him, he swore that he could see a gentleness to her, a sense of vulnerability that she was hiding.

    Unfortunately, he was unable to judge the matter because she looked away too quickly. "My God..." He pinched the bridge of his nose as he shook his head, sighing. "Don't get involved. Don't wonder. Just... Leave it be." Still, he couldn't help but let it bother him. Let everything that happened that morning bother him. "It's too early for this."

    When he finally stepped off the bus he was the last one, and at the sound of the doors closing behind him he headed into the school, his eyes moving this way and that to get a look at things. Soon, he would graduate. These people wouldn't matter to him, not anymore. Yet... Why did that bother him? "Way too early for this." He shook his head and headed into the school then, making his way over to his locker.
  11. As Bridge roamed the halls she was thinking about rather or not she will go to class today. Eventually she decided yes. It might surprise the hell out of everyone but she will. She knew she didnt need to though. She was already passing all of her classes, she was actually really smart but of course no one took the time to try to know her. She entered her first class.... English. As she entered of course people looked at her quit surprised. She simply kept her head held highand walked to the last row, set her stuff down and plopped into her seat. Instantly her mind went to the boy from earlier... Why....
  12. Slamming his locker shut, Niko leaned his forehead against it, feeling a headache coming on. Great, this was not the morning he was hoping for. Hopefully this headache would die down before practice, otherwise he might find himself not even wanting to go. Then again, even now he was beginning to dread going. He snorted as that thought crossed his mind. When the hell did that happen? Him dreading practice?

    He pushed the thought aside as the bell rang, cursing under his breath as he started heading towards his first class, English. No doubt the teacher would scold him like she normally did when he was late for class, especially when he didn't have a legitimate excuse for not being on time.

    As he made it to the class he opened the door, giving a lazy look as the other students looked at him, though when he heard the teacher clear her throat, he stopped to look at her. "I know already; You'll tell coach if I keep being late, despite the fact that it's the end of the year. You've told me this a thousand times." A few snickers could be heard from the students at his comment.

    "Or I could just give you detention and be done with it, like I've done a thousand times," the woman spoke, crossing her arms over her chest. That made Niko wince a bit.

    "I won't be late again. Sorry ma'am." He took his seat then, though quickly faltered in his step when he noticed the red head in the front row, sitting there. Since when was she in his class? He shook his head. 'Just ignore it, ignore her.' He walked to the back of the class then and took a seat, plopping his things next to him.
  13. As if on cue the boy came into the classroom. This caught her attention and sue looked right at him. 'The hell?!' Sue thought, 'What is he doing here?!' As soon as he was about to take his seat his brown eyes immidiatly made contact with her. He was clearly as surprised as she was. As he took his seat in the middle row she crossed her arms and turned her attention away from him and looking out the window instead. Whatever, why should it matter? Just ignore him
  14. Rubbing his forehead, Niko sighed as he listened to the teacher begin with the lesson, knowing full well that none of the students were paying half a mind to what she was saying. What, did she really think that anything in the next two months were actually going to retain in their minds? They were all seniors, seniors ready to graduate!

    My God, when did I become so against school,' he thought, shaking his head as he looked down at his notebook that he kept open. He tapped his pencil against the table, making a light taping noise against the desk. He knew he was getting a few glances, but he ignored them, his eyes traveling slowly over to where the red head sat. Quickly he turned his eyes away. 'Don't bother. Doesn't matter anyway." He shrugged to himself, snorting.
  15. She let out a sigh, this was absolutely boring! Why she decided to go to class was beyond her. She knew that kid would glance at her ever now and then, but she acted as if she didn't notice. Why did he keep doing that? What did he want? Suddenly her cell phone vibrated, making her look down at her phone. She sneakily pulled it out and read the text message. It was from her mother. Apparently her father was getting his stomach pumped. Her eyes momentarily looked worried, then the teacher said, "Bridget Corey." causing her to look up from her phone. She eyes instantly back to their tough look, she quickly turned off her phone and put it into her pocket.
    "What?" she said sounding irritated.
    "Was that a phone I just saw?"
    She shrugged, "Maybe. Got a problem with it?"
    Her eyes narrowed, "As a matter of fact I do."
    "Well... too fucking bad."
    "Excuse me?" her voice sounded a little surprised, she really shouldn't have been though.
    "Oh, so now your blind AND deaf?" Everyone looked between her and the teacher. They knew this would end bad... for the teacher anyways.
    "Now you listen to me young lady..." 'here we go..' Bridge thought as she stood up, "I am tired of you and your crap. Do you have any idea how hard it is being a teacher?" Bridge felt all her calmness snap inside. How hard it is for her?! You have GOT to be kidding me. Still Bridge gave her the a smile that was obviously fake.
    "No ma'am," she says, "Cant say I do."
    The teacher kept her eyes on Bridge, who turned around and walked out of the room with her head held high.
    Everyone looked stunned, they were surprised she didn't blow up there and then.
    "Bridget! You get back here!" the teacher yelled. But she didn't.
  16. Niko brought his head up as the teacher spoke a name out, his eyes once again traveling over to the girl as did everyone else's. "Oh boy," he breathed under his breath as he listened to the little heated exchange between the teacher and student, hearing the murmurs of the students around them, most of the light bouts of laughter while there seemed to even be some of concern towards the teacher. Even Niko had to admit that the red head had gone too far, and it was obvious that when she left it effected the teacher, despite how she tried to keep her emotions down. Poor woman...

