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  1. Shut up Asmo.

    Everyone in this thread must post in a British accent.
  2. No, but seriously, shut up Asmo.
  3. Brilliant. Have a splendid birthday, old chap.
  4. YOU'RE OLD.
  5. Happy birthday, Asmo! -Shoves you down the celebratory birthday stairs!-

    In all seriousness, have fun today ^^
  6. pip pip tallyho
  7. D:
    Asmo scares me still.

    But, does this count as British?
  8. Happy Birthday, governor.

    May fortune be with you forevermore.

    And yes, I always mock-voice-act in a British voice.
  9. Shut up Asmo.
  10. May you receive your heart's desire.

    ... I know I know it's not snarky, but I'm sure it can be taken wrong somehow.
  11. Shut up Asmo.
  12. I can't do british accents so enjoy this wallpaper instead. Happy birthday!

  13. Asmo, up shut.
  14. Was it some kind of contracted thing, is that what's going on?
    "If Mister Asmodeus A Desu wishes to inherit his estate, he must be wed within a month of his __th birthday..."

    Conspiracy theories aside... You posted your own birthday thread, Asmo? We would have done that for you, you know...

    May your birthday be full of tasty, multi ethnic buffet food.
  15. howdy yall...why the hell is yall talking that funny talk...wait dont tell me that we is to talk that now
    well alright then how about a cup of tea with some nice scones ol chap and then we shall take the lift up to my apartment and watch some telly but certanly not before we talk about the past...i know i know i am flogging a dead horse with that topic but who doesnt love a good flogging every now and again?

    oh speaking of flogging have you yet to receive your birthday spankings.
    oh my im just arse over tit with talking the queens english i just feel like im the dogs bollocks now Cheerio loves im off before i do something daft...oh would someone be a love and put the kettle on i cant be fagged

    ((probably said everything wrong but i dont care you know why...because fuck you thats why))
  16. Tut tut, tally'ho ol' chaps to the birth place of this old fellow. Such poppycock you're this old already. I would include boulderdash but a pox on my ingenuity. Cheerio lads and enjoy.

    Happy birfday, Asmo, I wish you many more, and all of them good ones. I don't know what to use to sound British without sounding stereotypical or offensive, so I'll just go with "Heartfelt". You've always been a damned good role player, and eventually, you became a damned good friend. You're someone I know I can count on in this site, and if I'm doing shit wrong, it always seems a little nicer when you're the one who tells me. You've been like an older brother to me, one that I really wished I had been born with. I know I can be silly and random... and shit crazy at times- but I really do mean it when I say that I love you as a person (PLATONICALLY, TEGAN DON'T KILL ME) and I think Iwaku would be very different if you were to have left. I look forward to reading your posts, and look forward to hearing about how you'll be a great author one day. I'm glad that I know you. Have some fun on this glorious day and have a good time with Tegan- be safe and have fun.
  18. Erm. Please, erm, pipe it down, won't you, old thing? Right. Thanks. *Sweats profusely and dabs at neck with handkerchief*
  19. Pip pip cheerio old chap! Happy Day of Birth. Care for some tea?
  20. Right'o, 'appy birthday Mr. Asmo!