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  1. While walking around in the halls of Castle Ente, Sadao thought about what his father, the king of Ente Island had told him.

    "You really need to get a woman. If you don't, then who will you rule the island with? You really can't rule alone."

    He sighed. Did he have to? Did he really have to? Of course he had to. He was an only child, so nobody else in the bloodline could take the throne.

    To clear his head, he dressed in commoner clothes and walked outside, to see himself around in the capital once more. That had worked before.
  2. Princess Xera was traveling back home. It was a long journey, having traveled to the Lilles territory for negations of a new trade route, and her entourage had stopped midway at the Island of Ente.

    The unusual thing of the princess, the king's lead adviser, and the four knights charged with protection, were that they dressed deceptively, like commoners instead of a royal group. Her country believe it was better for safety, and that travel policy had been reliable.

    The princess was curious to see the capital city, and learn from it what she could from walking the streets. The knights kept watchful eye, but from a distance. The adviser had gone to have a drank at one of the pubs, where she would return to meet him later.

    She enjoyed doing this, blending in, just being a person instead of the daughter of the King.
  3. As Sadao walked on his little merry way, checking out the not-so busy streets of the capital, checking the apparent health of the common folk and so forth, he came across a face that he had not seen there before. While not sure what that really meant, Sadao just drew the conclusion that said girl had been here before, just that he hadn't noticed her.

    Nevertheless, he walked up to her for an introductory greeting. "Hello there. How are you doing today?"
  4. Xera's heart jumped at the opportunity to do more than just walk and look at the people of this foreign city. She had a living, breathing, handsome looking person wanting to talk to her.

    "I am doing quite well, thank you!" she said, enthusiastically.

    She noticed the royal guards staring intently at her and the stranger, but still keeping discreet and keeping distance. If he made a threatening action, they were going to react.

    She paused. She thought of what to say if the conversation went deeper somehow. Dare she reveal her identity? Was this person possibly a criminal who could take her hostage and ruin her and her family's lives? Or does she pretend to be an ordinary city person, who somehow knows nothing about the city she was in?

    She decided on something in between.

    "I am an immigrant from Lilles, new to your lovely city. I am thinking of settling here but am not sure. Would you care to be an ambassador for me, even if just for a few moments?"
  5. (Oh god this didn't show for some reason. So sorry.)

    Sadao smiled as the woman introduced herself. While she seemed trustworthy, you could never know. She could be an assassin, a spy...

    Well, or just a random immigrant.

    Nevertheless, just showing her around couldn't hurt.

    "Sure I can. Just follow me." He said as he began walking. "What's your name, by the way?"
  6. Xera observed the manners of the young man. He seemed kind, and was friendly since he was willing to escort a stranger in his city.

    "I am Xera," she said with a smile, "what is your name?"

    Xera, while looking around, noticed the royal guards were out of sight. She was very confident, though, that she was very well protected.

    "How about making a visit to your most favorite place in the city?" she suggested. "That seems like a logical start!"
  7. "Xera, huh? I like it!" Sadao said with a smile. "It just seems to emit some kind of elegance..." He looked her over quickly, and just now noticed that her entire person seemed to emit that same feel. He just decided to pass it off as a weird little thing, though.

    He was snapped back into reality as Xera asked him about his name. "Oh, my name? Well, I'm Sadao. Pleasure to meet you." He simply nodded at her request to go to his favorite place, as he didn't feel the need to answer to that.

    He looked up to the castle from time to time as they kept walking, though. As if not to seem strange, he started explaining. "Well, that castle there is obviously where the royals of this island live." He said with his seemingly everlasting smile.
  8. As Sadao took her past the castle, she thought of her own home. Not missing it or dreading going home, but somewhere in between those two thoughts. "What do the people of your city think of the royals?" she asked. "And what do you think of them?"
  9. "Oh, well..." Sadao could speak for himself, but as for the people, he could only go with a wild guess. He decided to play unsure, so that he wouldn't be proven wrong by somebody else later on. "... I think that they're alright. They aren't wonders or anything, but they do get the job done. As for the others... I can only guess."
  10. Xera wasn't sure of what to make of Sadao's answer. She personally had not met the royals here yet. So she would take his answer and assume it was a good assessment.

    "So, my dear guide" she said, what could you show me in your city that might convince me to decide on settling here?"
  11. "Hm... Well, let's see. We have the square, the little play area just east of here..." It just now got to Sadao that he knew very little of what was actually in this town. Wow, he needed to go out more often. "To be fair, I don't go outside very often... S-Sorry."
  12. Xera was a little dismayed that Sadao didn't know much about his own city. "It's alright," she said, "how about a nice place to have lunch? Do you know of any place like that?"

    She realized that he might not know that either, and she didn't want to drive away her guide to the city, even if he was a slight disappointment as a guide.

    "But it's okay if you don't know. I'll just pick a place, and it will be my payment for both of our meals."
  13. He perked up at the mention of lunch. Of course he knew a place where they could eat, he always had a plan for food when he was in for something simpler than what his parents used to boast with.

    And as an added plus, he had gone there so often that he knew the head chef. There are always pros with going out every once in a while.

    But as she said that she'd pay, he just shook his head. "Of course you aren't. I can pay, it's no big thing." He smiled as they walked. "And I know a place, don't even worry."
  14. "Okay," Xera replied with a smile, "that sounds lovely! I might find a reason to settle here, after all!"

    She would walk with him to the place he had in mind. At a gathering place, she would have an opportunity to observe the locals, in the company of one as well.
  15. Sadao smiled and opened the door to the restaurant, where there were tables outside as well as inside. An important-looking guy, probably the head chef, watched the two walk in and smiled.

    "Ah, hello, Pr..." He began. As Sadao knew how this'd continue, he brought a hand up and waved it in a cutting motion towards his neck. The chef got the hint and continued. "I mean, Sadao. I'm sorry, names aren't my strong side." He waved it off with a smile. "Now, how can I help you two?"
  16. Xera smiled, almost laughed at the two. Were they joking, something about cutting an animal's neck perhaps?

    When the person asked how he could help them, Xera wasn't sure if Sadao would answer. She just reacted, saying "lunch for two, please."
  17. Just as Sadao was about to react, he heard Xera speak up. After she had said hers, he just smiled. "Yeah, that." The chef nodded and walked back in.

    "Well then..." Sadao said as he turned to Xera. "Where would you like to sit?"
  18. Xera thought about Sadao's question for a moment. She noticed there were some choices, as the place had an area with a lot of people, and a part without much people. She wanted to get a sense of the personality of the city, so she decided.

    "Let's sit near all those other people!" she said. "I like to hear people and hear their unique accents, so that would be perfect. If it's okay with you?"
  19. "Oh, sure thing." He smiled as he sat down with his back towards the others, so that his identity wouldn't be spoiled by people seeing his face. He motioned to the other chair and nodded. "Here, take a seat."
  20. Xera took a seat as Sadao suggested. She looked around at the other people, they looked like good, hardworking folk also enjoying a lunch at this place. She looked at Sadao again, and noticed he seemed a bit, shy to the others? She wondered about that for a little while.

    "So, what would you recommend from their menu here?" she asked.

    Xera was wondering if Sadao was feeling conscious of being here in her company. And if so, was it because he was embarrassed for some reason? She couldn't think of any other reason. She frowned a little, and felt suddenly uncomfortable.
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