Happy Meadows Monster Farm

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  1. So I've ran an RP like this before on a different site and it was a huge success. So I'm gonna re-post this here since I think it'll do well.

    Happy Meadows is a farm situated out in ths sticks, with the nearest "town" being about an hours walk away.

    Monsters have been domesticated and now we have things like Nekos and other such monster types being used as personal companions.

    This farm is one such farm.

    So basically we will have one or two "farmers" and everyone else will be monsters. You'll get to pick what kind of race you want or even create your own. This RP is very Freeform, so it'll be based around characters and such instead of action unlike my other RP.

    Example of the Character Sheet
    Farmer or Monster?

    Example Race Sheet
    Physical Traits:
    Mental Traits:
    Disposition: (How the race normally acts)

    Now I'd have you guys fill out the monster races. Think of Breeding Season if you want an example of the kinds of monsters.

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