Hard Justice IC

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  1. New York City, New York.

    Troy was in his office at the time, going through some minor paperwork of the cases he had in mind, but couldn't keep his mind off of the death of his friend. He checked his messages on his computer to see if anything new was happening. Nothing was going on. He grabbed a pencil while he was fidgeting around and waited patiently. Then he heard his door open and the captain walked in. "Hey Troy, I know you're feeling down right about your friend passing away, but hey...to take your mind off of things, I got you a partner, and it's not a request, it's a order and pretty much I had no choice, but to assign you one." Troy watched as his partner walked in.
  2. Emilee got the call about being assigned to a partner. She was glad cause she just moved from England and been waiting to be hired as a detective. She went to the office and walk in as Troy was told he got assign a partner. She walk in her long red hair in side braid wearing boots, jeans, and a tank top with jacket over. She smile soflry "hi I'm emilee" she said in her British accent.
  3. Troy sat there with a dumb found look in his face. "um...I'm...Troy." He looked to the captain, "Hey, she's new alright?" He sighs and looked at Emilee, "Your desk is across his, so if something comes up, he'll let you know, okay?" The captain looked to Troy. "As a matter of fact...show her around."

    Troy was a little sarcastic at first when he waved his arm, "This is the office." He smiled and got up from his chair. "Well, first thing people want to know is where is the locker room, so I'll show ya." Troy said, leading the way.
  4. "Nice to meet you" Emma said to Troy. She follow him out after the sarcastic remark about the office. She chuckle walking with him. "So what was with the dumb found look on your fave seeing me? Didn't expect me to be a girl?" She smirk grinning. She was going to have fun with him. She didn't know about his last partner.
  5. "Yeah, sort of." He said with an almost shy tune. He lead her to the locker room area and pointed out the male and female rooms. "Here the locker rooms, I would show which room is yours, but I'm a dude." He smiled. "But if you don't have anything to put away now, I can show you the garage."
  6. She chuckle and shook her head. "Nope I didn't bring anything with me expect keys to my car which I drove here and phone" she smile softly "lead the way" she follow him.
  7. Troy showed her the garage area with the other police vehicles and pointed out the armory was a little closer then expected. "I don't know it's so close." he sighs and looked around again. "Well...I guess we can go on a tour of the city." He walked to his car, it was brand new charger, colored in black. Rims looked more expensive then the car itself.
  8. Emma follow him to his car. "That would be nice. I haven't seen much of it. Been to busy unpacking and findin. A job. Have you live here long?" She ask soflry
  9. "Since I was a kid." He sighs as he got in the car and placed the key in the ignition. Turning the engine on and waited for a bit. "Hey...what was the biggest case you ever solved?" He looked to Emma. "Or have you ever done a case before?"
  10. Emma got in and thought for a minute. "Um well the biggest case was finding out who killed my parents. They were killed when I was a kid and no one solved it but when I grew up became a detective I solved it in three days" she look at him. "That was my first case I took there the reason I became a detective"
  11. He looked at her with a concern look. "Well I got a case in mind. I need to go to a certain building, I have a feeling about something." He puts the car in drive. "So tell me...where are you from?" He used one hand to drive the car and his vision focused on the road.
  12. "England" she said soflfg look at him hearing he has a case in mind. "What case? You want my help?" She ask softly
  13. "A friend of mine. They said his apartment was invaded by a house thief and the crook shot him, left him to die and didn't steal anything. I find it really odd." He cleared his throat as he kept driving. "I wanna know who killed him and why."
  14. "I'm sorry that happened. " she said soflry look at him. "I wanna help catch the guy who did it" she said to him hated hearing that happen to him
  15. "I do too." He stopped and looked to a building. "This is it." He said, getting out of the car, he put his jacket on and headed towards the building.
  16. She got out and follow him. She stop and look around at the area getting a feel for the area watching cars. This is her first step in investigating lookin at the view and how busy it is.
  17. The apartment building area as a peaceful area. Though it was too nice for him since it was close to a subterranean area. The building was a 8 story building. "The sixth floor is where we have to be." He walked up to the doors and looked at the front desk worker. "NYPD, I need a key to room six one five please." The guy gives a small sigh and looked for a key.
  18. She follow him inside and look around. She look at him "how many exits are there? Entrances?"
  19. "At least a couple and the only entrance is though here."

    The manager arrived with a key and gives it to him

    "We can take the elevator." He walked up to a elevator and pressed the button. It arrived slow and he got inside. "So what made you want to become a cop?"
  20. She follow him in elevator. She stood and look at him. "I told you remember in the car. My parents were killed and I wanted to find their killer so I became a cop. I wanted to be the cop that no matter how old the case is or what other cops believe I will be the one cop someone can come to and ask will you help me cause when I was a child no one believe they were killed but I knew and no cop would investigate further and I don't want to be the cop that give up"