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    We all know how our classic Disney movies end (Spoiler Alert) "And they lived happily ever after." But that isn't the case in this story, or maybe it is. The choice is yours.

    • Once Upon A Time. . .

      The good and the evil were finally on good terms, or the closest thing to good that you could get between a witch and a queen. But nevertheless, everything was peaceful throughout the lands . Everyone was happy with their families, moved on from the past, and making children to carry on their legacies. That was until all the children of the royal began to dissappear. No matter how well protected they were, one by one, they would suddenly dissappear and no one knew where to. Knights searched for months and still had found no clue as to where the children were or who had taken them. That was when the children of the evil storybook character's began to dissappear also. One by one, just like the children of the royal, each and every child dissappeared of the evils. The only children left in the land were that of the unroyal and unevil. Not knowing what else to do, and thinking back to their past, the good and the bad began to turn against each other. Burn villiages here and there, a witch's layer destoryed, etc. It went on and on until it finally turned into the ultimate war of good versus bad.

      What none of them knew, what no one knew, was that it was not good nor evil that took the children. It was a darkness, something that no one had seen and survived to tell the story, though many rumors had been heard. The darkness was nothing more or less than that. It was not a person, that anyone knew of, but it was a darkness that showed itself only when it wanted to be seen. When your parents told you there was nothing to be afraid of in the dark, they didn't know that the darkness was real. It is a monster, worse than that. It is worse than all evil combined.

      The War

      The war between good and evil was the worst war between them ever. Villiages were destoryed, many killed, more injured, woods burnt, and worse only continued to happy. The war lasted years until finally they decided that it was no use in fighting, if the other had their children they would have surrendered instead of letting the years go by. So the war ended up being the worse and most pointless war in history.

      The Awakening

      The Darkness rarely shows itself unless it is disturbed, but it had become accustomed to watching good fight evil and always winning, so when good and evil stopped fighting and began to get along, it decided to change the peace and make it chaotic again, so it stole all of the children of the good and evil. It did not kill the children, instead it just put them under a powerful sleeping spell, but once the good and evil stopped fighting again, the darkness released the spell but decided to play hide and seek with the children. It cleared their memories and sent them to different villiages across the lands and gave them only one thing from their parents, making them find out who their parents are.

      The only thing left with each children when they were dropped at different locations were the clothes on their back, a small gift from their parents representing who they belong to, and a locked map to lead them to their destination so that they could decide their path.

      The Story

      Because of the children being taken by the Darkness, something that still no one knows, everything upon the land has become gloomy. Years hve passed now and the children who have been stolen have reach their teen years and are nearly grown and the parents of the stolen children are still weeping and upset because of their loss. When the Darkness clears the children's memory, not that they had much of one, they send them to seperate and random villiages to live out their life with whoever takes care of them like normal villagers. But one day a rock strikes the lands and each of the characters are able to open the locked maps that they were dropped off with. They are surprised to find that it is blank, but they are oblivious to the fact that the map is magic and shows you only one destination at a time.

      Each character is shown a path by their chosen animal and they are forced to follow it (as in their animals will drag them if they don't go the way they are suppose to). At each location the children meet with other children and slowly, one by one, discover that they are very alike and have the same map to follow. Their final destination is in the middle of the woods where they would meet the darkness and be explained their past and the war that was caused. The teenagers don't want to see a fate such as their parents. Many of the evil don't want to be evil and follow in their parents footsteps and many of the good don't want to be good, and the children don't want to have to become enemies with their newly made friends, so they decide to make their own fate and a new story for all, something the storybooks have surely never seen before.


      So basically there are two parts to the story. The first part is where the characters are meeting one another, going on crazy adeventures, and building relationships on their quest. The second part is where the characters are going back to their families but are fighting to make their own story and not follow in their parents footsteps.

