Happy birthday, Norway!

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  1. Yes, today (May 17th) is Norway's birthday! *throws around the confetti*

    This is a day with ice cream, soda, small lotteries, kids marching to brass bands and everyone saying "happy birthday" to each other! Kinda, we say "gratulerer med dagen" with directly is translated to "congratulations with the day" and is used on every birthday ever. Norway's constitutional day included.

    Today it's 202 years since we got our own constitution after a long union with Denmark, which was broken after Denmark was on the wrong side of the Napolean wars and the Norwegian lands was handed over to Sweden. Since we obviously didn't like that we just wrote our own constitution and got out of the new union 89 years later. (We're also pretending that union never happened, like a nasty relationship gone wrong.)

    Anyways! Ice cream for all!
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  2. Ey, fellow *person with a liking for national holidays*! Cool to see someone else *like that* here.

    *just more English*
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  3. Ah, well, uhm. Ha en bra dag.
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  4. *Just good old English here*
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  5. Happy "Get the fuck away from us, Sweden" Day!
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    But Happy Birthday Norway! Good to see you've survived so long.​
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  7. Snicker.

    I'm not childish, I swear.
  8. I retroactively added an extra T to avoid this, dammit. ;-;
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  9. Hadde vært fint å se gardemarsjen, men ble å se konsert av et annet janitsjarkorps. Er for gammal for toget jeg ;)

    And @Dervish, yup, we're celebrating our will to be a country and not wanting to hook up with Sweden Xp
  10. *definitely not Norwegian*
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  11. Suddenly I really want to imagine the fellows who wrote your constitution and paved the way for independence for Norway cited, "Sweden doesn't put out, is terrible at cuddling" as a contributing factor.

    Also, I always wanted to visit Norway! It looks beautiful and everyone I've met from there's been super friendly.
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  12. Utifra stjerna... Snart russ da? Lykke til med det...

    @Dervish, that's an awesome image. @redblood might agree with me there. Xp
    And yes, the northern countries have stunning nature. Though, personally I'd like to take a new tour of Nidarosdomen myself.
  13. What is the Nidarosdomen, other than sounding like a good name for a metal band?
  14. *Not Norwegian, probably never was*
    It's a church. Pretty large and impressive if I may say so myself.
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  15. It has to be impressive to have a name like that! All the cool things have names.
  16. Well, I think we've buried one or two kings there... Right, we buried a viking king there! Look!
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  17. That is a very impressive church! That's one of the things I really liked about when I went to Europe is just the impressive scale and architecture you get from a lot of the historic buildings that you just don't get over here in Canada very much, being a country that's only had Europeans in it since the 1600s and slowly started to get infrastructure over the next few centuries. When I saw the Notre Dam in Paris, it was breathtaking; I imagine the Nidarosdomen would be another one of those super impressive places that's hard to wrap your head around people actually building.
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  18. HEY! We are the best cuddlers D: After you have known us for ten years so we actually feel comfortable speaking to you :D We definitely won't put out though.
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  19. Ten years is kind of an investment. Knock it down to ten minutes, and you have yourself a deal!
  20. Eew, RESPECT MY PERSONAL BUBBLE DAMN IT! I need at least fifty dates before you get to come close enough for a handshake ]:< After around 300 you will start getting hugs.
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