Happy Pokeman Day

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  1. [video=youtube;rW7MT8U_8Jw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW7MT8U_8Jw&feature=related[/video]

    16 years ago today, the Empire of Japan Nintendo released Pokemon, Red, Green, and Blue in 1996.

    Has it really been that long?(Feels old)
  3. Bah, this makes me feel old.. :(
  5. Pokeday!

    *carries a Gary body bag to Lavender Town*
  6. I was a junior in High School....
    Pokemon took over my entire childhood, Pokemon is the reason I met my best friend because I was playing Red on the bus home from school in the second grade! :p

    I don't care how stupid the games get, like how everyone is up in arms about the new Black and White 2 being released, I still will absolutely buy it and play it regardless. And when I'm older and have children I will fight with them over who gets to play the newest games. I will still play Pokemon games when I am 90 and will give my grandchildren a class on how to properly train Pokemon.

  8. Hmm, that's the Japanese release date... 1998 for most of us here in the US.. :P 1999 for the poor folks in Europe.

    Needs a new Stadium like title though, those mini games man, those mini-games!
  9. Thanks to this thread I can save on my Crystal game again! Now, I just need to get a new battery and find my precision screwdrivers...
  10. The most disturbing people are the most disturbing people.
  11. Really 16 years? I feel oddly old now. I am pretty sure it took 2-3 years before Pokemon got popular because I remember the TCG coming out during 2nd grade for me.
  12. For US peoples, it's been 14 years since the games first came here in 1998.
  13. Freaking love me some Pokémon.
  14. T^T Good Old Pokemon!! I believe they should bring the old episodes back in TV
  15. I was born then....Pokemon is older than me by a few months.