Happy 4th!

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  1. What are your favorite kind of fireworks?

    Mine would be the ones that whistle and crackle. I also like the giant weeping willow ones.
  2. I have no idea what those things are called.

    But I love the ones that make big huge rain of sparkles!

    We have a burn ban right now and we're turbo broke, so I don't think we get to buy any fireworks this year. ;_; Really sucks, cause last year we were amused with shooting them off until a cop swung by and told us that we'd get fined for doing it in the city limits. >>
  3. I think those are mortars, Diana. I like firecrackers and mortars because they tend to make the most noise. Snap cracks (those little white things you throw at the ground and snap) are fun when you are young and sometimes when you are older. Right now we seem to be selling them all year now where I live. We used to be only able to get them around the 4th.
  4. I love the ones you throw on the ground and they pop! We used to jump on the big ass bubble wrapping paper and make noise with those. Lol. Firecrackers are fun too. Last year we got kick as ones that spun and then shot up high in the air. Those ones were so fun!
  5. No, they're still fun as an adult. Especially when you buy 300 boxes of them, load 'em all in a big airgun and fire them across the entire town.
  6. I get to celebrate 3 days earlier :P

    Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of fireworks. Don't like loud noises much, unless there is a spectacular show displayed for it. But the city I live in has never really gone all out for their celebrations.
  7. Bottle firecrackers? Is that what they're called?

    They're pretty short range and kind of just explode into tiny embers about the height of a normal tree. I like lighting them and then running back and screaming at the sound, lol!

    Watching fourth of July fireworks are cool, too! I like the ones that make actual shapes, like a bunch going up to make a heart, or to write something~

    Oh &&, there's this cool building in Taipei, Taiwan (forget the name of) that releases fireworks from itself!

  8. I like the type you have to have a permit from the local fire department and a liscense to shoot off!
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  10. I like the Sparklers! The ones you can hold and your hand and spark at the end and make cool little light designs in the night air! ^^

  11. These are my favorites.