Happy birthday! Fel & Faramond(Megs)

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Yes yes, now that you are 21 you can......drink beer legally, unless you live in a state......fuck it, Megs doesn't live in gringoland, and Fel knows what I'm going to say, and it's really boring, but I had to say something lame so that it wouldn't be empty and shallow. So now you can use this happy birthday-thread to bash me for my horrible.....something.

Have fun!

PS birthdayers.
People to complain to if you are not happy about the thread:
Myrnodyn, Jinx, Woodrat.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday you two,
Happy birthday, dear friends! Happy birthday to you!
Thank you sir.

Happy to report that I spent this morning in front of a toilet.

Drank a whole shitload just after midnight. YAY.
That sounds good, Fel.

And seriously, "insanity-boyz&gurlz" sucks nowadays. >=(
He called you a faggot in his town's dialect.