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  1. What is your favorite kind of ending?

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    for books/movies/games/Roleplays?

    Happy, sad, somewhere in the middle? Dark and disturbing?

    What say you!?

  2. I tend to get really irritated with books if they end badly, but that's usually just because I'm pretty good at predicting how they're going to end xD Happy endings in books are nice!

    With movies I do really enjoy happy endings -is a huge Disney fan- but the occasional shocker ending is awesome. The ending of The Mist for example. That was just brutal!

    Roleplays, depends on the character. Happy endings are nice. ^-^
  3. I tend to become angry whatever the ending are xD Happy endings are so boring because they always happens but if it ends bad for example one of the best characters dies then I also gets angry because it should have been a happy ending. No movie ending has ever been able to please me xD hahahah I don't think any books have please me either x) I have never finished a roleplay so I don't know about if I would be able to create a (for me) good ending x)

    I don't really care about the ends in games so I don't feel that much when they end, I mostly gets angry because the game has ended, how it ended didn't matter x)

    Anyways, I like dark endings, actually. I'm sick of the status quo when it comes to the end of, well, anything.
  5. "Happy endings" bore me. I'd like to see more movies, books, and even theatrical works where the ending is realistic. It doesn't necessarily have to be dark (although, I am partial to dark endings), but just something that isn't all happy and cheerful. I can do a good enough job rotting my teeth all by myself without being inundated with hearts, gumdrops and lollipops when a film ends.

    I don't care what sort of horrible, traumatizing, terrible, horrible, horrible things happen through the course of the story, or how many people die, etc... So long as the end, there is resolution and a happy ending for the main characters. O___O Even if that ending is bittersweet.

    Life sucks ass enough as it is, I like my entertainment to have happy endings. XD
  7. Bittersweet is my favorite. They get what they wanted, but it's not how they expected it.

    "You found the love of your life.... but she has only months to live due to cancer."
    "You survived the Zombie apocalypse, but none of your family or friends did."

    Those types of things are the best.
  8. You know, it's been a while for me, but I'm not desperate or anything... ;P
  9. I'm not partial to any one kind of ending so long as its not some straight up downer "Hahaha, everyone dies and it was all for nothing!" kind of ending. Playing as many visual novels as I do I've seen all sorts of endings. Happy, Bittersweet, and if you include the "Bad" endings that aren't canon I've experienced endings like...

    Turned into a Doll
    Being a coward

    The list goes on.
  10. I don't want my ending to end in a song. No. No song.

    I also don't want my ending to be cheesy with music, like the floating feather on Forrest Gump? Nah. Happy endings are fun but their not creative. Hell, I can live happily ever after while doing something bad.

    I want my rp's to end in a BATTLE. With epic Hans Zimmer music and sweet as battle grounds with me saying some cocky line to my partner or something before my gun points to the camera and I smirk, knowing that I WILL BE BACK...

    ..to think of another ending. So yes. Cliff hangers.
  11. I think that I like tragic endings the most.
    But sometimes I need happy endings too.
  12. I don't like the proverbial "happy" or "sad" endings. My favorite endings are like those in Deus Ex; the ending you choose may be a good one, but if you dig deep enough down, you don't see the other endings as bad, either. Or Ghost in the Shell; the "true" conflict that is resolved isn't necessarily the one that the protagonist was seeking to resolve in the first place. Then there are WTF endings like End of Evangelion that make me wonder psychoactive drug is being pumped into my room right now.


    Edit: HOLY SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT MADOKA'S ENDING. That was... wtf I don't know what that was. ._.