Happy B-Day Iwaku

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  1. Since we opened in Oct. 2005, every year our amount of members have increased. So it's hard to say if it's increased because of the smoking ban or just because it has simply increased.

    I don't remember the exact date Iwaku was founded by Peridox as a .hack sign fan site but as you all can tell we've changed a lot over the four years we've been on. We've had some loldrama and a few trolls over the years but so far it has been a fun experience.

    I'd like to thank all the staff and few Old Guard members we still have around for putting up with Amso and myself for the past two and a half years as admins. To the newer generation of member, you guys are the real life blood of the forum and with out you it'd just be me and Diana spinning around on office chairs due to our short attention spans.

    So to make a long story short, get off my lawn and enjoy the time you spend on this little area of the World Wide Webs we call home.
  2. Yay! Happy Birthday Iwaku! <3 Four years is an extraordinary accomplishment for a forum community! Lets hope to see four more!
  3. Hrm, catchy... nailed what I believe tis the exact date Iwaku 2.0 was created. Considering I joined Oct 11, 2005 and it was two days after 2.0 was made.

    Aye, congrats to Iwaku and our community for still being active.

    -- EDIT --

    Appears I was wrong, funny... forgot I still had some partial copies. For those that are interested...

    Mine you some of this info is completly out of date. T'was back in Feb 2007 when I was tinkering with a Iwaku History thing. There is a bit more (not much) if anyone is interested in reading the dull stuff.

    Remember kiddies, iffin you see any Old Guard alurkin about, say hi to 'em!
  4. What the hell is Dot//Hack?
  5. Actually I think it's .//hack some game thing... I have no idea why I had originally wrote it dot//hack.
  6. Oct. 2005, hmmmmmmmm............ so Iwaku has been around the same amount of time I've been in thailand.

    Happy BD Iwaku you crazy SOB!
  7. Woodrat, I was one of the mods in Iwaku 2.0 dude. Dunno why I'm not even listed as a member in the 2.0 section either.. Very peculiar. And I joined in like 2006 FYI. I'll take no offense though. I was actually very active as a staff member back then. I remember Gabe sending me on a mission to get some affiliates and witnessing quite a bit of the early drama involving Johnny. I even was around when Vicious kinda messed up the RP awards.

    Anyhow, happy birthday Iwaku!
  8. Oy Weavel, that's cuz that chunk was completly ripped from the old history thread from 2007... Thus that staff list is current as of Feb 2007. I'm not even listed under former staff. Techincally This'd be considered Iwaku 4.0 ... or something like that.
  9. Ah I see, that explains it then. That's why not even you are on there.
  10. Yeah, and he missed out the part where "Lord Peridox" was my first account. I later took the name Asmodeus to avoid the backlash after deleting Iwaku 1.0.
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  11. Iwaku on for 4 years? That's how long I was in High School- why haven't I heard of this site before? I was on RPGW for that long! :O Well then, I'm glad a good friend (Nunnally-Chan) told me about this site!




    Gonna bug Lady Peridox on MSN so she can yell at us or something.
  13. four years ago huh? i think that was around the time i started going online....

    happy bday iwaku and may you outlast your current members ^_^
  14. It's .hack//

    And congrats for four awesome years!!!! ^_^

    I was here three and a half years, I think :3

    I remember that I first I came during March before my thirteenth birthdayy after searching for an rpg site on the hundreth page of Google Search xD

    Hehe <33

  16. I remember that!

    I came in during 2.0, When Arse was still a mod, before he got too swamped with the Navy....

    I joined on Jan 18. I remember that fact for some reason

    I was fourteen, two to three months away from fifteen....

    And now I'm eighteen and will be nineteen on March 27.... you do the math, I'm too lazy to.

    What a wonderful time.... HAPPY B-DAY IWAKU!
  17. I'm late for a Birthday thread as usual! Wow, just like the old days. Happy Birthday, Iwaku.

    I need to revive the "Mad RP" tradition.
  18. GAH!


    *convulses on the floor clutching his head*
  19. fuck i cant remember when i joined, though i know that its been a coupla years at least.

    started off shitty but i got better....ish
  20. I joined in August of...erm...06 I think...recruited off of Megatokyo.

    From there on out it was craaaazy fun and whatnot...I was murdered by Arsenal/Archetype/Ryker numerous times in welcome threads...probably got welcoming mod position because the higher ups took pity on my broken,bleeding, and yet still welcoming body.

    Curse of the Wounded King was one of my first rps...had to work with Asmo through pms to get Shiv just right.

    Also that was when we had mature boards and Jumi started this one crazy rp with worlds as different levels in the sky...

    Asmo was a...steampunk captain or something and I was a...Dracolich thing.

    ...yeah...I've had better characters.
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