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  1. Yesterday night I had a hard time falling asleep and I came up with idea after idea on a comic strip, so I have written down 7 parts so far. Though only one has been made on my computer so far.

    It follows the everyday life of a married Swedish couple, Ivan and Maria... Kind of! Feel free to comment and maybe give ideas for future strips or tips on what can improve it. (Though I don't think I can improve my drawing xD The more complicated people are in drawings the less I will be able to draw them again because they will change too much, so in comics I keep people simple)

    When I'm done with part two then I'll post it ^^
  2. Pt 2 of happy marriage

    Maria talks to her lesbian friend (whom is overly slim but she is healthy, trust me. She doesn't have a eating disorder, she just have a crazy body that keeps slim even though she eats an elephant. xD)


    And for the record, I am bisexual but likes girls a bit better, so I don't try to be mean to homosexual people with this comic. xD Just so you don't get the wrong idea. So far Vanessa (the new girl) has only been in two parts of my comic (that I have written down but not gotten in on the computer yet) So I don't know if I will have her in the comic that much in the future. Maybe, maybe not, we'll see x)
  3. ^^ Cute! They're very light puns. - w- You're doing well. <3 c:
    Also, are you using msPaint for that? Cuz, KUDOS to you for patience. 8D

  4. Hahha yeah I am using paint, though I have downloaded but I feel that it is better to use when I need the layers for other kinds of pictures x3 The comics is a bit more comfortable to make in the normal paint. It's mostly because I still haven't learned how to copy and paste and some other functions that I need with xD I could just read the instructions but I'm too lazy x3
  5. It's defiantly a light-hearted comic! I love it!
  6. Part three were so short and one of the characters barely showed so I were able to make it in one and a half hour x3


    Maria is going threw a middle age crisis and William were at the wrong place at the wrong time! x3
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  7. ^^

    Part 3.5 William tries to help his friend (whom he secretly have a crush on)
  8. Were able to do two in one day :3

    William is talking to the doctor x3
  9. Here's the next part.
    Warning: It contains nudity.

    Maria has just taken a shower and wants to do some 'stuff' with her husband, but meets another person instead.

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  10. Show Spoiler

    Maria takes a shower and gets a bad surprise. I weren't supposed to do two parts right after each other where she takes a shower but because of the injection I took today I didn't want to do anything to big or complicated so I did one that mostly had copy and past without too many changes.
  11. Highly amusing comics.
  12. Thnks ^^

    Here's the next one.


    Getting drunk is the answer to everything! Not because I would know... I have never drunk something with alcohol in it xD
  13. Alcohol is temporary solution for everything! lolol

    Great comic, Red! I think Ivan is my favorite character so far : )
  14. Hahhah Yeah Ivan is funny xD Have a scratch where he is talking to William for the first time x3 That one isn't in on the computer yet though. :9
  15. Ivan will show up again in the next comic for you who misses him x3


    If you wonder about the change in her hair from the middle of the comic it was because I copied her from one of the little older pages too get her body right and then I forgot to change the hair before I submitted the comic xD
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  16. We all now how men are, they talk about anything when they are drinking at the bar x3 But Ivan is probably the only one that starts with talking about his sex life and two hours later realizes that he doesn't even know who he is talking with xD Or maybe all men are like that, I don't know x3


    I think this will be the last one I upload to Iwaku, if you don't want me to continue x3
    You can see the continuation of happy marriage at my deviantart
    If you have any ideas that you would want to see happen in happy marriage then throw them at me and we'll see if I can be able to do them ^^
  17. People never write anything about the comics when I post them at DA, here at least I get comments now and then x3 hahah So I am going to torture you with more comics xD

    I have been a bit lazy and only done one comic the latest week, even though it's mostly copy and past and change the face expressions in the most of the comics xD So yeah, I'm lazy! x3 I will start to put everything in spoilers because it takes so much place on the page. I'll write a warning if it contains nudity or very strong language or something like that, but if the spoiler thingie don't warn for anything then you can open it safely, and I promise it won't be any trolls.

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    Men! They always forget those important days!

    Oh, and the Christmas/july question is pretty much a Swedish joke.
    Ivan: "Jul?" (christmas?)
    Maria: "det är juli" (It's July)

    They are a Swedish couple after all and they speak Swedish even though for you it seems like English so of course I have to get in Swedish jokes too even though people won't get them x3
  18. HAHAHAHAA Ivan's face is just a goldmine in this one xD Keep it up!
  19. Sorry for my lazyness xD I have a lot written down, I just never find the energy to actually put it in on my computed x3

    Anyways I actually did one today xD Just a really small one panel thingy. Vanessa and William are watching a movie at Vanessas place. She invited him because one of her friends canceled in the last minute. But William kind of got the wrong idea. And for you who wonders, William isn't gay even though the one he loved before was a guy, he likes both genders.