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  1. I love sites that let me add my art to them for others to admire and give critiques!
    I hope you find these appealing! And please, don't hesitate to throw out some advice if you're willing!

    I'm guessing for this first post, I should throw a good amount if older artwork on this first post.

    Maplestory (open)

    Youtube Fanart (open)

    Other Stuff (open)
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  2. These are absolutely amazing! You're an amazing artist holy fudge nuggets!
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  3. You're such a fuckin' artist I swear. ^-^​
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  4. Oh! Thank you both of you!

    I'm glad you sweet guys like them!
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  5. Those human proportions are -really- well done.
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  6. Hehe, thank you!
    I use certain little tricks that help make sure everything is, well around, the correct placements.
    For example, with arms that are bent in, a good trick is to create a triangle. Each angle represents a point of the arm. The two points on the bottom are the wrist and shoulder, while the top point is the elbow. Another trick with arms would be if they are placed to their side, you'll notice that the elbow is positioned near the waist. And another trick with arms according to height is when you spread your arms out and measure from finger tip to finger tip the length is the same as the person's height.

    ...crap, I didn't know I knew so much about fricken arms.
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  7. Woo, just finished up an old character of mine from five years ago. I was doing a redrawing of her to see how much I've improved, which, thankfully, it's been a lot. <3
    Mild NSFW (open)
  8. You have really great coloring schools. What do you use?
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