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Happy anniversary ilium!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by unanun, Apr 7, 2015.

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  1. Though Asmodeus and Tegan have left the mass-roleplay in different hands, their enduring legacy remains as a concerted attempt to squash every single bad habit in roleplay, to take roleplaying and make collaborative fiction that excites and stimulates. It is the one true revolution on iwaku. It is not one that everyone needs, but one that everyone who has ever participated in can attest to its value.

    Thanks to everyone who ever participated, in any amount. My deepest thanks to anyone who ever made a sheet, ever pm'd me with an idea, and anyone who ever posted. You've fed the creation that is ilium, and it remains indelibly touched. Salacious!
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  2. HURRAY!

    I am surprised it is still alive. >:] But I am also proud of everyone that put so much heart and work in to it to. It's a very cool story! I hope to watch it all the way through to it's conclusion! O__O
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  3. I ATTEST!
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  4. Is it time for in character party time? *puts on mask*
  5. I'm not sure why you've tagged this a debate, but I hope some dramatic entertainment comes of it. :bitelip:

    Anyway, I don't play in Ilium, nor do I have any plans to do so in the future, but this is neat. Any roleplay lasting a year is cool and worthy of praise, but getting one that's so complex with so many players to last a year that included going through a change in leadership is pretty badass. Congratulations on the accomplishment, and may you see a second anniversary and/or a satisfying conclusion to the story some day.
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  6. As I understand it, from personal experience, DEBATE is meant to signify that anything goes in this thread!!
  7. *opens his filing cabinet*

    *selects the drawer for plugs*

    *flicks from 'B' for Butt to 'S' for Shameless*

    The serialization is also going well.

    Congrats, all. I hope Ilium is still proving to be a "step-up" for you in terms of dynamics and responsibility. It really is a great opportunity to do something different, and it's the largest Iwaku Mass Roleplay to date.

    We've always told Unanun that we never expected him to carry this on. But his stubborn initiative is a great emblem for the project. Just because things were done a certain way before, and just because they failed a certain way before, should hold no bearing on the creative future.

    Don't kill Sprig.
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  8. I love my Ilium family! <3

    Yes Choi, even you.
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  9. You're not my real tiger mom >:[
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  10. Congrats on such a long and successful roleplay. :3
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