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    This thread is for RAVING about super happy excitable things you just want to scream wild and cheerful about or spam all over the place!
  2. Okay, okay, okay.

    So I found this couple, a few years older than me, who are looking for a roommate.
    And, and, and,
    they have four ferrets.

    My soul has been sold.
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  3. My work bestie's new baby is here! My heart is over flowing right now! Welcome to the world Sterling!
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  5. I got my own wifi!!! Finally no more glitches
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  6. HOOPLA!
    My counselor told me if I get an A in Honors US History, I can take AP Psych/Soc!
    I'm so pumped up! I'm also making friends! WOOT!
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  7. Got an A and a B for this quarter.

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  8. I'm going to meet up with a colleague of mine for a meeting about re-designing a website.

    -Despite him being too sick to go to lectures most of this week
    -Despite the fact we're supposed to be on a team, but other persons have disappeared rather suddenly
    -Despite my laptop not working
    -Despite the fact I have told him my laptop isn't working, and I can't do up any designs and or code for another week or so
    -Despite the fact he was flirting with me almost non-stop when we went on a trip together
    -Despite a mutual friend trying to set us up since mid-October time

    Absinthe's getting the shift tomorrow night. :D
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  9. Finally had an all around positive day. I think that I am starting to get back up on my feet since December, my depression isn't as bad as it was before.
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  10. Walking around town on crutches - BEST CARDIO EVER :D
  11. Adamant Charmander in Wonder Trade?
    That makes me happy.
    Adamant Male Charmander with Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, and Outrage, with IV 31 in speed?
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  13. Guess who just got their purple belt.
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  14. I like him.

    No, I more than like him. First date; we really hit it off. Hoping for a second date (even he is). Every time I talk to him, my heart races. When the date finished, I had to go pick up something up. I didn't want to leave, no I wanted to hang out more with him because for the first time in ages I wasn't scared.

    I can't wait to see him again.
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  15. Today my husband and I went to the little fair going on in town and hesitantly we ended up dropping 100$ on a chance game where you are pretty sure the guys is slight of handing some of the tiles, but we ended up winning!!! We won an Xbox One and 300$ It was crazy. We only needed 5 points it was our last little bit of fun money and we won. WOOT!
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  16. On the bright side, I saw a good friend today. :] I've missed her.
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  17. Freedom, and people who care about me. Train wine.
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  18. Pasta never fails me. Best comfort food ever. And some wine...or perhaps I'll have some Irish cream. Either way, mama's gonna pamper herself a little bit. Lately, I've been feeling so sulky and short tempered. Well, no longer! Muahaha!

    I wish I didn't have to eat and drink to feel better, but I'm severely lacking in the ganja department. >__>

    Also, my first day of math class is cancelled tomorrow. That works out, seeing how I have quite a few errands to run that day. That means I won't have to come home out of breath because of walking all over town. :D Woo. Maybe I can even talk my man into taking me out for luuuunch~
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  19. Me, Esthalia, and beauty bloggin'. WE'RE GONNA BE SO COOL.
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