    • Rules
      1.) ALL rules of Iwaku will be followed, no exception.
      [BCOLOR=#000000]2.) This is not just a roleplay for people over 18, therefore if there is anything that gets past PG, please fade to black. This is a roleplay for everyone, so don't do any kind of smut unless it is behind the scenes.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]3.) I am the maker of this roleplay and what I say goes. I have had previous problems with others trying to take over and be GM. That will not work this time. I may ask someone if they are up for helping out, but until then I make the rules and they should all be followed.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]4.) Please, save the drama for the roleplay. I do not want any conflicts throughout the OOC, but I understand that sometimes arguments happen. When/If this happens, I should be the first alerted. Please tell me if there is a problem and I can confront it so that things don't get worse.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]5.) If you reserve a character, I expect your character to be posted within a week, or at least a WIP if you cannot post your full character. Just let me know, I am understanding.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]6.) No god-modding or perfect characters. Just understand that although this may be fantasy, keep things a little realistic. You aren't invincible and neither is your character.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]7.) Romance is not required in this roleplay, but it is very much suggested. Try to make some connections and interactions with other characters and it makes it much more interesting.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]8.) Please note that I have the power to reject a character if there is a problem, but I will directly tell you if something needs fixed. If there is a problem with your behavior in the OOC or you are breaking rules in the IC, I have the right to kill of your character and move on with the roleplay.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]9.) Please be active. If you are not going to be on or able to post for two days or more, please send me a message and let me know so that we know you are not dissappearing. If you are absent for more than four days without an explanation we have the right to kill of your character and move on.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]10.) Please make your posts detailed. We would love reading and having something to respond to. One paragraph minimum, but more in suggested. One liners are not welcome at all.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]11.) Please write, "Happily However After" in any shade of purple to show that you have read these rules. Post this in your character sheet.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]12.) Do NOT, under an circumstance, kill off, harm, or use your powers on another character unless you have permission from their owner and you let me know. If you do, your character will be killed off. There are no exceptions.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]13.) I have at any right to add/take away/edit any of the rules, but I will let everyone know if I do.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]14.) Please follow the character sheet skeleton. It is there for a reason. Feel free to add on and make it original, just keep the ones on the list and make your character original.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]15.) You are only allowed five characters.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]16.) Please put all of your characters in different posts so that it makes things easier to link directly to that character. This isn't really a rule, but it would make things much easier for everyone.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]17.) I know these are a lot of rules, but you finally made it! Finally, just have fun. I wish we didn't have any rules, but we want to also make sure that the roleplay is safe and no one is fighting. So have fun with it! :)[/BCOLOR]​

    • [/BCOLOR]

    • The original Disney characters are listen below and under them are just a few ideas I have for characters, but it is flexible and not set in stone, I just did it so that we would get around an even amount of males and females. The only thing is, we want to make sure that we don't have eight people wanting to have the same parents. So each character can have tops, three children unless I decide to change that. If there is a twin, you do not have to have both.
      Just because their parents are good doesn't mean that they are good.
      Cinderella's Children
      Oldest Son: @Prince Justin Perfection
      Twin Son:
      Twin Daughter: @Temul
      Snow White's Children
      Oldest Daughter: @kimsim12
      Youngest Daughter: @Midnight Owl
      Son: @WitchcraftIsScience
      Ariel's Children
      Oldest Daughter: @MarilynFae
      Middle Daughter: @Deathly Chaos
      Youngest Daughter: @Misguide Ghost
      Peter Pan's Children
      Oldest Son:
      Twin Son:
      Twin Daughter: @MarilynFae
      Aurora's Children
      Oldest Daughter: @Pasi
      Youngest Daughter:
      Aladdin's Children
      Oldest Daughter: @KatherinWinter
      Middle Daughter:
      Youngest Daughter: @kimsim12
      Little Red Riding Hood's Children
      Oldest Son:
      Youngest Son:
      Daughter: @Shayla
      Belle's Children
      Oldest Son: @Dark Disney
      Middle Son: @Mr. Scales
      Youngest Son: @Midnight Owl
      Rapunzel's Children
      Twin Son: @Dealthy Chaos
      Twin Son:
      Daughter: @Midnight Owl
      Robin Hood's Children
      Oldest Son: @Mundane Monster
      Daughter: @MarilynFae
      Youngest Son:
      Pocohontas' Children
      Oldest Son: @Midnight Owl
      Youngest Son:
      Daughter: @Disney
      Elsa's Children
      Twin Daughter: @Shayla
      Twin Daughter: @Stargazer
      Anna's Children
      Oldest Son:
      Daughter: @Stargazer
      Youngest Son:
      Mad Hatter's Children
      Oldest Son:
      Youngest Son:
      Tiana's Children
      Oldest Daughter: @Misguided Ghost
      Youngest Daughter: @Mundane Monster
      Son: @Prince Justin Perfection
      Jusst because their parents are evil doesn't mean that they are evil.
      Evil Queen's Children
      Oldest Son: @MarilynFae
      Oldest Daughter: @Misguided Ghost
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Youngest Daughter: @Deathly Chaos[/BCOLOR]
      Drizella's Children (Stepsister of Cinderella):
      Oldest Daughter:
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Youngest Daughter:[/BCOLOR]​

      Ursala's Children
      Oldest Son: @Prince Justin Perfection
      Twin Son:
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Twin Son:[/BCOLOR]​

