Happy Valentine's Day: A Poem

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  1. What would happen

    If I wrote a suicidal love note?

    If I put my heart in a candy box

    And left it at your door?

    Would you notice me then

    Or would I still be invisible?

    ould I still be just another face in the crowd,

    Or would I finally stand out

    And look better than the rest?

    Would you reach through this darkness

    And take my hand to save me

    From the mask I hide behind,

    Or would you let me drown?

    I’m forever chosen last,

    Yet I’ll forever be there to help you up

    When you’ve lost your way.

    What do I have to do to be noticed?

    Why is it that I try so hard just to be ignored?

    I’m kind, I’m helpful, I put everyone before me.

    So why can’t someone, just one person

    Find me important enough to put me first?

    Am I not pretty enough?

    Am I not skinny enough?

    What do I have to change to be noticed?

    Why do I have to watch everyone else be happy in their love?

    Even through this, I go on pretending

    I’m alright with being left behind.

    Everyone needs someone, even someone like me.

    But for now, I will write this love note,

    To put in this heart-shaped candy box,

    Just to leave it at your door

    So you can throw it away.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.