Happy National Pancake Week!

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    I'm not kidding~ :D


    I LOVE making pancakes. o.o More than I love eating them! > w<
    I like to make the snowmen kind, and little mickey mouse ones, and heart ones, and ones with faces. >:D
    THEY'RE FUN.<3
    Usually when I make them at home for mom,
    I put in the batter:
    -Mini chocolate chips
    -Almond Extract
    -Crushed banana
    And I measure nothing.
    I measure by sight and feel. >:D SO THERE.
    Then I usually chop up strawberries, and bananas, and place them in pretty glass bowls.
    And some more choco chips in a bowl.
    And whipped cream.
    And syrup.
    And butter.
    I go all out and decorate the table.<3
    I love it. > w<

    TELL ME.
    What do YOU do?
    Would you rather cook pancakes, eat them, or both?
    If you cook them, how do you usually like to cook them? And what shapes? :D
    What are your favorite kinds to eat? And what kind would you NEVER EVER try? c:
    What kind of drink do you prefer with them? ^^

    I usually like milk.. or apple juice. :D

    I think I would like to try pumpkin pancakes..
    I really like blueberry ones :D

    I would never try seafood pancake.. o_o' they are real.

    There are videos on youtube right now of various How-To pancake recipes. :D If you wanna go look.<3

  2. Happy pancake week to you toooo!~ //knew about it, oddly enough

    I've never had the joy of making pancakes, unless you count microwave. orz But I think I prefer eating them anyways.

    BLUEBERRY PANCAKES FOR THE WIN. No, for the world championship! //cheers
  3. I like to make pancakes! I tweaked a recipe myself (yay pride!) to make special chocolate mocha pancakes... >> <<


    Have a yummy pancake picture and happy pancake week, I guess... xD