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Looking for a Happy Tree Friend role-player who can play as Flippy, the role-play involves fluff, gore, modern, dark, fantasy, romance, horror, slice of life, light hearted, nsfw, gritty and themes of self help, with PTSD. This rp will be m/m, BL with a small twist[Hunter is hermaphrodite/intersex].
Though it doesn’t really have to be the focus of it, just a heads up.. We can also be the other characters to interact with, Oc’s are welcomed.
It could be a long term 18+ roleplay or short one if they already know each other and just shenanigans happen. {Starter plot} my oc Hunter will come into the supposed cursed town and stay there by helping his grandmother Rosie out in her bakery, where he could meet Flippy with delivering cookies to the veteran and plan a surprise party as well{The idea came from dear sweet Rosie] where Hunter comes face to face with Fliqpy after the balloons pop.
Flippy and Hunter are going to be 18+ since Flippy’s a war vet.
Flip will be of Kab00m chuck's artstyle.
They can have their animal ears and tails, if we include it; the seasons will have effect on them, such as Flippy becoming drowsy cause bear’s are prone to eat more in the winter, Hunter becomes more playful and flirty since it’s mating season for wolves, I will gladly give references/images on how they look.
I am semi lit, and am okay with my partner matching me in rp length; it’s fine if we do one-liners or a few paragraphs on some days, I’m not picky; offline are sometimes holidays and weekends as life can become busy around those times. Size difference-Flippy is bigger than Hunter who comes up to his shoulders. If you have any questions, feel free to message me

Flippy htf.jpg Hunter ref.jpg Chest ref.jpg Hunter ref num 9.jpg
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