Happy 2015!

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  1. Happy 2015 from Sweden!

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  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Wishes for the best in 2015 and may it be million times better than the last. May you all stay in good health and have tons more RPs in this year!

    Best wishes N0VA
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  3. Happy new year from Holland. May there be a lot of future roleplaying! <3
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  4. Happy New Year, everyone!!!

    There's still about 30 minutes left of 2014 here in England, but for half the world it's already 2015. I hope everyone has a great new year!
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  5. Sweden wishes you all a Gott Nytt År :D We'll be waiting for you in 2015 ;)
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  6. Happy New Years from the Eastern U.S.!
    We still have 6 hours and 20 minutes but still!
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  7. Yup, happy new year from Czech Republic! Or, as we say, Šťastný nový rok!
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  8. No spoilers! It's not even five PM here yet! D:
    But otherwise have a happy new year
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  9. The sky is full of explosions! Dear lord, the sound is horrifying!

    Don't cross the line! Stay in 2014! D;
  10. Ours stopped at 00:25 o.O I know I live in one of the smallest towns ever, but they usually keep going with the firework to at least 1AM and then some strays comes until 3AM. But now there's nothing. NOTHING! I know I don't like them, cause they're loud, but... This is weird. So.. Silent o.O
  11. They are definitly planning something. As soon as you go to bed, the fireworks will all fire at once!
  12. We still have them. Then again I live in the city, so it's not that strange.

    Not strange, but TERRIFYING! We will all die!

    (psst, play along! XD)
  13. ... .... I were just about to go to bed... You just stopped me.. .. Now I'm not sure if I should go to bed or not...
    Have fun with the apocalypse. I think we're good here out on the countryside. You should have moved when you had the chance ;)
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  14. On 6:57PM here in West Virginia, but happy new year guys!! :) Change the things you need to fix, and enjoy the things that you don't! :)

    And if you're a teen going to a new years party, don't start it off with a baby!! Be smart, be safe, be sober, and be classy not trashy. ^.^
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  15. Are you a secret agent for teen protection centers? Anyway happy new
    year to you too :3
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  16. Uh... Thanks... I guess, But the same could be said for our elders.

    Happy Annual!
  17. Yes I know lol. But the teens around here are the ones who want act dumb and get "turnt up." ;p
  18. It ain't gonna be New Year's on the west coast of the U.S. for a long time comin' so

    Here's to spreading the notion that the fuckin' dictionary is not a pertinent goddamn source of reference unless you in a spelling bee

    And if you're gonna get New Year's sloppy...

    Do it responsibly, do it with friends, and make sure you drink your ass some water and have your relevant information on hand, make sure it applies to you and it's prepared before you get pissass drunk.





    And a tip from your local, adult-aged member for the kids planning on putting their baby tongues into some 18% proof shit: Don't mix your liquors. Just don't, stick with one the whole night. You had a drink with rum, drink shit with rum. Had a drink with whiskey, drink shit with whiskey. And if anyone hands you a specifically tall and slim glass with blue liquid in it, that shit gonna fuck you up. It's called an "Adios Motherfucker" for a reason.
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  19. Happy new year from UK !!!!@.@

    I wish you all happiness , health and achievements xD.
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