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  1. If they made a holiday in your honor (like St. Patrick's or St. Valentine's day), what would the celebration look like? Colors, thematic ideas, etc?
  2. My family actually does this! This was because there was a mother's day, a father's day, and a Victoria day (I'm Canadian), and my sister's name is Victoria. So everyone had a day but me! So I got to pick one of the civil holidays (so everyone would have it off) and make it me/it day. I ended up picking Canada day, because it's amazing and there are fireworks! Which a love. When I still lived at home I'd get the little breakfast in bed, a gift and to pick what we did that day (for the most part anyways). It was lots of fun. Even know I get wished my happy me day!
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  3. They already did, it's called my Birthday and it's been running every December 9th since 1990!

    Festivities change every year depending on what I'm in the mood for. There are only two constants:

    1) cake (I do not bake my own cake)
    2) loved ones (some years distantly, other years more up close, but I always spend time with the people close to me

    Common Variations have included presents, booze, videogames, outdoor adventures, movies, slumber parties, cosplay, cooking, bubble baths, and candlelight
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  4. I have one! Which is my birthday, July 4th! I pretend people use fireworks in my honor but other then that I prefer to be left alone with ice cream 8D
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  5. My day would become a ceremonial "get over yourself" day. Where everyone would line up to get roasted and told how fucking dumb they are and how they're not special in any way, shape, or form. That every thought they've ever had has always been an amalgamation of all that which they experienced in their lives. Then, after spending the entire day being reminded of how fucking petty and narcissistic everyone is, they'd get a pat on the back and reminded that the unlimited frontier is out there, and they just have to go for it.

    And then everyone would get fucking shitfaced on hard liquor and probably fuck a lot.

    I am not responsible for all the pregnancies as a result of my holiday.
  6. Everybody has to wear googly eyes.
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  7. There would be a massive LAN Party. :3
  8. I would want my holiday color to be red. And something else that doesn't seem Christmas-y, I guess. Gold? Silver?

    People should eat sausage with bread rolls! And mustard.

    I want it to be in winter, because I like winter. Hmmm... but there is a real dearth of summer holidays...

    Festivities... swimming! I don't know. This is shaping up to be a really weird holiday, guys.

    Maybe people should just celebrate it like they do the others and get sloshed.
  9. I have one! Sort of. My birth name was Victoria and here in Canada we celebrate Victoria Day on the last Monday before May 25 in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday.

    There's fireworks and everyone gets sloshed. It's great
  10. I'd want it to be something like Earf Day, but with the expectation that you'll hit yourself in the face if you opt to not plant a tree or whatever. Either love the planet or hate yourself. Probably during Springtime even though I'm more of a Fall or Winter person.
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