Hard Justice (MxF)

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  1. Troy Chambers, finally reached the detective level, and earned a raise in pay. Though he wasn't the only one, his friend. Jake Crawford made detective as well. But he got in a case which he shouldn't have got into. After a few days of being on the job, he was found murdered in his own apartment. Forensics said it was a break in, most likely the burglar gunned him down, and took off without stealing the loot.

    Troy found this very odd and it didn't add up. Soon he learned to realized he was murdered, but by who? He needs to find clues, but then he was given a partner, who could help. Together they could find the murderer, and bring to justice, or will Troy have his revenge?


    My CS:

    Name: Troy Chambers

    Age: 25



    Bio: (Fill out later)

    Anyone interest in playing the female role?
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  2. I'm interested! Pm me!
  3. Is this an already filled request? :)?
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