Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  2. Thanksgiving was over a month ago here in Canada. In every other country outside of the United States, Thanksgiving does not exist at all.

    Those non-North Americans just aren't thankful enough.
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  4. Thats okay, I can at least share my love and show I'm thankful for them and all the awesomeness they bring :)
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  5. We'll just have to be thankful enough for everyone else to make up for it.
    Happy thanksgiving
  7. Canadian here, happy Thanksgiving anyway.

    Fire enough fireworks and I'm sure you can make up for our lack of enthusiasm about our non-American-ness.
  8. Actually, it's not true that Thanksgiving isn't celebrated outside North America.

    While it may not be celebrated on the basis of the pilgrims and whatnot, Thanksgiving has become increasingly popular in Europe because of the message of being grateful, and because cultural traditions heavily centered around food are easily adopted. Personally I don't celebrate it, I celebrate a thing called Mårtens Dag (Martin's day), a tradition based around being grateful for some guy that apparently a bunch of people wanted as priest or something but he didn't want to be so he hid among a bunch of geese, but when the people came around the geese ratted him out, and so he was forced into becoming a priest or whatever. It's celebrated around the same time as thanksgiving, and instead of eating turkey we eat a goose, but because it's very similar, celebrating Thanksgiving would bee superfluous. Had I not celebrated Mårtens Dag, however, I probably would've celebrated Thanksgiving.

    Long story short... Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  9. om nom nom nom
  10. A Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
    I ate so much cake....
  11. Happy Eat-food-and-watch-sports-until-you-pass-out Day!
  12. I would be thankful if I could actually take my post dinner nap right now. Why dose everyone have to one so loud.
  13. I, for one, will be mourning the brutal genocide committed annually against that most noble of animals: the turkey.


  14. i, on the other hand, gladly contribute to their demise.
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  15. I concur!
    They're delicious!

  16. hardly delicious.

    in fact, they are rather FOWL.

    pun pun pun pun
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  17. Actually I see your point, sometimes they can be a little "Meleagris"ly.
  18. You guys are too much! However I am also on team "EAT ALL THE TURKEY"
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  19. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I do feel kind of bad about eating turkey. I'd rather it be roosters. Those birds are fucking evil. I have scars on my back from being attacked by one when I was little.
  20. The more the merrier!
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