Harassing another's heart (MxM)

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  1. Bully x Victim

    Character A is a young man who prefers to dress mostly as a woman, though he has no issue with his body or who he is, it's merely the life style he enjoys to lead. Cross dressing. Though living in the South and attending college, not many are very keen on accepting him since he's seen as 'different'. Character A's sudden decision to dress feminine has taken many aback, but that's mostly because now that he's on his own, he can wear what he wants. (Assuming he's attending out of state college or in state college away from home.)

    Character B is a homophobic man, or so many assume from how he acts, who attends the same college as character A, though unlike some others who know him, he's oblivious to this man. (Assuming he's attending out of state college or in state college away from home.) Of course, at first, he assumes character A is female and tries to greet him, only to come to the shocking realization that this is not a beautiful dame he's met but some 'freak'. Character B, unable to prevent what he says or how he acts, begins to bully the male but soon that distaste and hatred slowly fades into a slight interest that mixes into a true curiosity... What's it like to be with a man? He'd only been with women all his life but it never felt right so... What was he holding back on when not many knew either of them?

    -- This will include --
    Cross Dressing
    Possible nonconsensual acts
    Dubious consent
    Kinky stuff
    Different types of BDSM
    Harassment, bullying, etc.

    Possible extreme domination

    I would prefer to be character A but if you can manage to wow me with your idea for him, he's all for you.

    Please PM me!​
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