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    Hi, I'm ~Happily.Ever.After~, but please just call me Happily. So, a little about me before I get into the 'nitty-gritty'. I'm a full time college student, I work part time three or four days a week and I volunteer at both an animal shelter and a riding center for people with disablities, yet I still feel like I have a good amount of free time on my hands. That time is generally spent on here or hanging out with my best (and only) friend. I tend to get on for at least a few minutes each day to read up on threads and, depending on how big the rp is and how many characters I have (I like a lot of characters) my reply frequency varies... For smaller rps I will reply daily-every two or three days generally while for the larger rps its generally between every other day and once or twice a week, though it really depends on my free time. Now, Without further ado, I present to you: The NITTY-GRITTY Stuff!

    [BCOLOR=#000080]Here's a run-down on my view of certain things:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Characters:[/BCOLOR] As far as pictures go, it's all anime or all realistic (<= I prefer the later). Now, generally speaking I whole-heartedly despise character limits... but at the same time I can understand them if they are necessary for the rp (ie, a general, open plot high school rp shouldn't have character limits in my opinion, but on the other hand, If it is a high school, battle of the bands, type of rp, then I can understand the use of character limits). I have characters suitable for every degree and stage of life (ie, I have newborn - ~15yr+ stages for all of my characters. I also have characters who are super rich, super poor, city kids, country kids, suburb kids, orphans, kids with huge families, etc...). I prefer playing girls and am much more comfortable with it, but so long as I can play a lesser or equal amount of males I will play them as well. Generally my characters all have pets and I prefer to rp in the 13-24 age range. As a side note, on the chance it is a fandom based rp I really prefer to use Original Characters, and generally in my rp I wouldn't mix OC's and Cannons <except for certain situations listed below>.

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Sexuality:[/BCOLOR] I don't have anything against any sexuality, but I will only ever play a straight character and generally speaking my rps will almost always be exclusively straight (though I do have a few that accept other sexualities). If I'm allowing 'open' sexually I still don't usually allow anything other than Straight, Gay/Lesbian and Bisexual/bicurious. I don't understand most of the other 'fancy' termed sexualities <actually, I understand Transgender, but it confuses me in rps because I'm never sure whether to put the character as a dude or a dudet>.

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Literacy:[/BCOLOR] I'm pretty easy going with literacy. My posts range from around two lines to eight or so paragraphs, everything depends on the following things: 1) What the rp calls for | 2) What my partner(s) replied with | 3) How many characters I have | 4) If I have writers block or not. I like to format my posts at least a little and I won't give a one-liner since they just don't give anything to work with. I try to have proper spelling, and honestly my grammar sucks but I try to make it not so sucky.

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Forms:[/BCOLOR] I like detailed forms. I like to plan out my characters, know what I'm working with and understand the character before I start rping.

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Roleplaying:[/BCOLOR] To start off, I am EXTREMELY picky about joining rps. I usually create the rps... although if you are in my rps (and are active) there is a much better chance of me joining your rp than if you were just a random person. I am on a couple different rp sites and I have different rping preferences for each one. On this site I prefer group rps and invite only rps ... though I will still participate in a 1x1, it's just not my favorite on here. Just as a side note, I almost always include romance (and I like to include pets too) in my rps... it's kinda my thing. One last thing: I don't do libertine rps, I'm just not comfortable with it... and I like to be able to rp with everyone, not just those 18+.

    [BCOLOR=#003300]My Ideas || The things I plan on making eventually or have already made[/BCOLOR]
    <please note, these are just basic ideas, some have plots and/or links, some don't. If I'm open to doing a 1x1 variation I will say so>


    [BCOLOR=#570a57]My Interests || The things I like and may consider joining/doing 1x1's of[/BCOLOR]
    <the more *** above the category, the more I will consider it>

