Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. *gobble gobble*
  2. I'll take "What sound does a turkey make"


    Announcer: You're right! Now for our next round of thanksgiving day Jeopardy!

    Stuffed or dressed, this popular American thanksgiving garnish is made primarily from?

    Lol, happy thanksgiving , neighbours! :3
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  4. What is
    I don't know. Give prize.

    You have ask a question now, or give an answer.
  6. Which tribe of Indians were the guests of the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving?
    Like that?
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  7. Today is the beginning of the end of my empty stomach!

    Oh, and I'm thankful for stuff, too. Good friends, people who've helped me out in this very difficult year, and delicious food. <3

    Trick question. Residents of India were likely not present on North American soil during the time of the colonization.

    /pet peeve
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  8. i'm sorry
  9. I had a great Thanksgiving until that same evening. I ended up getting a stomach virus and puked up everything I ate. ;__; I didn't even overeat this time!

    Luckily, mine and my boyfriend's Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. In a couple days, I'm making us our own feast! >:3 It'll be so sweet. Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey days <3