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  1. Troy was sitting in his office at the time, going through some of his personal e-mail on his computer. He was going through some of the paperwork he had when his best friend was killed, but by whom? The file was reported just a break in, burglary. Which was odd, Troy has been in that apartment numerous times and saw nothing was taken.

    While he read some of the reports from his e-mail. He noticed the Chief was heading towards his door. He leans back in his chair as he watched him enter the room. "Troy, I got you a partner, now, she's new and I want you to show her around the precinct." The Chief took a step back to allow Troy's partner to come inside the office.
  2. Akira looked around as the Chief led her straight to an office. She pulled her hair down before fixing it back up again and forced herself not to smile with excitement. She noticed people staring at her though she ignored them and only held her head higher.

    She had heard a rough overview about her new partner, including that his best friend and former partner was killed. She placed her hands behind her back as she waited on the Chief to let her by. When he did, she cautiously walked past and gave Troy a small, sympathetic smile.
  3. Troy just glanced at his new partner. He kept his attention to the computer and started pressing random keys that was set on the notepad. "Told you...I don't need a partner." He said to the Chief.

    "Troy....this is Akira Clarkson and she is and as of now....your partner." He sighs and looked at Akira, "Your desk is just right across from his." He said as he turned around shows her the empty desk. "Troy...get use to it." The Chief pointed his finger as he made the statement and walked out.

    Troy sighs as he leans back again. He gestured towards the desk. "So....I'm Troy." He showed a faint smile.
  4. Akira kept her eyes down as the exchange went on before sighing silently. She sat down and let her hair down, setting her clip to the side as she looked over at him. "Akira..." She said, basically stating the obvious. "I'm sorry...about your friend I mean," she added quietly as she looked at him and sat back in her chair.

    She looked at the paperwork about the case on her desk and silently began going through it, knowing automatically that it didn't add up. "Mind if I go take a look at the place?" She asked as she closed the folder and twisted her hair up, pinning it in place as she pulled her jacket off. "I wanna see it in person," she explained as she stood up.
  5. Troy watched as she made herself home at the time. He gone through some of the smaller paperwork he had before. Going through some of the cases he and his former partner had gone. He looked at the file which involved him and he started tapping on the desk with his fingers. He looked up to the woman who asked to go to the apartment and take a look around. "That's....what I intended to to do." He said. Getting up and putting on his leather jacket. "Come on." He said walking out the door.
  6. Akira smiled slightly as she followed out the door and through the building, looking around as much as she could before exiting the building. She stood on the steps and put her hands on her hips as she watched Troy carefully, unsure of which vehicle they were taking though she was sure he was driving considering he knew where the place was.
  7. After getting into a vehicle. A black Ford Mustang GT. Troy placed his seat belt on. "We're going to Queens, that's where my buddy use to live." He sighs for a moment and turned the ignition of the vehicle. Hearing the sound of the engine roar for a moment. He looked at his partner. "So tell me...how long have you been a detective?" He asked as he grabbed on the sticks' knob and placed it in first gear.
  8. Akira followed quietly and got into the passenger seat, sliding her seatbelt on quietly. She looked over at him as he asked the question and shrugged nonchalantly. "Not too terribly long but I can't say I'm not excited," she said aoftly as she glanced over at him, a ghost of a smile appearing across her lips.
  9. The feeling was mutual with Troy as she said what she needed to say. He stopped when the streets lights turned red and stepped on the gas pedal gently when it turned green. He switched the gears as he drove a little faster as they continued going through the streets of New York. Troy rolled a window down and pulled a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and stuck one between his lips.

    "So why come here?" He asked, feeling curious about his partners little history, or needed to know about her a little more.

    He searched the cup holder for a lighter and couldn't find one, and started searching the side holder of his door, looking for a lighter to burn his cigarette. He would use the one that came with the car, but he used it once on a dare to burn a mark on his rear cheek when he and several of his buddies were drunk, and lost the darn thing.
  10. Akira glanced at him and shrugged slightly as she thought a bit. "Because there's so much action here which means more opportunities to show what I've got and possibly move up the ladder," she said truthfully and pulled a lighter out of her pocket handing it to him. "Looking for one of these?"
  11. "So you come here to find bigger game to fish and hopefully raise through the ranks pretty quick huh?" He said while keeping the cigarette attached between his lips as he looked around. "I don't know why anyone would come here, when it is on the verge of becoming the next Apocalypse." He noticed she handed him a lighter, and looked at the shiny material. He took it with his free hand and lights his stick. "Thanks." He thanked the woman while inhaling the fumes with his lungs and slowly exhaled the smoke and watched it as it escaped the car. "We're almost to his place." He noticed the street signs as it looked familiar. "Thugs, petty criminals, vandalism, destruction." He looked at Akira. "So you like action huh?" He smirked.
  12. "That's pretty much my plan," Akira said simply before putting her lighter back in her pocket. "The fact that it's on the verge of being the Apocolypse is why I came here. It's exciting to me," she said with a small shrug and watched him carefully. She turned back to the window and nodded slowly. "I suppose you could say that. I like action but that's not the reason I do what I do," she said and grew quiet, leaving it at that.
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