    [BCOLOR=#423838]Horse & Rider ||[/BCOLOR] Where we each play horses and their riders. I tend to prefer focusing on the riders more. I'd really like to do a Heartland based rp <either off the books or the T.V. Series is fine... I've never had the chance to finish either series though>
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Romance in General ||[/BCOLOR] I love romance plots. Specifically the cliche ones like the beauty and the beast, the nerd and the jock, the country and city couple, etc.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Percy Jackson/Camp Half Blood/Camp Jupiter/Kane Chronicles ||[/BCOLOR] I enjoy these type of rps, I find them interesting...but I always find that the people in them are so picky about which God is the parent of they're character. It seems like everyone wants to be a child of the big three, or a goddess like Nyx... or, if only certain Gods are included in the rp, everyone wants to be a child of an unlisted God (or a follower of). I feel like these can be open-plotted for a while, but eventually they need something to keep them going, like a prophecy or a battle or something. I am open to 1x1's, I prefer OC's to Cannons, I am also open to 2nd or 3rd generation rps. As a side note, I've read all the PJO/HOO books at least twice and have seen both movies numerous times. I've read the first 2 <maybe 3> KC books.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Disney Based ||[/BCOLOR] I LOVE Disney (couldn't you tell?). Disney is one of the only things I will rp cannon characters for as well as occasionally mixing OC's and cannons. It's also probably my most favorite thing to do 1x1 wise. I am open to just basic pair ships like AnnaxKristoff, ArielxEric, BellexBeast, ElsaxOC <not Jack Frost>, MelodyxOC, etc <message me for more>. I am also open to things like 2nd (or 3rd even) generation rps, Once Upon a Time rps (I have a Melody OC that I love using!... I am only on season 2 though...). Although they aren't Disney, they are similar to Disney. I really like Anastasia and Quest for Camelot and am open to those as well. Anastasia I would prefer to do as a 2nd or 3rd generation thing. Quest for Camelot I would actually really love to do KayleexGarret ... but would be open to OC's or gen2/3.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Warrior Cats & MLP ||[/BCOLOR] Even though these two things are completely different <one dark and sometimes heartbreaking, the other light and fluffy> they fall into the same boat with me. They are the only two 'animal' type rps that I will participate in and they are either hit or miss with me. Kinda like the PJO/HOO/KC thing, I don't mind open plotted rps, but eventually they need some type of plot. I prefer to play OC's or gen 2/3 but if you can convince me I will play a cannon. In all honesty, I am a lot pickier with warriors than I am with ponies. I look for certain things in Warriors like if the clan is Riverclan, I don't want to see a cat called Riverkit/paw/strike/etc <unless it is the first leader of the clans, during when they formed...then it's different. I also like to make sure I don't see a pillowpaw or a Frecklesplash or anything 'twoleggy'. I don't mind have more than one cat with the same first part of the name though <ie: Iceheart, Iceleap, Iceclaw> ... so long as they aren't siblings of course <for obvious reasons I understand not having a Graykit and a Graypaw or two Rosekits, etc... at the same time>. I'd rather do a group rp of these, but I will consider a 1x1 if you can convince me.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Harry Potter ||[/BCOLOR] To start off, I've only ever seen the movies. I tried reading the books but haven't succeeded yet. This is another one of those: Open plot is cool, but let's figure out a plot eventually ... though honestly I can go a lot longer without any real plot for HP than I can for most things. I prefer to do OC's or gen 2/3/4 <I have the great grandaughter of fleur and bill>. I prefer this as a group rp <it just makes more sense>, but will do a 1x1.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Hunger Games ||[/BCOLOR] While I adore the Hunger Games <I read the first two books and saw the first movie>, I really don't enjoy rping it as I hate rps that kill off most of the characters... I probably wouldn't do a group rp of this, but I might consider a 1x1.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Medieval/Old-time periods/Royalty/Arranged Marriage ||[/BCOLOR] I have a great interest in all of these, and generally like historical time periods (if I know about them) <I hate modern...sorry, I'm not into the jetsons/wall-e/tomorrowland type of thing. I prefer settings like that of Into the Woods, Galavant, even something like the Croods in the prehistoric er would be okay>. Depending on the plot I will consider these either as 1x1's or groups.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Pirates/Pirates of the Caribbean ||[/BCOLOR] I can go either way with this one. It really depends on my mood. I do prefer group rps in this category and I will only do OC's. I prefer some kind of a plot, sailing around the open sea fighting sea monsters is cool, but really, how many giant squids can exisist in the world?
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Orphans ||[/BCOLOR] Honestly, I've only done this type of rp twice before, but it was fun and I might try it again if the right conditions arise.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]School RPS ||[/BCOLOR] I'm game for any age/any school level kindergarten to college. As cliche as it seems this is one of my favorite genres, especially if they are done right.
    [BCOLOR=#423838]Music Based RPs ||[/BCOLOR] I am kinda new to music based rps, but I've really liked the ones I've been in. Whether it's a battle of the bands or pitch perfect thing, or just an rp based off a song, if you can convince me I will try it (though song-based would be much harder considering 99% of what I listen to consists of Country music, Show tunes (think Disney and Broadway), and holiday music (Christmas and Halloween mainly)).

    [BCOLOR=#993300]My No-Goes || Please don't suggest these to me... like ever ... anyway, feel free to ask for reasoning if you want.[/BCOLOR]
    >Insane Asylum
    >LGBTQ+ Only
    >Abuse Based
    >Animal RPs <except Warriors and MLP>
  2. Down for mostly any of those

    Orphans yes
    Harry Potter have an idea group
    Warrior cats would love to a group rp like this
    Horse and rider rp be cool
  3. I'm not exactly looking for anything right this moment, but I will be editting my initial post with the ideas that I have after I finish all of my character bios
  4. Well, since I've deemed that I wont be finishing my characters anytime soon since I seem to continuously add new ones I'll probably start adding my ideas soon. The majority of them are group rp but I may be open to an in it only or 1x1
  5. This thread has been put on hold again since I just opened another RP. I'll get to this thing eventually though ;)
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