Happy Birthday To Da Monstah!

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    May it be just WONDERFUL and SUPER DUPER and RAD and STELLAR and JUST SO FUN. :3
    May all your wishes come true upon dat cake/cupcakes/candles in general,
    AND DON'T FORGET TO CUT THE CAKE AND MAKE A WISH WHILE DOING SO, pssst, it's an extra wish. > w>

    ^^~ ENJOY. AND HAVE A FUN DAY. c: <3


  2. Happy Birthday Modest!
  3. Have a great birthday of happiness!
  5. Happy Birthday, don't go eating all the cake and ice cream or else you'll get sick. (quotes great uncle)
  6. ;u;
    Aww, you all are too sweet!
    Thank you so much!
    Cheers to no longer being a teenager! >w<

    Staci, I lub joo, you're too kind!
    Thank you Myrn, Ceru, and Octo!
    And Piro >:I it is not a birthday without a stomach ache. ALL THE CAKE AND ICE CREAM!
  7. ​You deserve it, kiddo.