Happy Birthday, Vay!

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  1. Right! My skype-account informed me of this, so I only think it's right that we salute our new favorite administrator in this thread with birthday cheers!
    Sadly, I was not able to find any fanart of kroots having a birthday-party....

    But I like to think this is his expression whenever he's on Iwaku:

    (picture is huuuge)

    Riiiight, happy birthday, Vay! Enjoy your day! :)

    (Birthday is the 23rd, we're going by Thai-hours here!)
  2. Happy whatever you damn kroot celebrate Vaybro!
  3. VayBro! Happy birthday. Hope you have a good one dude.
  4. Happy Birthday, mate!!
  5. Hope you have an awesome birthday!
  6. HAPPEH BIRTHDAY, FAAAAATHER!!!!! <3333333345

  7. Happy Birthday, Vaybro! I would make you a cake but all I have for ingredients is raw beef and saw dust D:
  8. Happy Birthday Stewie Vay!
  9. Happy birthday!

    I mean, happy birthday, bro.
  11. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! OH OH OH!!!" - says the Easter bunny while he delivers Vay a wraped up pumpkin.
  12. Merry spawning-day, boss man.
  13. Thanks guys, though you'll be disappointed to know I spent 90% of my birthday on my boxers on my unmade bed doing none of the stuff I planned to do. (Did get dressed at one point but found it to be raining and my bikes in the shop. But hey theres always tomorrow. And the 30th (full moon party).