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  1. Hello everyone.

    So, straight to the point.

    I want a FlippyxSplendid rp. Me preferably as Flippy.
    [And possible other fandoms/original rps. Just ask.]
    So...I've only done one of these rp's once or twice and it was with a Flippy/FlipqyxFlaky.
    Ah, so, I'm a bit different than most people in my rp searches.

    IM based
    Meaning..Trillian. And if I must, Skype. I really hate skype though so...Trillian. Any questions about it, ask me.

    For this rp, I'd prefer more fluffy-ness. Drama's all good, but as long as it has a happy ending and doesn't go on forever. :3

    I like OC chat, so please, be friendly1 I'm pretty informal, and people who are formal with me constantly, freak me out. It always makes me wonder if they're mad or something.

    I may not be the best at playing Canon characters sometimes, and I have a habit of putting my own spins/twists on things, but I'm a pretty loose partner. All I ask is that you do NOT:
    -Use text talk, in ANY situation.
    -Fail to capatlize. Sometimes is alright, I do it a lot, but chronic failure to capatalize...Is a pet peeve.

    What I do like:
    -Anime sense humor
    -Anime type styles [A guy dressed up in a cat outfit for example being cute...<3]
    -Total yaoi fangirls/boys
    -Open mindedness in general
    -Rivals [ex.: heated argument then just, charge at each other and...R-18+ ensue]

    I do IM based rps for faster responses, mainly for the fact it brings more character interaction and I'm not the most patient person when it comes to Forum replies and such.
    Um, about smut...I do do it. But it depends on the partner. Some people I just don't connect with. :3 And I don't like storylines based on smut. Icky ick. [Nothing personal to those who do.]

    So yeah. <3
    Hope to hear from you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.