Happy Day of The Mother!

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  1. Ode to all those mothers and their mothers. The list can go on forever. Thank you so much, for everything. This is for all you mothers.


    P.S. It's also a congratulations to all those mothers who made them mothers. Bow-Chika Wown-Wown ;D
  2. In my country, Mother's Day was a week ago, but might as well...

  3. - w- we all know I did so much for my mama yesterday. <3
    I made this cake and ice cream. >:D IN A HEART SHAPED PAN. <3
    and we had some for breakfast. and had her three cards. >:3 and an Almond-Joy candy, cuz is her favorite.~
    and then made coffee.
    and then watched movies.
    and then worked for houuuurs in the yard with her.
    and then made her dinner.
    and then watched The Vow.
    and then cuddled and went to bed. :D <3

    wuv mah mama. It's like Christmas to me on Mother's Day. * ^*