      Captain Hook's Children
      Son: [BCOLOR=#000000]@Deathly Chaos[/BCOLOR]
      Youngest Daughter: @Midnight Owl
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Oldest Daughter: @Dark Disney[/BCOLOR]​

      Big Bad Wolf's Children
      Oldest Son: @Temul
      Twin Son: @kimsim12
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Twin Daughter: @Pasi[/BCOLOR]​

      Maleficent's Children
      Oldest Daughter: @Shayla
      Youngest Daughter: @WitchcraftIsScience
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Son: @Prince Justin Perfection[/BCOLOR]​

      Jafar's Children
      Oldest Daughter:
      Youngest Daughter:
      Rumplestilskin's Children
      Oldest Son: @MarilynFae
      Twin Son:
      Twin Daughter:
      Lefou's Children
      Oldest Daughter:
      Youngest Daughter:
      Witch's Children (From Rapunzel)
      Oldest Daughter: @kimsim12
      Middle Daughter: @Mundane Monster
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Youngest Daughter:[/BCOLOR]​

      Sheriff of Nottingham's Children
      Oldest Daughter:
      Youngest Daughter:
      Han's Children
      Oldest Son: @Mr. Scales
      Middle Son: @kimsim12
      Youngest Son:
      Dr. Faciler's Children
      Oldest Son: @Mr. Scales
      Middle Son:
      Youngest Son:

    • [/BCOLOR]

    • Character Sheet
      [BCOLOR=#000000]The Basics[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Full Name:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](First, middle, last)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](If you are transgender, state that you are M to F Trans or F to M)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](Between 17-21)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](month, day)[/BCOLOR]​

      (Who gave birth to you?)
      Your story:
      (The story you were born to. Such as Elsa was born to the story Frozen, and Rumplestilskin was born to Sleeping Beauty, etc.)
      Your Animal:
      (The animal will show your way from place to place and keep you company. It will serve to protect you and only you. Don't have the same as someone else, please!)
      (The thing that your parents gave you. Something to keep forever, so not food. Something like a pin, a necklace, bracelet, book, ect. Two people can have a bracelet, just not the exact same one. Yours should be unique and describe you as a person.)
      [BCOLOR=#000000](Realistic picture only, please. You can post as many pictures of them as you want, and if you want to include videos/gifs of them, go ahead.)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Hair Color:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Eye Color:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Distinguishing Features:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](Any piercings, tattoos, birthmarks, or other things that make them stand out from others.)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Health Aliments:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](In paragraph form. If you want, you can list the traits and just explain them.)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](How you grew up. Required! Sorry!)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000]Love Interests[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](Who do you hang out with and enjoy being around?)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](You neither care nor hate them.)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](You absolutely cannot stand them.)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](The family that you were raised with)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#000000](Anything I happened to miss.)[/BCOLOR]​

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  2. Can I get Maleficent Son and Cinderella Son? XD I was reading over this when you tagged me lol.

    and @Mr.Scales ⚖ is his tag lol.

    Same with chars for other rps will be up after I get those ones up^^
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  3. Sure, I will put them down! And thanks, I'm not sure what happened there, haha. Thats cool though, and take your time! If you know anyone else, tag them! :)
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  4. Did you want the twin son of Cinderelle or the oldest son of her?
  5. Oh Oldest Son, I swore I put that xD
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  6. Maleficent older daughter and Elsa twin daughter.

    Katherine Mcnamma as FC for one.
  7. @MarilynFae
    The Evil Queen is from Snow White I notice you put Cinderella for you son of Queen story thing xD

    Lady Tremaine the step mother is the villain of that story.
  8. Not up there but can I also get Prince Naveen and Tiana son.

    Ursula oldest son as well.
  9. I knew that. (Faceslap) I'm not sure why I did that. It was like 2 AM, alriight? Haha I will fix that Thanks!
    Yeah. I was going to put Tiana and I did but I wasn't sure if I should add their villian also. I will reserve them.
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  10. @Temul , I noticed that we were in another roleplay together similiar to this so I thought I'd tag you and offer you a spot or two. See if you like it?
  11. Could I please take Anna and Elsas daughters?
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  12. Can I take snow white's son, and maleficent's youngest daughter?
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  13. Could I get the daughter of Captain Hook, one of the twin boys for Rapunzel, and the middle daughter of Ariel? I will have works up tonight...
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  14. I was curious to know if you could add Little Red Riding Hood? If so I would love a son for that one or daughter!
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  15. I'll add, did you want the son or daughter?
  16. I'll take Tiana's oldest daughter and Evil Queen's oldest daughter
  17. For now daughter and I will make her bi to help.
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  18. I changed my mind for the Captain Hook, I'll take the oldest son instead
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