    He groaned. And to think he had been just as rude to her earlier. Now he felt bad, bringing a sinking feeling to his stomach. No one deserved to be treated like her, especially not this teacher. She was so nice, so forgiving, too forgiving if anything. Yet she tried to keep a tough front, just like that red head, or Bridget. That was her name, right? He couldn't remember.

    As the woman got her bearings back together a deep frown had settled on her features, but all she merely did was tell the students their homework for the night and then to just mingle quietly with themselves. She, meanwhile, sat behind her desk and started sifting through papers, more than likely looking for some type of write up form no doubt.

    Little sighs of relief were flitted though the class as the students turned to look at their friends, chatting, though mostly about the most recent event, calling the red head a total bitch and just overall good for nothing trash. Listening to all of them.... It upset Niko, but he didn't know why. That bothered him greatly, but he kept his eyes on the door where the girl had walked out, frowning. There was no way she was that tough, no way that that was actually her. But why put on an act for these people? Why try to be something that you weren't? It was pathetic. What was she trying to prove? He ran a hand through his hair, his mind filling with thoughts.
  17. Bridge was sneaky, there was no doubt about it. She sneaked out to the teachers parking lot and looked for Mrs. Brown's (theteachers) car. She actually found it rather quickly. She quickly pulled out her pocket knife and completly destroyed the tires. Each and every ounce of her anger was put into each slash she made at the tire. She was a tough girl, no doubt about it, but she also had a sweet side that everyone seemed to fail to see. She was just trying to cover up the sweetness she had with the toughness that was in her. Simply because she didnt want to get hurt. She was protecting herself. Keeping her sweet side from getting hurt. After she finished trashing up the tires she went back into the building and put her pocket knife back in. As soon as she entered the building she immidiatly saw 'him' once again. They made eye contact. 'Shit...' she thought.
  18. The bell had run shortly after Mrs. Brown had told the students to talk among themselves, leaving the students to file out the room quickly with the rest of their things. Niko, however, lingered back a little, giving the teacher a sympathetic and apologetic look. She said nothing to him though, merely smiled a little and waved him off, which made the boy nod his head and turn to leave the room, muttering a small sorry for what he had done at the beginning of class. Geeze, was he turning into a sap or what?

    He laughed at the thought, shaking his head. Nahh, not likely. Besides, it's not like he was tough to begin with. He was just Niko, the guy most people associated with tennis, as well as just being an overall quiet, shy guy. That was all correct, save for the shy part.

    As he walked down the hall, a few students sent a few comments back to him, just little greetings to which he shrugged off, giving only little waves though they could completely go unnoticed unless the person directly looked at him. He still kept a bored expression upon his features, but as he walked down the hall and noticed the red head, again, he narrowed his eyes as he looked in the direction she had just come from. Wasn't that where the teacher parking was?

    He furrowed his brows, narrowing his eyes in the process before he started towards the girl, his mind shouting at him to just stop and turn back. Telling him that this was way too troublesome, and that he didn't feel like having to deal with someone like her. But, it seemed as if his legs had a mind of their own at that moment, because they never stopped until he stopped right in front of the girl, crossing his arms over his chest. "Are you generally this bitchy, or are you just having a bad morning?" He asked, a hint of irritation in his voice.
  19. She gave him a little scowl and put her hands on her hips, "I didnt do anything wrong alright? " she was a pretty excellent liar. She rolled her eyes, "Besides this is none of your buisness. She bitched at me, I left. End of discussion. I could have done a whole lot worse. Now if you excuse me." She went to walk past him.
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  20. He snorted, and as the girl tried to walk past him, Niko stepped in her way, not letting her leave. Now way was he about to let her go, despite how his mind was telling him to just let her go. This was so stupid and pointless. What was he hoping to gain from this? What was he hoping to do?

    Honestly, he wasn't sure, but as he looked down at the girl, he couldn't help but scoff and shake his head. "Yeah, because yelling at a teacher just because she caught you on her phone is doing nothing wrong." He rolled his eyes before looking back in the direction that she had come from. "And isn't that where the teachers park?" He nodded his head in the direction. "Pretty sure I just saw you come from there. So you saying you could have done worse... I feel like you already have."
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